Ordnance Insignia of the British Army

Army Ordnance Corps

1896 Helmet Plate

From 1896 the AOC wore the standard OR’s Helmet Plate with a AOC Monogram centre,
changing it to the Ordnance Arms centre around 1898/99
It is not known if AOC officers wore the monogram centre.

Earlier AOC Monogram
Helmet Plate Centre.
(Not illustrated in KK)

Ref - KK 1021
An eight-pointed star, topmost point displaced by Victorian crown. On this a laurel-wreath and within the wreath the Garter.
In the centre a shield bearing the Ordnance Arms. The shield is white-metal, on a black-cloth backing.

This Helmet Plate was worn till the death of Queen Victoria in 1902, When the King Edward VII Imperial Crown version replaced it.

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