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Welcome to the Step-In-Line News page. here you will find more in-depth information and news on forthcoming events, demos, socials, achievements and any other juicy bits of news (relevant or not lol!).

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28/06/09: STEP-IN-LINE Workshop Report

SUNDAY 28th JUNE 2009

Starts at 12.30pm-10pm

With Guest Choreographers…

Please find below ALL videos of dances taught/demoed and the playlist (thanks to Hannah)

All demos are high quality, it takes a bit longer to load but I urge you to click "Watch high quality"

********DANCES TAUGHT (In Order)*************
* Ready, Set, GO!
32 Counts - 2 wall, easy intermediate dance.
Music - "Work" by The Saturdays.
Choreographed by Michael "Bimbo Boots" Lynn
Video -

* Dolly Mixture
32 Counts - 4 wall, easy intermediate dance.
Music - "Tracks Of My Tears" by Dolly Parton.
Choreographed by Kim Ray
Video -

* Because
40 Counts - 2 wall, advanced dance.
Music - "Because" by Jessica Mauboy.
Choreographed by Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Video -

* Don't Stop Believin'
32 Counts - 4 wall, easy intermediate dance.
Music - "Don't Stop Believing" by George Lamond.
Choreographed by Jo/John Kinser & Mark Furnell
Video -

********OTHER VIDEOS*************

* Event Highlights (& lowlights)
A selection of the highlights/lowlights of the recent workshop:Step-In-Line Charity Workshop, Barmwell-Peterborough, June 2009. Featuring James Harrington, Michael Lynn, Kim Ray, Neville Fitzgerald, and Various Dancers. Also includes some fantastic photos from the day.

This montage is meant to be taken in the spirit of the workshop. In fun & jest :) (not meant to offend).
Video -


Workshop Playlist
Celtic Kittens
Shanias Moments
Coastin '
No More Cloudy Days
Amazing Faith
Higher and Higher
Feel The Magic
It Hurts
Keep it Burnin'
I Only Go...UP! / In Control (Floorsplit)
Ready, Set, GO! (Teach)
Galaway Girls
Poetry In Motion
Little Red Book
Tumbling Rush/ Sweet Mama
Cinco De Mayo
Whiter Than White
Make My Day
Dolly Mixture (Teach)
Absolutely Positively
Larger Than Life
Poker Face
Pot Of Gold
Into The Arena
Losin' The Love
Heart of an Angel
Feet Don't Fail me
If This Is Love
Senseless Cha
Because (Teach)
Lonely Nevermore
Island in the Stream
Mojo Rhythm
Patient Heart
Inside Your Heaven
Hey Big spender
Bad Influence
Don't Stop Believin' (Teach)
Tango Cha
Hush Hush
Lemon Tree
T-Bone Shuffle
Lamtarra Rhumba
Ready Set Go! (Recap)
It's Up To You
Dolly Mixture (Recap)
Black Coffee
Because (Recap)
Human Dancer
Don't Stop Believin' (Recap)
Hanging Out In Florida

Social Playlist
La Secrt
Quando When Quando
Go Baby Go
Waltz Across Texas (or tesco!!)
Hideaway Cha
Looser Still / Loosen Up / Turn Me Loose (3-way Floorsplit)
Live Without You
Everybody's Someone
Country Line Cha Cha
So Glamorous
Love Letters / Strawberry Wine
Crazy Foot Mambo
Ice Breaker / Hold Your Horses
A Little Bit of Boogie
Make My Day
Like A Hero
Sweet Sweet Smile
Moonlight Kiss
Deeply Completely
Black Coffee
Have Fun, Go Mad
Amor De Hielo
No Need To Rush
Chill Factor
Little Red Book
Is It So
Bossa Nova
Bad Influence
It Hurts
Inside Out
Feed The Fetish
The Way
If This Is Love
Poker Face
It's Goin' Right Round
Ready, Set, GO!
Dolly Mixture
Don't Stop Believin'
Ain't Got No Money
With These Eyes

I had an amazing day and it's fantastic to think that money raised for charity will go to a very worthy cause, Cancer Research. We are still awaiting the final total after venue/catering have been paid. We will keep you all updated. May I be the first to congratulate James Harrington and the Step-In-Line team on a highly successful day, I was a fun day and the food was fantastic...especially lounging about in the sun eating it like Lady Muck lol!

23/11/07: STEP-IN-LINE Workshop Report

Our first workshop held in a lovely, cosy, atmospheric, and fully equipped hall at South Grove, Woodston. Turn out of the workshop was a little disappointing but they made up for it in the social part of the evening.


1. Another You - Karen "Kaz" Looker (taught by Karen)
(a lovely nightclub 2step, not too difficult, lovely phrasing. Well received). Video: Here

2. Xplosiv - Michael "Bimbo Boots" Lynn (taught by me)
(alot of Buzz surrounding the dance with it's recent publication. Great feedback, bit of a workout dance, saw a few downing red bull's halfway though lol. Music & dance liked.)  Video: Here

3. Bleeding Love - Steve Mason & Claire Bell (taught by James)
(mixed reactions, last 16 counts a bit fiddly, took a bit of work to get it to flow. We danced to the proper single version and found that it fitted to a rather funky official remix by Moto Blanco that really took the dance to a new level). Video: Here

4. Mini-Maniac - Michael "Bimbo Boots" Lynn (taught by me)
(a simple improver dance 24 counts to a great well known pop track. a revised version of Maniac from the flashback movie. Enjoyed by all, fun dance... especially the step shimmy's). Video: Here

5. A Pair Of Hearts - Maggie G (taught by James)
(music maybe slow but the steps aren't. we had the crank the pitch right down low for this one. tricky footwork, especially steps 9 - 16 with the full triple turn into the 1/4 weave/point section. they all coped well with the amount of tags and
where they came :)  Video: Here

6. 10 Miles - Michael "Bimbo Boots" Lynn (taught by me)
(a low intermediate 32 count cha cha, some repeated sections made this easy to remember. music by infernal. again lowered the pitch until the steps were grasped. requested in the social that night :) Video: Here

Look out for the video of our remixed version of Bleeding Love!



Numbers picked up vastly for the evening social. All types of dances played, country, pop, latin etc. Mark Furnell attended and was great fun watching him remembering his steps to his old dance Mother Mary (which we recently revived at our class).

Floor Fillers of the night were;
* Head Over Heels
* Another You (Karen's dance taught that day)
* Bleeding Love (one of Jame's teaches)
* Mother Mary (by Mark Furnell)
* Zzozzy's Funk
* Hey Big Spender

Thanks to all those who attended the event, and especially to those who traveled, we really do appreciate your support.

Other events are in the pipeline with a Looking Back event, where we revive old dances and an Improvers workshop.

Michael x

12/02/07: Milton Keynes Workshop 

Some of us from the class attended Kim Ray's Linedance Workshop day in Milton Keynes. It featured guest choreographers such as Crystal Boot Winner "Geri Morrison", "Phil Partridge" and "Kim Ray" herself! It was a marathon of nearly 11 hours of dancing, but lots of fun. Dances taught by Kim where; The Lemon Tree & Almaz; Phil taught a lovely nightclub two step & the star choreographer Geri Morrison taught Shine, Nothin' Stays The Same & El Noche. My fav new dance was Nothin' Stays The Same; music provided by Keith Urban.... a rocking, country track (which I don't normally like much country but this made me wanna boogie!). Below is a picture of myself and James with Crystal Boot award winner Geri Morrison; mostly known for her huge linedance hit "Trust Me" and also the choreographer to "A Knockdown" that we dance at class.  In the demo's section myself and James danced one of my new dances Corrida's Groove; this was very well received and had the largest cheer/applause ;o) A demo of my dance can be viewed on my website... link below. It was a great day, good workout and lots of fun!!!!

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