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  • Midi program changer

    In its full form, this assembly is a DIN-rail mounting plastic case with all the connections on number scre terminals for a permanent rack installation.

    Typical uses are to interface pieces of control equipment with instruments or audio processing units having a MIDI input. These can range from simple push buttons or foot pedals to logic output ports.

    All connections are brought to a 12-way screw terminal block. Optionally, the board can be fitted with 5-pin 180° DIN sockets for connection to MIDI devices and a barrel jack for powering.

    We offer the following software options:

    Functional options

    P/N Function
    PC-01 Contact closure to midi program change 1-8
    PC-02 Binary input to midi program change 1-127

    We also offer the following hardware build options which can be ordered by adding the suffix to the above part numbers:

    Assembly options

    P/N suffix Function
    -E With DIN-rail enclosure. Please note this assembly has all connections on the 12-way screw terminals and cannot be supplied with DIN connectors or power barrel jack.
    -D 2 x 5-pin DIN connectors fitted for powering from MIDI THRU or MIDI OUT
    -P 1 x 5-pin DIN connector and 2.1mm barrel jack for powering.


    Prices for delivery outside the UK on application.
    Payment is accepted by Paypal.