Mike Dennison, GW3XDV/P

Amateur Radio LF Activity, August 1999

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Operating from Pembrokeshire, West Wales

    • Did not take a transmitter or mast this summer owing to exhaustion! Did a little receiving, though, using my 1m loop.
    • Bought a new kite - delta shaped - which flies in very light winds, goes straight to 200ft (65m) almost vertically, and pulls well. Will be attaching a light weight wire to it shortly, and will use it for my October 73kHz expedition.
  • Saturday evening, 29 August
    • Heard G3KEV (569).
  • Sunday morning, 30 August
    • Heard G4GVC (599) working DJ5BV (audible at 119).
    • Heard PA0SE (549).
  • Saturday morning, 4 September
    • Heard G0UPU (569); G3BDQ (579); G3YXM (599 working DK8KW (just audible at 119).
    • Heard PA0SE (549); OZ1KMR (439); GW4ALG (579).

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