DALE STAFFORD Realise Your Talent

Here's what just a few of Dale's clients say about her:

"Fantastic.   You have such courage and competence. I have never seen anyone take a group on their own journey the way you did it - massive steps were made thanks to you."

Professor Alastair Nicholson,
Oxford University

"I would like to say a huge thank you for helping me make this journey. I feel very lucky to have had access to your time, knowledge, intuition and support. I value it greatly. I definitely find myself in a different place and with your help have achieved a great deal. I have moved from being a nice chap endeavoring to do his best in all my roles, but far too lost in the detail, to someone who has increased capacity, energy and is far more focused on what is needed to be effective. I enjoy life to the full."

Finance Director

"I've learned more from working with you than I learned in my degree and MBA!"

Training & Operations Manager

"Dale's success and true inspiration for me is her ability to develop you through self-realization in such a way that is subtle yet very powerful.  Her ability to allow you to achieve this for yourself is for me the secret as to why the change is so profound and why you are left with such inner confidence.  I am very lucky that our paths crossed."

Commercial Manager

"Within just 6-hour sessions with Dale I had found the confidence within myself to step into my own business on a full time basis. I have never looked back and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I'm now a director in my own growing business with a turnover of £4.2 million. Dale has a real gift and gave me the support, encouragement and thinking space which enabled me to achieve so much in such a short time."

Owner Manager

"Dale's totally dedicated to helping people help themselves to be the best they can be - which in turn has given us recognition for the results we're achieving for the business and rewards in terms of promotions, pay rises and feeling more self-motivated. Dale helps you get there by guiding you along the way, supporting you to do the work from within. She really is a very special lady! I will be forever in her debt for helping the real me return - how can you put a value on that?"

Logistics Manager

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