GedML: Genealogical Data in XML


These pages describe GedML, a way of encoding genealogical data sets in XML. It combines the well-established GEDCOM data model with the XML standard for encoding complex information. The result is a representation that can easily be converted to and from GEDCOM, but can be manipulated much more easily using standard tools: notably, by using an XSLT processing such as Saxon.

What's available?

After a couple of years during which the GedML site was incomplete and dormant, I have put together a very basic set of useful tools.

The software supplied contains four Java classes (in source and compiled form). These are:

Also included are a number of stylesheets:

The download file also includes demonstration files kennedy.ged and kennedy.xml to give you something to test the programs on.

The software can be downloaded here. There are no restrictions on its use, but equally, it is provided with no warranty or support.

Michael H. Kay
2 April 2002