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OCR Optical Character Recognition

OCX C++: OLE Custom Control

ODBC Open Database Connectivity - eg Microsoft's SQL Server.

ODETTE EDI standard used in automative industry - INVOIC (Invoice) DELINS (Delivery Instruction) AVIEXP (Depatch Advice).

ODI Open Datalink Interface - Novell i/t to h/w (superceded IPX) - consists of LSL, MLID, and IPXODI (for IPX compatible msgs).

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer - equipment made by the OEM may be sold by another company under a different brand name.

OFTP Odette File Transfer Protocol

OLE Windows: Object Linking and Embedding - improved form of DDE.

OLR On Line Reader - file display.

OLTP Online Transaction Processing

OOP Object-Orientated Programming - objects passing messages.

OMT Object Modelling Technique

OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue - library book list.

OSI Open Systems Interconnection - OSI Reference Model has 7 layers:
7. Application Netware v3.x Services
6. Presentation
5. Session
4. Transport SPX TCP
3. Network IPX IP
2. Data Link NE200
1. Physical Ethernet Token Ring ARCnet
Many protocols straddle these layers. e.g.
X25 covers layers 1,2,3.

OSPF Open Shortest-Path First Interior Gateway Protocol - a proposed replacement for RIP. Originally OSPFIGP.

OTS edi: Open Trading Services run by SITA - uses standards such as CARGO IMP AIRIMP SPEC2000

outerHTML - in javascript, an HTML element including the delimiting tags.   innerHTML and outerHtml work in a similar way to innerText and outerText.
Note that only innerHTML works in Mozilla based browsers such as Netscape.

outerText - in javascript, the text (without attributes) displayed by an element. e.g.
<I ID=iHurt><B ID=bHurt>Ouch!</B></I> <INPUT TYPE=Button VALUE="Hurt Me Again" OnClick="alert( document.all.bHurt.outerText )">
displays: Ouch!
The outerText can also be set. e.g.
<INPUT TYPE=Button VALUE="Change" OnClick="document.all.bHurt.outerText='That was nothing'">
Note that the enclosing <B . . .>   </B> have been blown away, causing the Hurt Me Again button to crash (because there is no bHurt id) (innerText does not do this).
The iHurt id can still be used in a similar button:
See innerText   innerHTML   outerHTML.
Note that only innerHTML works in Mozilla based browsers such as Netscape.

Overriding - making black white. A sort of polymorphism plus hiding the evidence. In a derived class, rewriting a function already written in a base class because you don't like it. See Virtual Function.

OWL C++ Object Windows Library by Borland

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