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sep00 E010   dec00 E020   sep01 E030   dec01 E040   apr02 E050   jun02 E060   sep02 E070   feb03 E080   mar03 E090   apr03 E100   jun03 E110   dec04 E120   jun05 E123   jan06 E124   apr06 E130   may06 E134  


E106) 21may03 by phone:
a) TICKETS ActiveX not registered. [N202a]
b) PORTINIT.bat does not set up all necessary files. [N202b]

N202) 21may03:
a) re E106 (a) TICKETS registration - see C1752.

b) re E106 (b) PORTINIT.bat updated - see C1753.
Batch installation files are much changed, and the TermCheck and PortCheck files extended.

c) Several changes made to Agency Billet lists. A few small things still to do (apart from testing):
1) Print does not put headings on each page yet (- need Print Setup screen to set number of lines/page, and font).
2) Time to be put in heading - just if displaying todays data.
3) SxqPipe should be made to terminate with a user-friendly friendly message if a required TCP/IP channel is in use.
The Centre can view any agency and date - see Menu Billetterie screen.

N203) 22may03:
A few of corrections to the Agency Billet lists:
1) Forgot to include in the download the creation of directory \entmv\Data\AgencyDay.
2) For the Centre to be able to access any agency's data, there needs to be a special logon XML file (WhoAmI.xml) that sets the agency to 9999 (similar files are created in each terminal when the operator logs on, and tampering is prevented by a check value). Forgot to include this file in the download.
3) Headings now output on each page - have set the number of lines after the heading to 36, which works OK on my printer (change \entmv\Centre\Tickets\GetAgencyDay.html line 11 "var uPrintRowsPerPage ...").
- Printer setup screen to follow shortly.

E107) 25may03 by phone: Tickets ActiveX control not registered properly. [N202b]

N204) 25may03:
More minor changes to Agency Billet lists:
a) Fixed a timing problem between the main list window and the small controls window. See C1756.
b) Removed the TCP/IP ports clash between the Terminal and Lists programs by allowing the Centre to respond to a range (of 10) client port addresses. See C1755.
c) Added Print Setup screen. There will soon be too many icons to put on the desktop, so have made a Terminal HTML menu, and put the Print Setup and Etat operations on that.
Also added the Terminal Setup, though this is NOT YET COMPLETE - will finish it today. Please do not use the two left hand icons.
d) re E107: Tickets.ocx regisration: Sorry, I duplicated some numbers in the Registration batch file.
N.B. I forgot to say that the file \entmv\Batch\SxqPipeE.xml, which is downloaded to the Terminal, will have to have the Server address inserted (if it does not happen to be
- By the end of today the SxqPipe.ini method will be replaced by XML files, and the Centre address will be inserted automatically.
*** To use the Printer Setup on the Terminal, please copy \entmv\Batch\\printSetup.batch.xml from the Centre to the same directory on the Terminal.
- This will happen automatically after today (cannot just add it to TermCheck3 becuase it would then keep reverting to to the original settings. - Need a new Download setting 'copy file if it does not already exist'.

N205) 28may03:
Changed from SxqPipe.ini to XML files.
a) Changed from SxqPipe.ini to using XML files. This has been a big change, but the .INI files were getting too much to maintain, and with too many possible entries to remember.
Now there is a single HTML file with help for all the fields, drop down lists where possible, and fields removed or disabled where they are not relevant.
The Centre can edit all the fields (click on Parameters on the main screen), and the Terminal and Port can edit a restricted set.
- click on the Parameters word on the main entmv Reservations screen.
The .INI files can still be used in the normal way. The icons created on the desktop during installation will now point to the .XML files, but these can be changed back to the old .INI files. There is as yet no automatic insertion in the autoexec.bat. Please let me know what you would like for this.

b) The ATB printer I have has been jamming the coupons quite a lot, and when that happens it sometimes loses all the PECTABs. - The version number is still intact, so the software does not download the PECTABs again, and the operator is presented with an error message which just recurrs if Retry is clicked. There are the following possible solutions:
1) Test for the existance of all the PECTABs, Templates, and Logos before each print - but this is complex and will slow the normal operation.
2) Extend the processing of the error messages from the ATB, and reload if necessary - this is complex and not certain to always work.
3) Add a 'Reload Printer' button to all the error messages that pop up - this is the preferred solution, but will take some time to implement.
4) As a quick fix, have added an icon to the Terminal HTML menu to allow the download of the IER Printer Utility program, which can be used to help find the problem, and to reset the version number if a reload is required.

E108) 01jun03 by phone:
a) W98 Terminal line error when try to access ticket (operation 8, B).
b) Files download is very slow (hours) for some outlying PCs.

N206) 02jun03 re E108 (a): Apologies for slow reply, but came across some problems with W98 Terminal installation (the PC picked to install W98 on was very old and slow, and had some problems with its Winsock which appeared at first to be a different error (see C1767),
and with this PC I was unable to cause any line errors with tickets on W98 Terminal.
- please can you give me an example (a simple one, if possible) with number of psgrs and vehicles, and if return/open, and whether ticket is in a series or is indexed (in IDXTKT), and if ATB.
- Did find a problem with the OCX registration (see C1769).
(Also have added another OCX for the Options, but still working on it.)

E109) 08jun03 by phone:
a) Re E108 (a): Operation 8,B fails if old terminal software (before ENTMV100) is used with new Centre software.
b) With Port, startup gets to logon, then the 16-bit window vanishes.

N207) 08jun03:
a) Re E109 (a): Problem is caused by change in length of ticket data message.
Do not have a good solution for this, but see C1770.
b) Re E109 (b): Unable to reproduce this fault, but testing continuing.

N208) 09jun03:
a) Re E109 (b): Found some problems with the Port setup - see C1771 and C1772 and C1773.
There was also a bad problem with Billet Etranger - see C1774.
- But none of these seem likely to have caused the 16-bit window to appear and then vanish.
b) Added a "Check all ENTMV" button to the download screen, which does TermCheck3, TermCheck2, PortCheck3, PortCheck2, PortHtmlCheck3, PortHtmlCheck2.

E110) 12jun03 by email:
a) Centre: message clsid bb353408 -9270-11d7 9b52-00001df2c3e8 (80040154) option.ocx may be missing.
b) Agency: can I have documentation for all needs in agency and center.
c) Centre: for option the same action.

N209) 12jun03:
a) Re E110 (a): Apologies. Options.ocx was missing from download batch.
b) Have found a big problem with the Agency updating and logging on. I started to do the fix for the Contingency to always be set by the Terminal, because I thought it was just a small job, but it was much bigger than I expected (and not yet complete), and the changes I did make have caused logging on to fail on occasion. Should have a proper fix by tonight (- have to move all the VSSDAT handling out of Pascal into C++).

N210) 17jun03:
a) Re E110 (b): added message box to Clients to display any missing file name which should have been downloaded.
Added file checks when the Centre starts up - new types in the Download table, e.g. Check Only which just checks a file and reports if wrong. The list of files is in Data\Download\CentCheck.xml. Please do not Update this file from the Download screen (and it is NOT updated by the Check All ENTMV button - I will send an updated version when any changes to the Centre files are done.
The list is not yet quite complete - there are several HTML and .js file and some OCX dependencies to go through.
The Help files are not included, only those files needed for the proper running of the Centre.
The list links through to the Port and Terminal files which may be downloaded, and checks those, but does not yet include the HTML of Printer files for Port and Terminal. Including these requires at least one level of list file nesting, which is not yet implemented.

It would also be good to check the Registry entries for the OCX files, though this means starting the Centre from a batch file. Will do that soon, and start the Centre from the main HTML screen.

b) VSSDAT is no longer used (at the Centre or the Port). It is replaced by aTcpAddr.dt which is maintained by C++ code only.
For those messages that need the Agency/Contingent/Operator at the Centre, that data is transmitted to the 16-bit code via the small file TcpAddr.dt. [I tried to pass the data through the pipe, which would have been quicker, but the pipe is too unreliable for the rapid switching.]
The Mux/Mud addresses are now (I think) only used at the Port to calculate which Terminal sent the original request for a Voyage Download or a List.
- I will get rid of these shortly by storing the TCP/IP address in the 16-bit software at the Port and including it in the response for the Terminal. Then (at last) the ALS protocol can be removed.
The contingency is still not always supplied by the Terminal (there are many places in the Terminal to change), but there are now three ways to restart the Centre system:
1) Cold Start - all logon and alias information is removed. aTcpAddr.dt is regenerated from the Agency file.
2) Warm Start - aTcpAddr.dt is regenerated, and the existing Logon and Alias data is merged into it.
3) Hot Start - the previous aTcpAddr.dt is just reloaded from disk. Any changes to the Agency file are not incorporated.

The XML files for the Cold, Warm, and Hot starts are: c:\entmv\Batch\uCentRsvn.xml, ...\uCentRsvnW.xml, ...\uCentRsvnH.xml.

c) Release Options not quite complete yet. Code all written, but testing still giving some problems. Should be sorted out by tomorrow.

N211) 28jun03:
a)First attempt at Release Options caused many overflow problems in the Pascal code, so decided this would be a good time to start switching the reservations to C++, instead of wasting a lot more time splitting up the Pascal modules.
Just converting the reservations deletion seemed like a straightforward job, but had to make many decisions which also affect the future conversion of the reservations creation (so are now quite close to having all the reservations code in C++).
Created new "Option" and "Reservation" ActiveX programs, and extended the ActiveX "Voyage Summary" and "Cabins".
Added "Biffer Options Expirantes" to the Auto drop-down options.
- Still retain the "Biffer Options Péremption" entry until the Expiration method has been fully tested.
- Both methods can be used together.
The new reservations release code is currently only used for the "Biffer Options Expirantes" started from the new "Option Expiry" screen, or via the "Rétro Auto Setup".
- When it has been tested, it will be applied to SxqPipe.

[TO TEST the Release Option without having to wait or manually edit OPDAT.DT, set the "Days till option expires" to zero in the first entry (or the first few entries) in the Option Expiry table, and set the "End of Day (hour)" to a low value, so that options just made for voyages covered by those tabe entries will expire as soon as "Option Expiration" is done.]
- The "End of Day (hour)" is normally set to 22 or 23 so that option expiry will have the same effect if it is run shortly before or after midnight.

b) ESC key was not working for several Centre 16-bit operations - see C1778.

N212) 05jul03:
a) There are some new generated Javascript functions - please click on Effect all.
b) Double clicking on the Previous or Next boxes in the Voyage Summaries screen will go to that numbered voyage..
c) There is a new Timetable screen leading on from the Voyage Summaries screen.
It has buttons for checking and correcting the chain of voyages for a trajet or for all trajets, and some display and checking buttons too (see
The ships are also ordered, as well as the date and time, so if the Trajet and Date and Time are the same for two voyages, the voyage with the ship with the lower number will be first.

- The original code for the timetables was based on a module written in assembler, which had a serious flaw in the logic. Tried several ways of getting round it, but in the end the only way was to throw away the assembler code and rewrite it in C++, and also replace some of the Pascal code that called it (for new voyages and for the responses to Terminal timetable requests), and make the rest of the Pascal code branch out to an extended ActiveX VSummaries module.

N213) 10jul03:
a) Several bug fixes to do with option expiry dates and options deletion. See C1782 C1783 C1784.
b) Stll some optin data to be inserted in record - 'replacement' etc.
c) Options display via HTML has first rough screen: omit the first '9' in the option number. Double clicking on a voyage field goes to that voyage screen. Several changes still to do on this screen, and ticket and reservation screens nearly ready - should all link together shortly. Have to go away for a few days on Sunday - will try and get it done before then.

E111) 17jul03 by phone:
a) Files ATBSIMU1.xml and CentCheck.xml missing. [N214a]

b) RES2SNCM omits options under all circumstances. [N214b]

c) RES2SNCM to use AFN instead of UTV and CNA. [N214c]

d) Option display at Agency to always show option, and if/when cancelled.
Do not display operator code, unless 'Agency at Centre'.

e) PASSWORD entry to be hidden for e.g. Voyage Modification. OK if replace by e.g. "xxx".

f) Change default Centre PC address from to

N214) 17jul03:
a) re E111 (a): Wrongly assumed that batch file WebNew.bat was transmitting all XML files from directory Data\Download. In fact, only individually named files were being sent, so several check lists were missing.

b) re E111 (b): Cannot reproduce this error.
Please can you check that you are running file Res2Sncm.exe dated 16jun03 12:25, size 169,608, which was sent in ENTMV109.exe.
[- How do you normally start Res2Sncm? - via the Menu SNCM screen?
I will shortly extend the file check lists to include the SNCM operations.

c) re E111 (c): Just a change to table CONTINGT.DAT. See C1786.

E112) 18jul03 by email:
RES2SNCM: version 16 juin only option generated thru menu sncm or box dos;
version on april only ticket generated thru menu sncm or box dos. [

N215) 18jul03:
RES2SNCM bug found - was affecting several other things as well.
- more checking to do - more downloads when this is complete.

N216) 31jul03:
Added display of Options, Tickets, Remboursements, Reservations. See Billet Menu.
- Reservations not complete - does not show all psgr names yet.
- Boxes with yellow backgrounds will normally go somewhere if you double click them.
- Tables of Options etc not done yet - please let me know of any particular selection criteria you would like - (currently plan just e.g. Option Number range, date range, particular (or any) Agency, particular (or any) Operator, and option status).
Now display option data in most cases. Added extra display of comms error data via an SxpPipe message box, just for option/recervation data for now. - Had problems returning the focus to the 16-bit window, Windows just loses nearly all the commands sent to it. Had to minimise the SxqPipe window. Still trying to find a better method.
Many changes to reservations C++ code - affected Res2Sncm and Sncm2Res. New versions seem to act as before, but I would appreciate it if you could test this.
Please click the Effect All and Register All buttons in the Updates help screen.
- have not changed the TCP/IP address no my PC yet; the Effect All code should detect the address for the current PC and update those XML files that contain it. Please let me know if this does not happen.

E113) 08aug03 by email:
option terminal: Need to have details for option cancelled with date operation in agency.
centre: delete option by voyage operator 9998
epuration option operator 9999
- display this code at agency. [

N217) 11aug03: re E113: Bit short of space on screen, so changed message from just 'Annuled sur...' to 'Epure sur...' / 'Voy Ann. sur...' instead of displaying operator num 9999 / 9998. See C1796.
Please let me know if you would prefer the operator number to be displayed, and I will squeeze it in.
Also fixed bug (omitted to clear 'got accom' flag during Option Expiry) and reduced error pop-ups - see C1797.

N218) 21aug03: Scan of Options Table: see the Options Table screen, reached via the icon at the end of the Options screen. See the help screen for details.
This is the prototype for the Tickets and the Rembursements scans, so any suggestions would be welcome.

E114) 12oct03 by email and phone:
a) SNCM think use their system at the port after link information from us thru the res2sncm.
I go normaly to MRS for check the system and notes the difference for correction in our system.
I transfert each day all voyages 2 days before departure.
b) Code access navire: can you explain the logic for the program which create the code access for the Spanish people who need it for the next two ships.
c) Indexed ticket file too small at 16K tickets.

N219) 12oct03:
a) re E114 (c): IDXTKT.DT can be increased in size up to 256K records of 100 bytes.
- see N157 (c).
The file must be an exact multiple of 16K records because (for speed) the scan of the RAM segments just tests for 64K boundaries.
b) re E114 (b): There is a brief description of the (DOS) programs used to generate the cabin access codes in Cabin Access.
- however, this deliberately omits any details about the generation algorithm, and is too terse.
A new file Cabin Access Codes describes everything except the actual code digit generation algorithm itself (for which see the source code).

E115) 16oct03 by phone and email:
a) Res2Sncm produces several bad records per voyage due to 'veh acc' with no vehicle.
- In
example file the same name SMAHI is repeated 19 times.
- all of these have no accomodation except one, which has FAUTEF00199.
- all were expired options.
Need to stop these reservations from reaching the SNCM file, and to find out how they were created (probably by modifying a Veh Accomp rsvn), and stop that.
b) SNCM replacements (W X Y) for the cabin class characters A B C, which are currently used for demands for accomodation in SNCM ships and optionally for received accomodation on any ship, to be extended to Res2Sncm and Sncm2Res.

N220) 20oct03:
a) re E115 (a): Added.
b) re E115 (b): See C1808.
Not sure what SNCM records have to have A B C replaced by W X Y:
D3 record: class (and Interior/Exterior) characters are determined by file "../Data/CabClass.dat":
the first character of each line is the key, which is L, A, B, C etc for ENTMV ships, and L, W, X, Y etc for SNCM ships (upper case for Exterior cabins, lower case for Interior).
The string inserted in the D3 record in the SNCM file is the 4 characters in the second column (i.e. following the space after the key).
To replace A,B,C with W,X,Y for 'all ships' (instead of just SNCM ships), change the second column for keys A,B,C to W,X,Y just as for the W,X,Y keys.
To keep the D3 records as they were for all ships, change the second column for keys W,X,Y to A,B,C.

O1 record: cabin class (and number of beds) is set by "../Data/Accom1.dat".
- added another file "../Data/Accom1S.dat" for the SNCM ships.
To replace A,B,C with W,X,Y in the O1 record for 'all ships' (instead of just SNCM ships), edit Accom1.dat column 2 entries 2,3,4 to be W4I,X4I,Y8I instead of A4I,B4I,C8I.
To keep the O1 records as they were for all ships, edit Accom1S.dat column 2 entries 2,3,4 to be A4I,B4I,C8I instead of W4I,X4I,Y8I.

Just added W X Y as further possibilities to all tests for A B C cabin classes.

E116) 26oct03 by phone email:
a) Voyages transmitted to SNCM 2 days before departure.
- Res2Sncm problem: record without installation transferred;
- display of option gives psgr name and AC for aller/return, with no line for car.

b) SNCM replacements (W X Y) for the cabin class characters A B C to be extended to V for CL.

c) Terminal: check the phone number is introduced in the code reservation 7.

N221) 26oct03:
a) re E116 (a): Restrict AC modificatioon - see C1809.
b) re E116 (b): See C1810.
Sncm2Res: added tests for 'V' - OK if SNCM voyages still use 'L'.
Res2Sncm: can be updated when required by changing "Data/CabClass.dat" and Data/Accom1S.dat. c) re E116 (c): Sorry, my notes on this are not clear. Is at AC or NAC or both, or something else?

N222) 28oct03:
There have been two projects which have taken a lot of time recently, but which had to be done:

1) Shared memory areas - for voyage summaries, ticket indexes, etc.
These were being generated (and destroyed) separately as needed by the Centre program and each HTML screen that used them.
This is wasteful of time and memory, and prevents full integration of the different parts.
The Microsoft shared memory system, like all their software, is not straightforward. It needs a set of mutexes and software locks around it
This has now been done for the major areas, and has worked OK here for several weeks, so perhaps it is safe enough to use in the real system.

2) HTML Tables are the basis of much of the new system, but table generation using the standard Microsoft functions is very slow.
I have been trying as many ways as I could think of to speed things up, but the only thing that has had much effect has ben to rewrite the table generation entirely using the DOM.
This created many problems - the Microsoft documentation on the subject is a brief tissue of lies, and there is very little written about it on the Internet.
But once the problems have been solved, tables can be created 5 or more times faster. (e.g. See e.g.
Several tables have been rewritten using the new method, and soon all will be.

3) Reports in the new system have been limited, largely because generation of the tables has been too slow for the reporting to be useful.
That is changing, and the first screen to use the new table generation is the Remboursements.
This also includes the first cross-table report generation - just the Agency data for the first test, but shortly this will extend to all fields which reference other tables.
The Options and Billets screens also include report generation though for the moment they use the old slow table generation, and have no cross-table capability.
- Please see the Options Help screen for how to use the new system. Similar Help for the others is on the way.
I apologise for sending this to you before it is complete, but it has taken me much longer than I expected, and I could do with some feedback on using the table generation, and any suggestions about the facilities you would like.
The immediate objective is to be able to do the Port reports using this system, which requires the Reservations screen to be extended to handle all the passenger names etc.

E117) 31oct03 by phone email:
a) Res2Sncm still includes AC options with no vehicle. (See E116(a).)
- Resdat.dt for voyage supplied.
b) It is not acceptable to prevent modification of AC reservations (change of date), because other leg may have accomodation. (See N221(a).)

N223) 31oct03: Re E117:
The Resdat.dt file contains 20 references to SMAHI,,AHMED.MR, 19 of which appear in the SNCM file.
All are from agency 4802, and have operator number = 0 or = 348.
- But operator 348 is the only one from that agency in any of the records in the file.
Only two of the records have an associated vehicle record. The first of these comprises deleted reservations, and is (as expected) the one that is missing from the SNCM file.
However, the vehicle reservation contains the ticket number 20498607. This number appears 40 or 50 times in the old Resdat.dt that I have, each time with the above name, and with zero tarif, but with a variety of cabin or efa allocations, rather than AC. The operator number is usually 0 or 564.
The old Resdat does contain one genuine looking ticket for the above name (20528441).
The old Resdat does not contain any options for the above name.
In the new Resdat just supplied, all but one of the erroneous AC records was created without any vehicle. It is likely that these were created from the first deleted record, but how is not known. Experiments continue.
Res2Sncm has been changed to hopefully omit these reservations (see C1813) - the previous attempt made some wrong assumptions about how the vehicle pointers would be.
Also the terminal software has been put back to how it was before. New software will follow soon to test all options as they are created or modified for these cases, but there are many places to change.

E118) 02nov03 by email:
Find picture of ticket may be the problem.
Passenger is abs and vehicule is present.
This case is when the operator switches off the terminal or problem with the centre.
Res2sncm: the problem is unresolved.
Check the record sncm before writing and stop it if the installations do not exist.
  BILLET  204986073  A4811  Adu 1  Enf 0  Beb 0
            Decl            Tel:
  ALLER                                 DISPO.
  27 Fev03 je 15:00 ALG-TARQ-MRS 28 Fev03 12:00
  RETOUR                                CLOS
   1 Nov03 sa 12:00 MRS-TARQ-ALG  2 Nov03 09:00
                             aller       retour     Ne(e) le
  SMAHI, AHMED.MR          CB H  abs.  EF H  abs.
  RENA 4                   AX     107N AX     110S

        Passage:    Suppl  Tax Port   Pas+Sup      Vehs: Tax Port
 Aller        0         0         0         0         0         0
 Retour       0         0         0         0         0         0    TOTAL
           taxe:        0         0         0         0         0       20
           timbre:     20
  Monnaie: DAM            BILLET   psgr    9580
                          dev DAM   veh   14800     termine

N224) 02nov03: a)RES2SNCM option expiry date now MMDD instead of just '9999' (see C1815).
b) re E118: Res2Sncm: found bug in edit for C1807 - AC (and NA) with no vehicle only skipped for Aller leg.
Added test to Res2Sncm to ignore options and tickets where there is no accomodation number (cabin or ef) for any of the passengers, unless AC or NA.
Should the same test be made on an Option before it is allowed to be confirmed, and on a ticket before it can be checked in?
c) Also included update to display of Reservations - it now shows all passengers, but please do not try to change any of the names or accomodation details - that is not working yet.

N225) 19jan04: Thank you for your New Year email, and may I wish all the best for you and all at ENTMV for 2004.
I apologise for being so slow in creating this update. This is the attempt to be able to scan any of the major data files and display the results locally, or produce XML files which will go directly into a spreadsheet such as Excel, or a database such as Access, or a scripting program such as Python.
The idea seemed straightforward, but there were a great many problems along the way. There were so many problems, I almost wish I had not started on this. But XML is the future, so this has to be done.
868623 I have also had a bad attack of influenza (a lot of people in the UK have been affected) which has really slowed everything down for several weeks now. I will get a shot for it before next winter.

The main problems has been getting the scanning and table generation speed up to a satisfactory level, and trying out the various standard packages which accept XML input - their documentation is full of mistakes and lies.
The two that work well are Excel 2003 and Python.
Corel is also supposed to work well, but it is expensive and I have not tried it yet.
Excel 2003 unfortunately only runs on Windows XP and 2000 (Excel 2002 may work on NT, and may import XML in the same way as 2003, but I have not got it to try).
The ENTMV software runs OK on XP here in the UK, and should be OK on Windows 2000 as well.
The Python program is free, and runs on anything.
Please see
Python Notes for how to download Python from the Internet, and Flat File Scan User Guide for information on Excel and Microsoft Office.
There is more about Excel in Excel Notes.

The Flat File Scan User Guide is the main descriptive document for the new software, and there is a FAQ, and some detail about the software modules in Flat File Scan .
There is local help for the Options, Billets, and Psgr Rsvns table generation (though these still show the List Filters as being in the Selection windows - they are now in a popups of their own).

The Selection Criteria windows will shortly have the additional facility to link straight through to Excel or Python, so that selecting a criteria file and clicking the Scan button will go right through to the spreadsheet display or whatever. There has just been a late problem with the Excel macros.

The Voyage scanning is nearly ready. That will complete the major lists except for:
a) Links from options and tickets to Open Reservations has not been fully tested yet.
b) There is still some minor speeding-up to do for Options, Tickets, and Remboursements.
c) Help documentation to be updated.
d) Python or Excel scripts to write to produce the current reports.

There are several additional .js files to be created from the tables, so please click on the Effect All and Register All buttons in the Updates Help screen.

N226) 01feb04: a) Added voyage scanning in similar manner to Options, Tickets, etc.
b) Option and Ticket scans are linked to the Voyages display.
c) Fixed some problems with ticket scan and with single voyage display, and with checkboxed criteria. See C1826, C1827, C1828, C1829, C1831, C1832, C1833, C1839.
d) Added blank criteria files, so have something to start from, and do not get 'cannot load ..." error messages if no criteria files set up.

There are more .js files to be created from the tables, so please click on the Effect All and Register All buttons in the Updates Help screen.

N227) 12feb04: a) Made several changes to make interface to Microsoft Excel easier, and fix some bugs. See C1843, C1844, C1845, C1846, C18457 C1848.
b) Added Excel examples. Need Excel 2003. And see Excel Step by Step Guide.

E119) 12apr04 by email: UNICORN Sample Messages for the Amadeus Ferry Server (AFS)

N228) 13apr04: a) Many changes to Table Scan. Now have Passenger and Vehicle lists (see RsvnsExV1234, RsvnsExV1234LP, and VehRsvnsExV1234), and printer setup etc.
Documentation lagging behind a bit, but not far.

b) Had a several crashes under NT4, and a final one that would have needed a disk reformat, so changed over to Windows XP and everything has been stable since. Also has the advantage that Microsoft Excel 2003 will run (it won't under NT, but will under Windows XP and 2000), so can send XML straight to it.

c) Thank you for the Amadeus sample messages. Most of the fields are obvious, but a few are obscure. - Do you have any more documentation on them. There is very little about it on the Internet, and the documentation from our last contact with Unicorn is now nearly ten years old, and looks very much out of date.
I will try and get in touch with Amadeus at their Stevenage office - last time I tried it was like talking to a brick wall, but perhaps things have changed a bit by now.
- I think that Amadeus may be moving away from the EDI format in favour of XML - see e.g.
Equinus: Simple Example (XML and EDI) (- local copy).

N229) 13apr04: Sorry, I forgot to update the check totals.
I have been in touch with Equinus (it was Equinus, not Amadeus in Stevenage) and Amadeus, but the staff there are ignorant and arrogant. I am waiting for replies, but if it is anything like last time it will be a long wait, so any other way of getting the information will probably be quicker.
Have you got any more documentation on the message fields? Where did the one you sent me come from? - perhaps I could get onto them directly.

N230) 14apr04: Problems with 'Etat des Billets' - I forgot to update the print control for it to match the new Table Scan print control. Matching is necessary because I made most of the print routines common, but did not create a separate XML file for the Etat des Billets print parameters, so the common defaults have to be for the Etat des Billets. Still some testing to do on this; there are many possible variations, so there may be another update shortly.

N231) 21apr04: a) Cabins Screen (from the Voyages menu) tidied up.
b) I have to go away for a few days. I will email you when I get back.

N232) 30may04: a) Now finally getting near the end of all this reporting stuff. The first version of the remote PC online report and control via a mapped drive is attached.
To reduce the network traffic and the load on the Centre PC, a few of the files which change infrequently are downloaded from the Centre - see
OffCentData. Other data files are accessed via the drive mapped to the Centre (usually mapped as 'Z:'). All Criteria and temporary and results files are on the Remote PC.
The mapping may be 'read only', and be password protected using the normal Windows methods.
To use:
1) ensure that the file C:\entmv\EntmvCentre.ctl is NOT present on the remote PC.
2) create the mapped drive (usually Z:) on the remote PC (mapped to C: on the Centre PC).
3) use Windows Explorer to navigate to directory Z:, and run batch file Z:OffCentToC.bat.
- This should create a desktop icon 'OffCentHTML'.

- Have had a large number of problems with this. Please treat with caution till some more testing has been done.
- Will be using this to do the Port reports. Speed has been a problem, but now all seems fast enough on my PCs, but I would be grateful for any timing comparisons on your system.

b) I am going away (again) to Spain for a few days. Last holiday for a while.

c) I have written some code to produce some of the Amadeus data, but there are still a lot of fields I am not sure about. as well as the network interface. Do you have any more information? I have not got anything useful from Amadeus yet - vague promises, but nothing happens. May get something while I am in Madrid, but I think I will have to buy their Amadeus Ferry program.

N233) 20jul04: a) New 'Select Voyage' icon in main screen leads on to reports etc. See help files for details.
This works for 'Off Centre' PCs just the same.
As soon as the voyage transfer works more reliably, the Port and the Centre will be combined.
b) I have to pay my income tax at the end of the month, so I will have to invoice you shortly. It would be good to hear from you in any case.

N234) 09aug04: Invoice number 332 - up to, but not including, C1798. Since I have not heard from you about any of the file and table scanning software that has been the main work of the last several months, none of this is included in the invoice, and neither is any work on other sections that was started after this time.
As usual, items are listed under various headings in the activity details HTML document, and clicking on any of the Cnnnn keys will jump to the description in the corresponding ENTMV Changes document.
This will usually list changes and the modulus that have changed, and if the document is being viewed in MSDEV then right clicking on the line containing a module path and name in quotes (e.g. "../Legacy/SxqPipe/SxqPipe.cpp") will bring up a menu with an entry to go to the first such file named on the current line. If there is more than one file named on the line, then to go to a later one, select the path and name (not the quotes) and right click on the selction - the menu will appear with an entry to go to the selected file.
Alternatively, in MSDEV, click on the Find in File icon and in the window that pops up, set:
  Find what: to Cnnnn
  In files/file types: to *.cpp;*.h;*.html;*.js;*.pas;*.pin;*.leg;*.asm;*.bat;*.xml
  In Folders: to C:\entmv
  Look in subfolders ticked, other options blank.
This will display the all the changed lines at the bottom of the screen. Double click on any of these to go to that line in the source file.

Is all OK with you - I have tried to phone several times but been unable to get through.

E120) 02dec04 by email:
a) Please transmit invoice 302.
b) We need to work with the operations tarifs and create voyage, efface voyage.
c) Don't forget the quality and limit network for agency for the pc remote center thru file download.

E121) 10dec04 by email:
a)Did you transmit invoice for payement. I am waiting for it.
b)Think about operations agency thru internet. sncm and cnan use it.
www.sncm.fr for reservation for the consideration of passengers, cars and tarif.)

N235) 10dec04: a) Invoice (6 copies) posted on Tuesday. If nothing arrives in a day or two, please let me know and I will send it by Datapost.

b) SNCM site looks OK but would be better if could select a voyage from the original list by clicking.
Also, 'Nombre de bicyclettes' seems a strange thing to ask on the booking window.
Does 'with washbasin/private facilities' lines up with cabin types A B ?
Does cabin with/without porthole line up with the cabin types? At the moment we do not let the operator choose this explicitly.
Once into the booking sequence, there is no way of going back to previous screens, and no Cancel button (just have to close the window) until get to the final Credit Card payment screen [and when tried to cancel at this point, it crashed].
They allow the ticket to be picked up at the point of departure (though when I tried this, it said that the ticket would be posted to me). - Would you want to allow this facility? Or if the ticket is to be posted, then we must have either have a passenger file with name and addresss or extend the reservation records considerably. A passenger file would be best since it would allow a passenger who has entered details for a previous trip to have his details available without filling in all the forms again.
How would you want to want to do the credit card payments? - They seem to use
SIPS, but the the fees for this are quite high.
If you have any preferences for screen layouts etc please let me know. If you want to fax, then let ne know first and I will reconnect the fax (disconnected it because nobody uses fax now except for spammers sending lots of advertisements, and pictures are easier sent now by scanning and email).

N236) 13dec04 by email:
Have you obtained a URL for the ENTMV Internet site yet?
The natural one (www.entmv.com) has been taken by someone called Nancy Orlean in San Diego, US.
She has also taken www.entmv.info, though neither of these addresses are in active use yet.
Nancy Orlean was the the defendant in an arbitration case (see arbiter.wipo.int/domains/decisions/html/2003/d2003-0358.html)brought by the Office québécois de la langue française of Montréal, Québec.
This company runs a legitimate and popular dictionary site http://www.granddictionnaire.com.
It seems that Nancy Orlean obtained several URLs very similar to this (e.g. www.granddictionaire.com ) and was redirecting anyone who used them (as many would, in error) to a pornographic site.
(The panel ordered the URLs to be removed from the control of Nancy Orlean.)

There may be similar instances - see forum.macbidouille.com/lofiversion/index.php/t50194.html.

The following URLs appear to be free: www.entmv.org www.entmv.net www.entmv.fr www.entmv.dz

To find the owners of other addresses, try http://www.enom.com/domains/whois.asp, though this register is missing many sites.

(SNCM are using www.sncm.fr presumably because www.sncm.com is already in use (by World News).)

Invoice (6 copies) was posted last Tuesday. If it has not arrived, please let me know and I will send it again (by Datapost or something similar).

E122) 14dec04 by phone:
a) VEHICLE TARIF to have fewer categories. In practice, same price for all lengths.
Just need 3 categories: V, VA, VU.   Remorque also to be not by length.
b) VEHICLE REDUCTIONS to be extended. Can only set one at the moment. Have limit effectively - need to change logic.
c) VOYAGE CREATION to be directly into system
d) CABIN CAPACITY to be modifiable after voyage creation. Get rid of 20 voyage xmit at a time.
e) VOYAGE STATUS to be set by date range. List voyages and click to set Dispo/Closed.
f) INTERNET site to just give an option for the moment, with no confirmation so no payment.
Customer to take that to an agency so can get an ATB ticket.
Also there will be a reduction for booking via the Internet.

g) Email address fdaoud@algerie-ferries.com

N237) 13dec04 by email:
I am doing the new tarif system, which should remove all limitations, but I need some information:

1. Do you make any use of the 'INDEX DES TARIFS' (Table004.dt) - I remember once you said that you did not need it, but in the database I have it is used. I can keep it (or something similar) if you want, or would you rather have a 'copy tarif code' facility, so you can copy all the tarifs from one code to another (and then make changes on the copy)? (The number of possible tarif codes will be 255.)

2. The supplements (Table008.dt) can only be either applied or not applied for a particular reduction - i.e. there is no possibility of applying reduced supplements. Will this ever be necessary?

For the Internet site, I would like to know which Internet Server software they are using for the current www.algerieferries.com site (i.e. Apache, or Microsoft IIS, or something else), and which operating system. [I am using Apache under Windows XP, with Perl and PHP, but if they are using something else, I will change to that.] Also, I presume the URL we will use will have to start with http://www.algerieferries.com/ .

E123) 18jun05 by email:

E124) 05jan06:
a) New organisation in ENTMV. Farid Daoud is the chief service informatique now.
b) We can see for internet possibility, as you have made a description before.
c) For the ticketing we hope to use the ticket with paper format a4.

N238) 09mar06:
a) Re E124 (a): Congratulations Farid.
b) Re E124 (b): First few screens of new Internet system downloaded.
- There have been many changes since the last download, so I am almost certain to have forgotten to send something. It may take a few downloads before everything is done.

Main items are:

1) New method for Tarifs and Reductions. Please see Types and Categories for setting up the definitions.
- I think most things are configurable now.

At each stage, after making any changes, please click on the button.

Then set up any Percents. The Percents are a stage in the Tarif structure, and each Reduction points to a Percent entry. - See help screen.

Then do the Reductions.

And finally the Tarifs.

Producing the Tarif Tables used by the Internet Server is a bit slow. (I have been working on speeding it up, but there is more to do yet.)
- So in addition to the button in the ENTMV Updates Help screen, there is now an button, which may take several minutes to complete.

For the smaller database items (Ports, Ships, Currencies, Tarifs, Reductions etc), the old files TABLE001.DT etc., are now replaced by XML files.
This means that fields can easily be added to the files (and many more fields are required for the Internet system).
For continuity with the old system, the old .DT files (while they are still required) will be generated from the XML files.
- This has been done for the Ports, Ships, and Currencies, but not yet for the Tarifs and Reductions.
- The Tarifs and Reductions XML files are used by the Internet Server.
Please see the Help screens for more information, and please tell me if you think the new system is flexible enough to do what you want.

The vehicle categories are A1, A2, A3 at the moment, but just change them to whatever you want.
In this and future downloads, the data files that are examples (usually XML files) will be in a separate Examplesnnn.exe file, and should be extracted to a separate directory (e.g. \Examples) so you can keep them separate from data you have entered, and just copy them manually into \entmv if you want to see an example screen (but backup the existing files in \entmv first).
There is a new batch file \entmv\Examples.bat which will extract the new examples to \Examples. Just type \entmv\Examples 133 where 133 is the sequence number.
[Please note that the batch file \entmv\Updates.bat has changed so that just the sequence number nnn is typed instead of ENTMVnnn.]
For the initial Examples download (Examples133.exe) please copy all the example files into \entmv:
xcopy /e \Examples\*.* \entmv
Perhaps we could set up a system via the Internet so I can download files you have changed.
I would also appreciate a recent copy of the datase (on tape or CD or DVD) - I have to keep changing the dates on the PCs to use the voyages I have.

N.B. The descriptions of the Lux, A, and B cabins may not be accurate. I am not sure if A cabins are always exterior and B always interior, or if B cabins have a bathroom or just a washbasin, or if this varies from ship to ship.
The descriptions can be altered on the Types and Categories screen, but at the moment they apply to all ships.
Please can you advise me on this.

I would appreciate any details, diagrams, or photos of ships and cabins that you think would be good on the Internet site. Some other sites show the position of the cabins on the ship, and this is not difficult to do.

2) There are two ways of using the Internet screens:
A) As a normal Internet Client, with messages going to the Internet Server and either being processed there or passed on to the Centre.
Binary messages from the Client which are destined for the Centre are sent to the Server in ascii hexadecimal,
The screens work on the browsers I have. IE6 and Firefox/Mozilla are by far the most popular, and also try to be as different from each othere as possible, so if everything works with these, it should work with nearly all users.
About 5% still use IE5, but this figure is dropping rapidly (see W3Schools: Browser Statistics), so testing with IE5 has not been done.
Users have to have scripting enabled, but pop-ups are not used, as many users disable these.

B) Over the existing network to the Centre, bypassing the Internet Server.

It is possible (but not done yet) for the existing Terminal software to operate over the Internet to the Server.
- Is this what you wanted in the email E123 (c) ?

3) For setting up the Internet files, see Internet Setup and the Help screen.
(The small book icons scattered through some of the screens are for help on a local item. Clicking on them will just jump to the appropriate part of the help file.)
After making any changes, and running 'effect all', the usual buttons to click on the Internet Setup screen are and .
- Languages currently supported are French, English, and Spanish, but the translations have been mostly done using an automatic translator (AltaVista 'Babel Fish Translation'), so they need checking.
Adding more languages is not difficult. Adding a language to the Languages screen will cause the table screens (such as Tarifs and Categories) to incorporate the new language.
- Headings etc within the Internet HTML files (Trajet, Timetable, and Passenger/Veh screens) are a bit crude. e.g.
~f- lits ou sièges disponibles.~e- available beds or seats~scamas o asientos disponibles~~
within the HTML source code, which is processed to produce a separate file for each language.
- I have started on a system to generate all the language dependent text from tables to make translation easier, but not complete yet.
Do you want to include arabic? (- not too difficult with the new system, if you can do the translations).

The Server system has been tested with the Apache free server (the most popular one), and with Microsoft IIS.
- See Server Help and Internet Setup Help.
The example setup that I use is: Apache on C20, IIS on C10, Centre on C15, users (IE, Mozilla, Firefox) on all PCs.

I initially used Perl at the Server, but this (and some other scripting languages) caused severe delays at the Server.
Now nearly all the screen generation is done beforehand by the 'Effect' buttons. This does produce a larger number of files at the Server, but with no scripting the access times and the load on Server are much reduced.
(Also, with no scripting, the Server can be dropped out of the loop if the .html and .js files (some slightly amended) are downloaded to the terminal.)
There is still scripting done (in JavaScript) to create the screens at the user terminals, and several .js files are downloaded with each .html file.

4) The Internet Trajet screen is based on the map that you have already seen. Port names, and mouse sensitive areas etc can be adjusted using the Ports and Zones screen.
I have aimed for the Internet screens to fit on an 800*600 screen, but I think the current map together with the side columns is a bit too big.
- I will adjust it shortly.

The Timetable screen selects the Aller and Retour voyages before going on to the Passenger screen. If you do not like this, I can change it back.
The buttons for selecting the type of Aller/Retour are a bit complicated; I tried to incorporate all the possibilities at this stage to avoid complicating the Passenger screen. Please tell me what you think.

The Passenger screen has got too big (the HTML source code, that is), so I am in the middle of splitting it up.
There are still several bugs in the Timetable and Pasenger screens, but the basic comms seems to be OK, and debugging is much easier with the new code.
Changes to the layout of the screens is easily done. Please let me know what sort of company logo you would like displayed, and any background images.

E125) 12mar06 to 16mar06 by email and phone:
a) I have a picture for the format A4. It is the same as SNCM and this ticket is printed from the parallel port. You receive example by post office.
b) For the tarification we are poor. the vehicule is limited to 30% by example. See N239 (b).
c) We have an internal domaine : algerieferries.net for example.
The solution internet is a priority because cnan has this solution with HOGIA and SNCM go to this SOLUTION. See N239 (c).
d) We have problem when we modify the ticket with a car (error ligne). See N239 (d).
e) The GF accept when we have a child only (normally tree peoples). See N239 (e).
f) When we modify ticket the system keeps an internal option and we can have problem with the installations and capacities.
g) Check after modification an option, the new option is not possible to be confirmed because we have 'terminé'. See N239 (g).
h) Reservation in a contingent: the système does not display the contingent of agency.
Example vip (3) for the agency and algeria (0) for the capacity.
For the contingent it's the time table display.
Probably due to 'agir pour un autre agence'. Seems OK with origianl agency.
All errors are new.
i) Check modification ticket with a baby inside. The baby takes another option.
For the baby it's for a ticket with return and gf for parents.

N239) 17mar06:
a) Made some changes to the timetable and passenger screens for the Internet site, so that fonts etc can be changed from the Internet Setup screen. Also fixed a bug in the timetable rolling.
b) Re E125 (b):
New tarification (for the Internet site) lets you set as many reductions as you like for passengers and for vehicles. The basis is that you can create any number of 'Percentages', each with its own tarification, and use these to create any number of Reductions. The screens for setting the tarifs will automatically adjust.

The only limit is the number of buttons that can be presented to the Internet user. There are two levels of buttons allowed, so that permits quite a lot of reductions. The vehicle types can be set up in a similar way (again with two levels of buttons), and these also affect the Tarif Entry screens etc. [Also make and model of vehicle, again with two levels.]

There is a mechanism for setting the selection process the Internet user has to do (i.e. what buttons he has to click), and the necessary tarif tables are created for download to the Internet Server, from where they are despatched as required to the user.

The tarif screens also allow 'defaults' in most cases, so new reductions etc can be created and only the amounts that have changed need be entered. This does make the automatic generation of the new tarif tables by the PC a bit slow, and it is this operation that I need your opinion on.
(To help in estimating the run time, please can you tell me the speed of the PCs you will be entering the tarifs on.)

The tarif tables at the Centre (for the Internet site) are held in XML format, so additions etc are not a problem.

Please note that I have not yet written the code to generate the previous tarif tables (TABLE005.DT etc) from the new XML files, but if you approve the new method, this will not take long. [This has been done for the Port/Zone, Ship, and Devise tables.)

c) Re E125 (c):
I presume the HOGIA solution is the 'BOOKIT' system - I have tried some of the sites that use it, with varying success:
http://www.eckeroline.fi/en/ (Route Fare or Day Cruise) does not get past the first screen,
Marmara Lines ( ) usually times out at the end of the passenger screen,
Copter Line ( https://online.copterline.com/en/bokning/default.asp?page=anvisningar.asp) is better and does attempt to display disponibility, but no scope for reductions.
Hurtigruten (http://online.ovds.no/bokning/en/instructions.asp) allow for Group reductions.
Mostly there is limited information requested about the passengers. In our passenger screen I have included all the information that is input on the VSS terminals - is this too much? Can anything be left out of the passenger or vehicle details?

d) Re E125 (d): Cannot reproduce this fault. Please can you tell me what is the error number (if any) and message demande and response, when you press the ? key after the error ligne occurs?
[If sending me the response, please do not omit the * character - it indicates where the error occured.]

e) Re E125 (e): GF Problem found and fixed. See C1978.
Also some other combinations that are allowed but dubious: e.g.
Mlle EFE CO + Mr EF CO is accepted.
Mle EFE HA + Mlle EFE F is accepted.
- do you want these and similar combinations also prevented?

f) Re E125 (f): See C1979.
Can you give an example of the installation/capacities error?
Is the 'internal option' due to the new option number not being displayed, as in E125 (g)?

g) Re E125 (g): Now allow confirmation of a modified option.
Also, new option number was not displayed (system flashed past the screen). See C1981.

h) Re E125 (h): Still trying to reproduce this fault.

i) Re E125 (i): See (g) above and C1982.
- Orginal option still links to the intermediate, which then links to new option, so if the operator enters the original option it takes two more stages to reach the final one (but now without error).
- Will fix this, but it is complex.

E126) 17mar06 by email:
a) The child is not accepted with gf < 3 but accepted with CO with only one passenger.
The control is the same than CO 2 persons, GF 3 persons. See N240 (a).
b) The modification with a vehicle inside takes error ligne when 1 modify aller and the ticket is A/R. See N240 (b).
c) Modification is ok wtih AS, AR with voyage reserved but the open return still false (termine); a/r with open return first or as to AR with return open after modification. See N240 (c).

N240) 19mar06:
a) Similar fix as E125 (e). See C1983.
b) This should now be fixed - See C1984.
c) Fix done, but still more testing required. See C1987
d) In the Internet example files, I notice that devise ALD is set to have two decimal places displayed. This was just for testing. Please change as required. - In fact, the Port/Zone and Ship and Devise files will all be out of date. If you update them, I would appreciate a copy.

E127 21mar06 by email:
a) We have an other problem with the summary.dt - for the accdat.dt modification is taken but for the summary, the modification of conts are not taken.
- When we return to the voyage for checking we found the first values.
Is it a bad voyage modified, or the system does not write the modification?
This error is from 2004.
b) The problem for the summary is from the sxqpipe used. The version 2004 has the problem.

E128 24mar06 & 30mar06 by email:
a) We have an other problem with the summary.dt - for the accdat.dt modification is taken but for the summary, We have problem finally with the summary - when we modify the counts the system takes a modif but really it's not written because when we return to this voyage we see the capacity is not changed and we can't create a journey.
- And with this case the voyage are not possible to create them because they are not displayed.
We open the high season on 28/03/06 and with this case.
Until the download of program 115.exe this false does not exist.
See the work for shared memory and change the vssdat (atcpadr).

nota with consideration I have with sxqpipe in the center and the program linked to ocx, active x.0 we have a serveur 2003.

b) Actually we have big problem for the share memory (entmv122).
The modification for the summary are not taken, the new voyage introduced doesnt exist after,
and we have capacities overflow for the rat.dt.
I have return to the version before.

c) Contingent: the modification after juin has introduced this problem.
- the problem for me now is I work with version juillet 2003 and i can't have the good level for the logon.
The solution for me is the programmes at the level entmv132 corrected and the new pages (pc or center),
because I am blocked with the new consideration internet, xml files for dt (sxqpipe doesn't display the screen).
The high season begins on the 31/04/2006 and we are blocked.

N241) 02apr06 by email:
a) Which version of Windows you are using on the main Centre PC, and on the PCs you are using to test the Centre.
b) The amount of RAM on each of these PCs. How easy is it to upgrade or replace an old PC?
c) How do you start running the Centre - do you go through one of the Cold/Warm/Hot start icons on the main Centre HTML window?
d) Please can you give me an actual example of what you do when you 'modify the counts'
- is this with the DOS window or the HTML voyage summary screen or something else? - please tell me what it is you actually do.
e) Does the Debug work (from the main HTML screen, click 'Pause/Dbg' and set, say, 'Pause 1' and 'Debug7' and 'Set All')?
- does the Debug window pop up? If this is done before clicking 'Cold/Warm/Hot', what is the last item displayed?
- if, say, 'Pause 2' is clicked, are any error messages displayed?
f) Is the parameters file set to record a log file? (- click on the Help book icon on the top row of the main HTML screen,
click the 'Parameters' icon, and then click e.g. the 'uCentRvn' (Centre Cold Start) and set 'Program Parameters' to 'log')
- if so, is the file Trace.log created (in \entmv\Data)? - if so, what is the last item in the log?
g) Please can you send me by post a recent database?

E128 02apr06 by email:
a) I have return the system at 2003 bacause the high season is started on 28/03/06.
b) When you test the capacities change a count and display after if it's conserved or you create a voyage and you don't find it after.

N242) 05apr06:
a) Re E128 (a): There was indeed a problem with the shared memory - see C1990.

b) Reviewed all of the memory usage and made some changes. Saved about 10% overall at the Centre.
Not very significant - still need to know what limit to work to.
See C1989 and Memory Usage.

E130 14apr06 by email:
a) Update my computer with normal work at the center, agency.
b) Think about we stop the port and we transfer the possibility to the center, the operator has in the code badge the possibility for embarquement and lists, and with this we can modify or confirm directly at the center the operations.(we don't need transfert at the port or update the center from the port).

E131 27apr06 by phone:
a) Re E130 (b): Disk space no problem at the Centre, so OK for Port list files to be per voyage.
- Other alternatives were:
(1) to refuse new list requests is there was one in progress (could be a long time if list is printing, or if timeout due to comms error);
(2) for Port list files to be per Port (uses less disk space, but prevents possibility of separate voyages at the same Port being handled separately.
b) Also re E130 (b): If comms goes down at Port, should still be able to use the Internet to embark.
c) Passenger date of birth to be on passenger list at Port.
d) Re E130 (a):Still get nothing with Centre and Terminal when run SxqPipe.
e) Bon d'echange after Reimbursement: ticket only shows amount for first passenger.

N243) 28apr06:
a) Re E130 (a) and E131 (d): Sorry - I made the wrong assumption about 'normal work' - I took this to mean that SxqPipe was now working normally in Algeria.

Please click the Register All button in the Updates Help screen. (- I have added some checks to the batch file.)
Then click on the Check button (to the right of the Register All button) and check that none of the entries in the Registry column are displayed in red.

Please try to run Debug with SxqPipe:
from the main HTML screen, click Pause/Dbg and set, say, Pause 1 and Debug7 and Set All.
- the Debug window should pop up. If so, click the Cold button to start SxqPipe, and please let me know what the last item displayed is. (Or better, select and copy the debug text and email it to me.)
Try again with, say, Pause 2 clicked, and see if any error messages are displayed.

Is the parameters file set to record a log file? (- click on the Help book icon on the top row of the main HTML screen, then click the Parameters icon, and then click e.g. uCentRvn (Centre Cold Start) and set Program Parameters to log)
- if so, is the file Trace.log created (in \entmv\Data)? - if so, what is the last item in the log? (or better, just email the log to me).

Please let me know whatever happens with the above (even if nothing happens).

OCX files required by SxqPipe:
Module Used in ChkFile In
Last ENTMV update Calls OCX...
Cabins C CentCheck, HtmlCent Yes Yes 140 Reserve, VSummaries
Chkfiles C THtmlBasic, OffCent3, TermCheck3Yes Yes 140 XFile
Comms C Yes Yes 142
Logon C HtmlCent, PortCheck3 Yes Yes 142
Options C CentOptions, PortCheck3 Yes Yes 140 Cabins
Pipe16 C TTermCheck3 Yes Yes 140
Reserve C CentCheck, CentRsvns Yes Yes 140 Cabins
Tickets C CentTickets, PortCheck3 Yes Yes 140 Cabins, VSummaries
VSummariesC Yes Yes 142
XFile C THtmlBasic, OffCent3, TermCheck3Yes Yes 136
- 'Used in' abbreviations: C = Centre, T = Terminal.
- ChkFile: CentCheck -> PortHtmlCheck3 -> PortCheck3 -> TermCheck3.
- 'In UpdateReg means in batch file In "../Batch/UpdateReg.bat".
- VSummaries and Cabins are old-style ActiveX.ocx. The rest are Chkfiles.ocx etc.
- Added Comms, VSummaries, VXFer to CentCheck, but the OCXs are unlikely to be the root of the problem because the Terminal SxqPipe uses so few of them.

E132 06may06 by email:
a) Re E130 (a) and E131 (d) and N243 (a): For sxqpipe, it's OK now. I will make more tests in the future.

b) But for entmv.html, I have not the screen with update and all other parts: legacy, html, lcold.
I have only Port and Centre when I change.
- See N244 (a).

c) See the number of the ticket in invoice agency 02.100.447.6 instead of 21.004.476.3,
and also the total by code paiement is missing (E,C,B,etc).

d) Can I TEST in your computer directly like I am an agency with only IE6, the first work in the reservation through the Internet?

- See N244 (b).

e) What did you think about the network VPN for the existing programs?
I think with this we can reserve with the actual program, or in which time we can have a version with the browser?

N244) 08may06:
a) Re E132 (b): Please start Centre HTML with entmvCentre0.html instead of entmv.html. See C1995.

b) Re E132 (d): Testing using Tubbes PCs directly via the Internet:
Main problem is that must use the (ntl) Broadband connection so it is on all the time, but ntl insist on dynamically assigned Internet addresses. So the IP address of the Tubbes PC on the Internet may change at any time. In practice, it only seems to change when reboot the PC or after an IE crash or a crash at the ntl end (yes, this does happen now and again).
I have therefore set up a dyndns account which keeps track of the address changes, and keeps the symbolic address tubbes.dyndns.org always pointing at the Tubbes PC.
Therefore using the Internet address
should bring up the French version of the initial Routes screen.
Please note:

A) I am using the Apache Internet Server, and I have reconfigured it to listen to port 80 on all IP addresses.
- There will be times when I have to change this back to listen to specific IP adresses, and if the IP address changes then I have to manually reconfigure Apache and restart.
- I will try and do my testing in future via the above Internet address, so I should notice if the IP address changes, but there may be times when I miss a change.
So if there is no response at all, please email or phone me and I will check the configuration settings.

B) I need to have two PCs running the Server software - one runs Apache and the linking software, and the other runs the Centre.
- While I am testing, one or the other of these will crash fairly frequently.

C) The database I have is years out of date, so the voyages are all years behind the the dates that are selected on the Routes screen, and the voyage actually selected will just be the one at the end of the timetable, whatever date is selected by the user.
- Also, the tarification tables are incomplete and inaccurate. There are just a handful of tarif codes that I use. Best to just use ALD.
- Devise ALD is currently set to have two decimal places displayed. This was just for testing. I will enter more realistic tarif data shortly.
- Also there are several inconsistencies in the database due to testing etc.. An up-to-date database on tape or CD would be a great help.

D) If I am testing, then partially tested pages may appear on the Internet.
- Also, during testing, the bottom of each window may contain one or two lines of debug controls and data.

E) Please keep this site address confidential - too much traffic will attract the attention of ntl, and they might close it down.

c) Re E132 (e): VPN over the Internet:
I am working on this.

N245) 09may06:
a) Errors in Ports and Ships HTML. See C1997.

E133 11may06 by email and phone:
a) Find example for AR modification (error ligne):

                            Adu 3  Enf 0  Beb 0
                         Ligne- Envoi de nouveau                    
  ALLER                                 DISPO.
  30 Dec05 ve 12:00 ALG-TARQ-MRS 31 Dec05 09:00
  RETOUR                                DISPO.
   2 Jan06 lu 12:00 MRS-DJAZ-ALG  3 Jan06 09:00
                             aller       retour     Ne(e) le
  BABY, Mr                 CA GF5060A  CA GF5004A
  BABY, Mr                 CA GF5060B  CA GF5004B
  BABY, Mr                 CA GF5060C  CA GF5004C

        Passage:    Suppl  Tax Port   Pas+Sup      Vehs: Tax Port
 Aller    20880      4500      3210     25380         0         0
 Retour   20880      4500      3210     25380         0         0    TOTAL
           taxe:        0      6420     50760         0         0    57200
           timbre:     20
  Monnaie: ALD

ER. DE COMM: Last err num:0     Prev:0
              Nombre  Comb  Av.Dernier  Dernier.
  MESSAGES:    233      -       49        49
  ER. LIN.:      0     00       00        00
  ER. DON.:      0     00       00        00
  ER. LRB :      3      -       09        09
  derniere er:  demande: F5 80 49 00 02 35 A8 09
  reponse (RC LRB msg ): 49 09*FC*

  ER. LIN.
  --------           08H delai d'attente
   40H parite        04H sumcheck
   20H debordement   02H PRB indicateur d'er.
   10H sync          01H perte de tx
  ER. DON.
  --------           04H er. article
   10H non corresp.  02H longueur de msg

b) When a ticket A/R with Baby is modified, in the old program the system accepts the modification but creates an option for the babies.
(For the return open the baby is accepted )

c) When the operator presses Esc when the system asks for surclassement, an extra option is created.
After the system asks for envoi ou termine and fin operation for return to the menu the internal option is deleted and the cabins are free but the ticket has this picture now.
With this problem any modification delete the reservations for the passengers.

Modif Ticket with surclassement


  INITIAL     45540         0     45540      5910         0     51450
  NOUVEAU     50760         0     50760      6420         0     57180

  A PAYER      5220         0      5220       510         0      5730

  Paiement:             echange billet?

When the operator makes ESc this operation is accepted and we have this.
The ticket has moved to option:

  OPTION  900204889         Adu 3  Enf 0  Beb 1     Expiration 15 Mai06 lu

  ALLER                                 DISPO.
  25 Mai06 je 13:00 ALG-TARQ-MRS 26 Mai06 11:00
  RETOUR                                DISPO.
  24 Mai06 me 11:00 MRS-TARQ-ALG 25 Mai06 09:00
                             aller       retour     Ne(e) le
  TEST, Mr                 CA GF5060A  CA GF5060A
  TEST, Mme                CA GF5060B  CA GF5060B
  TEST, Mr                 CA GF5060C  CA GF5060C
  TEST, Mr                 BB SL SL    BB SL SL

        Passage:    Suppl  Tax Port   Pas+Sup      Vehs: Tax Port
 Aller    20880      4500      3210     25380         0         0
 Retour   20880      4500      3210     25380         0         0    TOTAL
           taxe:        0      6420     50760         0         0    57200
           timbre:     20
  Monnaie: ALD  Bon d'Echange?               Paie:

and the ticket has this picture Now

  BILLET  210043783  A  14  Adu 3  Enf 0  Beb 1

            Decl            Tel:
  ALLER                                 DISPO.
  25 Mai06 je 13:00 ALG-TARQ-MRS 26 Mai06 11:00
  RETOUR                                OPEN
    OPEN            MRS-    -ALG
                             aller       retour     Ne(e) le
  TEST, Mr                 CA GF abs.  CA GF OPEN
  TEST, Mme                CA GF abs.  CA GF OPEN
  TEST, Mr                 CA GF abs.  CA GF OPEN
  TEST, Mr                 BB SL SL    BB SL SL

       Passage:    Suppl  Tax Port   Pas+Sup      Vehs: Tax Port
 Aller    20880      4500      3210     25380         0         0
 Retour   14760      5400      2700     20160         0         0    TOTAL
           taxe:        0      5910     45540         0         0    51470
           timbre:     20
  Monnaie: ALD            BILLET   psgr   45540
                          dev ALD   veh       0     termine

The possibility to accept esc is very dangerous because I can try to modify a ticket, take the option created by the system, cancel it and make a new reservation.

d) Please test the billet etranger because the operation never works when the number of ticket is not in the serie. This action has only worked when we have begin the system.

e) Blockage de place cas, cbs the centre doesn't block now the cabin.

f) Re E132c): For the invoice it's just one item begins from one character on the left.

g) Internet site to allow for 9 passengers instead of 8.

h) Re E131e): Bon Echange solution (see C1994) to use is to create a new set of reservation records.
- The number of Bon Echange reservations is low, and normally in the same agency.
- N.B. Not just in Resdat, but also in the Coupon.

i) Internet screens: use same logo as on the ATB ticket.

k) Re E131c) (Date of Birth on Port list) - may be other list item changes in Port lists, e.g. phone number on psgr list before departure, but not in (new?) list after departure (and same for vehs).

l) DAM + modify - .

N246) 19may06:
Errors in Terminal fixed:
E133 (a) MODIFY AR - see C2000.
E133 (b) BABY AR - see C2001.
E133 (c) SURCLASSEMENT - see C2002.
E133 (d) BILLET ETRANGER - see C2003.

E134 22may06 by email:
a) Find example of liste at the port. (Priority for the listes at the port.)
The difference between listes for autorities and internal needing is code agency, telephone outside.

Liste of passengers and cars with consideration rules OMI. Presentation below:


0001 GN    DAOUD,FARID     20602313 RENA SAFRANE    1564618318 ACC  4802  XXXXXXXXXX

Modification actual list:


0005       DAOUD,FARID     20602313 15/07/1968       MR        ACC  4802  XXXXXXXXXX

Liste des passagers en cabines/couchettes:

4002A A CO COUPLE,hamid    21195630   20/10/1985     MR             4834   062590236 

4002B A CO COUPLE,Malika   21195630   18/01/1988     MME            4834   062590236
4002C A CO ANOTHER,rachid  20098150   07/12/1955     MR             4808   070152836

4002D A CO ANOTHER,AICHA   20098150   07/12/1957     MME            4808   070152836

4002X   SL couple,baby     21195630   20/10/2005     MR             4834   062590236
             (baby linked to the responsable of ticket or option)
4003A A GF for the details the same than the previousMME

4003B A GF                                           MR

4003C A GF                                           MLE

4003D A GF                                           MLE

4003X   SL                                           MR
             (sl: without bed linked to the responsable of ticket or option)

We conserve this presentation when the bed is not reserved (just in the name):

            V-------------V    vip
            D-------------D    damaged
            X             X    free
            B-------------B    blocked

New list for cabine and eco: ???

     MARQUES VEHICULES        no. ordre     1

           MARQUE :  ALFA

           MODELE :  GTV

         LONGUEUR :  4.2

         CATEGORIE:  A1

         GARAGE   :  N 

         GROUPE   :  V

Need to block cabine two beds or supplement cabine two beds.
extension first for the record may be:

     SUPPLEMENTS TABLE     no. d'entree     1
  index     1
  devise   ALD

           Luxe          6000           -

cas         A2/A4        2000 A3/4     1500

cbs         B2/b4        1800 B3/4     1300

            CC              0           -

                       normale       superieure

           ECO            500           900

           A1/A2         2500  A2/A2  1800

           B1/B2         2100  B2/B2  1600

b) For the vpn or reservation thru internet with our programme (black screen) is possible with Citrix. (Through a server where the program reservation terminal is installed). This is a browser solution.
[- see SSL and What is Citrix's SSL VPN Strategy?.]

c) I transmit to you a cd for the database and paper a4 for the ticket, all tarifs also.
For the supplement example are in the site sncm.fr.
We need to add consideration choice for cabin 2 beds and price for this cabine.

a2 /4        A4/4
 new lignes  A1/2     A2/2
                  B1/2     B2/2  on the tarif supplement

for the terminal new consideration for the choice of capacity cabin 2 beds.

N247) 24may06:
Re E132c) and f) INVOICE - see C1998.