Save Coate

Lucille (Jefferies) Adameck signs the Save Coate! petition

Mrs Adameck is the great grand-daughter of Richard Jefferies. She comments:

"I had the opportunity to visit Coate and Coate Farm a few years ago on a trip with my daughters, from Ontario, Canada. We were given a tour of the land that my great grandfather, Richard Jefferies lived around and wrote extensively about. We were deeply moved by a sense of such history and natural preserved beauty. I am deeply saddened to think that this area is under threat of development. I live in a country with very little history compared to the history that Coate has. I know how hard Ontario and Canada itsself works to maintain and preserve vestiges of the past. I am proud to add my name, as a direct descendant of a family that had many ties to the area, to the petition to save Coate."


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