Dungeon Master Nexus Screenshots

No Turning Back!:

Over the Bridge....

Under the bridge....


Step inside, take a ride:


Hmmm... very Indiana Jones. Something of equal weight perhaps?:

None shall pass:

This fountain accepts one wish:

Rock pile:

Rock pile attacks -- watch those poison tentacles:

I don't think this guy is simply resting....

Ninja Trolin on the prowl:


Multiple levels:

Prepare to meet your doom:

Indiana Jones again... or perhaps Sinbad?

Magenta Worm...

What awful breath you have!:

Mummy worm down in the dark depths:

Inventory, everyone's asleep:

Inventory, two sleep and one keeps guard:

This is my prisoner, let him suffer:


Giant Scorpion:


Dinosaur! Very Tomb Raider.....:

More 3D architecture:

Stone Gloem -- that club smashes the ground and launches fireballs!


Ghost of Death:

Swamp Slime:

Animated Armour:

These poor lost souls want feeding....:

Lord Chaos, first visit....

Baby dragon.....

....and Mummy Dragon!