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F2F Face to Face

FAT File Allocation Table

FCB File Control Block

FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface - 100Mbps token protocol.

FEP Front End Processor

FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard

FORM Encloses INPUT elements in HTML.
e.g. A crude form of password protection is:
<FORM name="Where">
  Where to?<INPUT name="WhereTo" type="text">
  <INPUT type="button" value="Go" onclick="GoThere()">
function GoThere(){
  var x = document.forms["Where"];
  location=x.WhereTo.value; // could add e.g. +".html"
Where to?
- to go a page, the user must know the name of it.

FPU Floating Point Unit

Frame - a section of the browser window which can contain a full HTML document.

FTP File Transfer Protocol (above TCP). See TFTP.

FYI For Your Information - documents not defining standards.

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