Artists sites:

Steve Pugh-Currently drawing SHARKMAN- flick through his on-line portfolio!

Matt Brooker, aka D'Isreali has an amazing site which doesn't just detail his work but has some fabulous tutorials on working in comics colouring.

Dave Windett is an internationally known cartoonist, having drawn most all the WARNER BROS characters (Bugs, Daffy, Tasmanian Devil), the SIMPSONS, and in the UK was the artist on KORKY the KAT for the DANDY. He's currently working for the DANDY and Norwegian publishers.

Lew Stringer is my oldest mate in comics, we both started doing odd strips for MARVEL UK under the editorship of the fabulous Bernie Jaye. At Marvel UK he created COMBAT COLIN amongst other key wonderful strips. His greatest creation remains BRICKMAN. Currently draws Suburban Satanists for Herman Hedning magazine throughout Scandinavia.

Brian Hitch- Wunderkind Authority/Ultimates artist- this site serves as a gallery and a one-stop shop for his art, also features work by PAUL NEARY and ANDREW CURRIE

Adam Hughes- A site devoted to the art of 'goodgirl' maestro, with loads of con sketches posted on site... fantastic stuff!

MIKE MANLEY's 'ACTION PLANET' site is worth dipping into regularily for some cool doodles and work from the various projects in and out of comics Mike's been involved with.

Comic news sites:

COMICON.COM- a Comics Convention on-line! Artists booths, publishers, preview work, chatrooms! This is a key place to visit, with links throughout the web!

COMICSCONTINUUM.COM- First for news from the US comics companies! Updated daily.They often have pages from upcoming books, photos from movies, ah, all kinds of stuff! Very un-critical, pretty much the E! of the comics community

NEWSARAMA and THE PULSE, have a bit more involved reporting on US comics news and both have a healthy feedback from posters who quite often are fellow professionals.

Not a news site as such, but one of my favourite sources for info is the 2000AD MESSAGE BOARDS. Probably the wittiest, more erudite posters on the web, a fun bunch. A lively community full of opinions!

Writers sites:

Don McGregor- one of my favourite writers from the 1970s- one of the people instrumental in getting me to see comics as something more than disposable entertainment. There's some great stuff here, including Zorro strips drawn by Tom Yeates!

Elliot S! Maggin- Elliot wrote prolifically for DC in the 70s, before a brief foray into politics. He returned in the 80s as an editor and we worked together on the TSR licenced books. His site has loads of fine stuff, including TV work!

Chuck Dixon- my writer on the Nightwing 80 Page giant has a fine site, with a lively message board, and a comprehensive listing of his published work. Often updated, definately worth checking out!

Company Sites:

DC COMICS- information, profiles, advance art, and some nifty flash stuff on new projects!

MARVEL- Missed an issue? Marvel actually runs some comics on-line... a mammoth site.

DARK HORSE- As much on their current bent for merchandising as the comics- some great Futurama stuff here!

2000AD Online- your source for all Dredd and other top Brit comics action.

And if this is getting too US-centric it's worth checking out the fine sites maintained by:


BODOI magazine's own site is worth a visit too.