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A 250mm high Spectra indoor sundial designed specifically for the owner's window cill in Derry City. Longitude corrected it shows in arabic numerals, hours and half hours in both Greenwich Mean Time and British Summer Time. In addition to the Equinox and Solstices there are declination lines at 1 Sept and 16 May - the birthdays of the owner's two grandchildren. It also has an Equation of Time graph.

The Latin motto reads DUM SPECTAS FUGIO (While you look on, I fly)
It is inscribed Vertical declining sundial - 31° 00' East    Latitude  55° 00' North    Longitude 7° 19' West

Made of glass with a cast stone base and brass gnomon, it is called the Spectra Sundial because the bevelled edges produce a magnificent spectrum of colour throughout the day as it marks the passing hours.

Commissioned by the owner from Artisan Industrials Corporation in the U.S.A.

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