Key Quotations from Letters 76 - 90

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Below are the ten most important quotations from letters seventy-five to ninety in the novel. Learning, knowing and having the ability to recall important quotations in an AS Level examination puts you in an advantageous position, as it saves you the time of having to search through the book in attempt to find a relevant reference.

"Iím busy making pants for Sofia. One leg be purple, one leg be red. I dream Sofia wearing these pants, one day she was jumping over the moon."
Letter 77, Celie celebrates Sofiaís re-found freedom by sewing her a pair of pants.

"I am a very wealthy woman, and I own a village in Akwee."
Letter 80, Doris Baines reveals her wealth and aims for the country of Africa.

"And she could erase herself, her spirit, with a swiftness that truly startled, when she knew the people around her could not respect it."
Letter 80, Samuel recalls the moment in the dry goods store with Celie.

"No matter how you kiss Ďem, as far as Iím concern, frogs is what they stay."
Letter 84, despite this, Celie marks how much Mr. _______ has changed by the end.

"When it come to what folks do together with they bodies, he say, anybodyís guess is as good as mine. But when you talk bout love I donít have to guess. I have love and I have been love. And I thank God he let me gain understanding enough to know love canít be halted just cause peoples moan and groan."
Letter 87, Walker through Albert sheds light on her own views about sexuality.

"Nettie say one thing about Africans, Out of sight, out of mind."
Letter 87, like the racist whites, many Africans wish to forget their troubled past.

"They tried to explain to the missionaries that it was they who put Adam and Eve out of village because they was not naked. Their word for naked is white. But since they are covered by colored they are not naked."
Letter 87 and we witness two different views on the passage in Genesis, chapter one.

"Why us suffer. Why us black. Why us men and women."
Letter 88, the reformed Albert shares his concerns as he and Celie Ďquilt.í

"Dear God. Dear stars, dear trees, dear sky, dear peoples. Dear Everything."
Letter 90, Celie announces to the world her love for God.

"White people busy celebrating they independence from England July 4th, so most black folks donít have to work. Us can spend the day celebrating each other."
Letter 90 and by the end the celebration of life becomes the celebration of people.

Written by Matthew Kane [2001]

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