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Welcome to my web-site! My name, is Mike Parnaby, and this site is dedicated to my all consuming hobby, of Play By Mail games (PBM’s). Most of the games I play involve me acting as manager of a football team. It is my job to get the best out of the team and to plan for the future, by bringing in new blood.

In the following pages, I will give details of how to get involved with any of the games covered. Due to the high number of games I play, and the one I run, these pages will be brief as I simply don't have the time to write up detailed match reports anymore!

Many of those who stumble across this site might think that I am a sad character, who plays fantasy games by the bucket load. You would of course, be right! However, it keeps me happy and costs a lot less than a few nights down the pub! In many of these games, we do have regular ‘meets’ between the managers, and the managers tend to be adults.

Each game has a different set of rules, with some being more complex than others. It is one aspect that I find most enjoyable. Each game presents a different type of challenge and every team I manage has it’s own unique set of problems.

Most of the games I play are monthly turns, however one is much more regular! Tough At The Top (TATT) offers a great online experience of football management and the website can be found here!

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Thing - Priorytown Settlers

REF – Games Master !

Extra Time - Cyber Knights

Catenaccio - Maiden England

Striker* - China Owls


Rosedale Open* - Cosmopolitan

Astro - Partick Thistle

Open Management* - Boca Juniors

Hopscotch* - Boys de Boulogne

PUMA* - Texas Rangers

Top Of The League* - Caldera City

Ninety Minutes – New World Order


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Note that most of the games do have manager slots available so that you can start straight away with your new club. If you need to know if games have vacancies, check on the games individual page. Contact the GM to get involved! Or if you prefer, contact me and I will help as much as I can to find the right game for you! The games are very different from each other and I can suggest the best game available to suit your needs! 


To contact me for more information or just to share my interest, you can e-mail me at;