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Orange Peel

                                  Orange Peel

By Millon Hayes & Cuthbert Clarke (I920)

The Colonel stopped, and glared around, 

Then, pointing sternly to the ground, '

What does this mean?' demanded he,

'A piece of orange peel I see!'

The Major called the Captain then,

And said,' By Gad! Your fault again!

Now what the blazes do you mean

By letting all this filth be seen?'

The Captain sniffed, but took the snub,

Then, calling to the junior Sub.,

Observed, 'Look here, what's all this mess?

It's fit for pigs, sir, nothing less!'

The junior Sub. blushed crimson red,  Then, to the Sergeantmajor, said,

'I'm quite fed up, and all that rot!

I mean to say  a pigsty! What?'

The Sergeantmajor, filled with rage,  Attacked the Sergeant at this stage,

'You careless swab! jump to it smart.

Oh strewth! You break my blinkin 'eart!'

The Sergeant, starting in to  Apostrophized the Corporal, thus,

'You lazy, lumberin', bosseyed lout!

Who chucked this crimson fruit about?'

'The Corporal frowned, and turned his eye

On Private Atkins passing by;

'Hi! you! Come 'ere, you slobberin' sweep,

just shift this festerin' rubbish 'cap!'

And Private Atkins, filled with gloom,

Applied himself with spade and broom:

'They talk a ruddy lot,' Quothe he,

 'But 'oo does all the work? Why me


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