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GedML Genealogical Data Markup Language. Some tools for manipulating genealogical data in XML.

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I am a software engineer working for Software AG, a software company based in Darmstadt, Germany. I work at home in Reading, Berkshire, UK. This is a personal web site, with no official Sofwtare AG involvement, though much of the contents are a spin-off of my professional activities.

The email address shown below will bypass my spam filters. Please use this if you need to make an initial contact, as email from unknown senders to the email addresses published at the bottom of this page can easily be lost among the spam. This address may change from time to time.

I produce SAXON, an open-source XSLT Processor, which has its own web site.

Until January 2001 I worked for ICL, the UK-based IT services company, which is now part of Fujitsu.

I am the author of XSLT Programmer's Reference, published by Wrox Press. Since the liquidation of Wrox Press, this title has been acquired by Wiley, so it should continue to be available. You can find information about the book on the Amazon web site

I am a member of Wokingham Choral Society, and maintain their web pages.

I am interested in genealogy, and maintain a database for the IRONSIDE one-name study. This is not at present on the web, but I am happy to answer any questions relating to IRONSIDE genealogy in England and Scotland, and to receive IRONSIDE information from anywhere!

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