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Save Coate! petition passes the target figure of a magic 20,000

Planning application submitted.

See What Can I Do?

for details of how to object. Now includes full Friends of the Earth objection!


18,000 people have now signed the petition.

The Liberal Democrat MP for Newbury, David Rendel MP has signed the Save Coate! petition. Any more parliamentarians care to sign up?

David Rendel MP signs the Save Coate! petition

14,000 people have now signed the Save Coate petition! We now have a hat-trick of Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for South Swindon. Robert Buckland (Conservative) and Anne Snellgrove (Labour) have signed up online, and Sue Stebbing (Liberal Democrat) signed up at the Hands Around Coate event. The Green Party, Liberal Democrats, Socialist Alliance and Socialist Party are members of the Save Coate coalition.

Bad News.
The Examination in Public of the proposed revision to the Local Plan by an independent panel has made judgement that Coate is an appropriate place to build the University and housing estates. See the report in the Swindon Evening Advertiser. Save Coate! are surprised and disappointed. The fight goes on.

John Fowles signs the petition! The latest signature is that of the famous British writer John Fowles. Fowles drew his inspiration from Coate born and bred author, Richard Jefferies who in turn was inspired to write because of his love of nature and his passion for the countryside at Coate.


Join Hands Around Coate People (and dogs!) who love Coate Water held Join Hands around Coate on 13 November 2004

"Jefferies Land". Swindon Civic Trust are showing a charming short film [about 30 minutes long] produced by the Richard Jefferies Society that shows the local haunts that inspired this authorís writing. The video is run on a loop system at the Former Railway Museum in Faringdon Road. Phone 520592 to check that the museum is open first. NOW FINISHED but the video is still available from the Richard Jefferies Society.

  • New threat to Coate. According to the Swindon Evening Advertiser of Saturday 24 July, Swindon Town would consider building its new stadium at Coate! Click here for the full article.

  • Plan to Face Watery Grave?

    At the Structure Plan hearing in July, Thames Water said that they would not be able to meet their discharge consent from the Swindon Sewage Treatment Works if Swindon continues to grow.

    They say that there is no technology left that they can put in place that would satisfy the requirements of the Environment Agency [that is to say, it's not a case of ploughing more money into the STW - they just can't mitigate against the capacity problems. The River Ray [the STW discharges into the River Ray] feeds into the headwaters of the River Thames where there is no possible way of making use of the dilution effect.

    The Swindon STW has the most stringent discharge consent of any STW that Thames Water operate!

  • Briefing available on the pre-inquiry changes to the Local Plan
  • Chiseldon Parish Council and Liddington Parish Council have endorsed the campaign!
  • Swindon Forest Protection Group have followed up their terrific support at the Family Protest March by officially endorsing the Save Coate! campaign at their follow-up meeting on 14 June.
  • The Ramblers Association, NE Wilts has endorsed the Save Coate! campaign
  • Family Protest March 05/06/04. Speakers included Julia Drown MP, in a personal capacity.
  • Wiltshire Badger Group have endorsed the Save Coate! campaign
  • Swindon Socialist Party have endorsed the Save Coate! campaign
  • Lots of people joined us at Coate Water on Bank Holiday Monday 31 May when we collected yet more signatures on the petition.
  • Our own celebrity endorsement:Melinda Messenger signs up to help Save Coate!
  • Richard Jefferies' Gt-Grandaughter joins the campaign Lucille (Jefferies) Adameck has signed the online Save Coate petition!
  • Public meeting. Save Coate! had a public meeting in May
  • Could a prison be built at Coate?
  • Swindon Liberal Democrats back Save Coate! Swindon Liberal Democrats have informed the Save Coate campaign that they deplore the proposed development and back the campaign.
  • Click on the War of the Websites: Coate or Cole
  • Universities 'trash' green belt policy - from the Guardian
  • University Blasted Over Campus Plan: LibDems oppose Coate development - but welcome the University to Swindon
  • The Megalithic Portal recognise the threat to the stone circle site and link to this site!
  • Campus Green Belt Row - Bath University in another green belt battle
  • Swindon Animal Concern have confirmed their objection to the development.

  • Minister speaks out for sites like Coate. Speaking at the launch in London, on 10 Feburary 2004, of English Nature's State of Nature Report on the English Lowlands, Ben Bradshaw, Minister for Nature Conservation and Fisheries said: "We want to ensure that special sites were set within a wider 'wildlife-friendly' landscape, reducing fragmentation of habitats and supporting species populations in healthy ecosystems."
  • Ironically, the National Centre for Sustainable Development is planned for the Wroughton airfield, up the hill from Coate.

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