Welcome to one of the world's worst ZX Spectrum emulators.
It's so bad, it doesn't really deserve a home page...

Download SpecEmu

Here's a couple of screenshots of SpecEmu in action!
Jetpac running in SpecEmu   Chuckie Egg running in SpecEmu
As compared to running in a lesser emulator...
Jetpac running in SPIN   Chuckie Egg running in SPIN

Do you have problems running SpecEmu? Cool!
Got a comment or suggestion? I don't want to hear about them...

And since I can't be arsed to finish it, here's the unfinished Spectrum game, Boombot 2
(it's worse than the first one! - Ed)

On an unrelated note - if fishing's your thing, you could always pop along to the new general fishing site.
And if fishing doesn't rock your boat (ho ho), you could do worse than take a look at the hitman69 site.