Mill Valley Film Festival, San Francisco 9th November 1986

Main set

Nobody seems quite sure exactly what was played at this 45 minute concert - or if they are they're not letting on - although "Betrayal" and "Diamond Diary" appear on Antique Dreams as the track "Sorcerer And Thief", which purports to be from this concert. However, that track sounds as though it resembles the version from the 1990 UK tour. Nevertheless, it seems pretty likely that those tracks really were played at this concert, given that they appeared both in Berlin 1987 and the aforementioned 1990 tour.

My guess for possibles: "Betrayal", "Diamond Diary", "Love On A Real Train", "Going West", maybe something from Firestarter and Wavelength. Possibly also one or more tracks from Legend, such as 8605 and the long "Unicorn Theme". The concert was apparently about 45 minutes long.


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