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HCI Human-Computer Interface

HDLC High-Level Data Link Control - protocol for reliable synchronous comms.

headers - eg. printing an HTML table with headers at the top of each printed page:
In the HTML header:
<style> <!-- THEAD.PageHeader {display: table-header-group } --> </style> In the HTML body:
<TABLE><THEAD class="PageHeader">
header to be printed on each page
</THEAD><TBODY id="tbodyA">...
Or more simply:
<TABLE><THEAD style="display: table-header-group">
Or can set it via JavaScript: = "table-header-group";
- see W3C, and msdn: display Attribute | display Property.
NB. This does not work in Opera v7.23.

For each row where a page break is required:
tbodyA.rows[ i ].style.pageBreakBefore="always";
or in a style section in the HTML header have eg.
tr.pageBreak {page-break-before: always;}
and set the tr class with
tbodyA.rows[ i ].className="pageBreak";
Print with:
NB. In IE, the header printout (at page breaks) stops at any <COL ...> statement in the table header.
The pageBreakBefore (or page-break-before) is supposedly supported by most browsers - see blooberry.
In fact, Opera does implement this for TABLE P H1 H2 H3 DT ... but not for TR TD SPAN B ... .

For changing text in the header (eg. page numbers), the following CSS2 example has patchy support among the browsers:
<TD style="{ content: 'Page: ' counter( PageNumber ); increment-counter: PageNumber; }"
- see W3C: Generated content, automatic numbering, and lists and Blooberry: content and CSS Enhancements in Internet Explorer 6.
IE v6 and Enigma do not support content: at all.
Netscape 7.1 handles content:, but not the counter statements.
Opera 7.23 handles content: and counter.
NB. Page numbers, along with the file name, are printed by the browsers anyway.

HMI High Memory Area - 64K above first Mb.

HMI CompuServe's Host Micro Interface - protocols for CIS

HPFS High Performance File System (OS/2)

HST High Speed Technology modulation

HTML HyperText Markup Language - what browser pages look like when they are sent to the browser for display. Developments are DHTML and XML. Other languages, notably javascript and JScrip, may be embedded in the HTML code between <SCRIPT> and </SCRIPT> tags.
TABLE Element | table Object - good list of attributes and methods. Scroll down for links to other tags.
Quadzilla: Tables
Quadzilla: Style Sheets
Indentation with HTML
print table with repeated header on each page.
HTML colours,
Quadzilla: Seamless backgrounds
Microsoft HTML and DHTML Reference.
DevGuru HTML index.
w3wschools - reference, tutorials.
HTML 3.2 Reference Specification W3C Recommendation 14-Jan-1997
HTML 4.01 Reference Specification W3C Recommendation 24dec1999
WDVL: HTML 4 Specification - lots missing, but what is there is clear,
WDG: HTML 4.0 Reference,  
HTMLib Index - from Oernii.
Brian Wilson (- HTML Index)
Index of Elements,
EchoEcho: Complete HTML Tags.
Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Index DOT Html
D.J. Quad's HTML Tag Reference List
HTML, the complete guide (not that complete)
Introduction to HTML
Tips and Examples
chami: Internet tips index
Royal National Instuitute for the Blind: Implementing accessibility
Annabella's HTML Help - good working examples.
Index DOT Html - has an Element Index and Tips & Tricks.
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
Web Diner
Merchant's Encyclopedia of HTML
HTML Crash Course for Educators So you want to make a web page
Page - basic HTML, DHTML, JavaScipt. Pop-up ads.
HTML TUTORIALS by John C. Gilson
Learning HTML 3.2 by Examples
The Disturbed Web Authoring Tutorials - very simple
HTML - an interactive tool for beginners - simple. Pop-up ads.
HTML Goodies - annoying layout.
The DTP / HTML Tutorials
Web Diner: Web Adventure
Writing HTML
Introduction to Web Design table Tutor
HTML and Web Development Tools - links to several tutorials

HTTP HyperText Terminal Protocol - the main Internet protocol.
URL prefix before WWW server.
W3 spec at
See ZDNet 26feb02: Microsoft: Now HTTP needs replacing

HttpRequest object - see XMLHTTP.

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