British Isles Tour 1981

1st half

1. Logos (1) - extended version 10'

2. Sobornost/Edinburgh Castle 8'

3. 8105 3'

4. 8106 6'

5. 8107 7'

6. Bondy Parade 13'

2nd half

7. Mojave Plan 27'

8. 8102 13'

9. Remote Viewing 1'

10. Force Majeure 4'

11. 8008 3'


12. Kiew Mission 7'30"

13. Choronzon 10'

14. 8013?


When TD returned to the British Isles in the autumn of 1981, they came with a vastly rewritten set (which, considering they'd only been there the previous year, was understandable). Only the last twenty minutes of the main set survived, with the opening minute of "Remote Viewing" inserted before "Force Majeure". The second set opened with an extended version of "Mojave Plan", at the time unreleased. The first set was completely new material, and we're still a long way from hearing all of it legitimately. This half was certainly looking forward to the Logos style of material.

1. Logos (1) represents the first index of "Logos" as featured on the US Definitive Edition re-release of the album. For those without the US version, or without CD players that can read indexes, see the Europe 1982 tour for a full breakdown of the indexing. This version was slightly different from - and much longer than - the released version of "Logos (1)". The additional length is taken up merely with repetitions, and the chief difference is that the percussion is not syncopated here.

2. Virtually the same as the version that appeared on German TV, which lacked the overdubbing of the Antique Dreams version. The track is based around the same sequence as appears on unreleased track 7 from the Risky Business Audio Movie Kit (and which appears on Electronic Orgy as "Return Of The Goodsens").

3. (8105) A bridge piece. Mostly single-note bass thumping, later overlaid with a harmonica-type lead note. Divides into two more or less equal parts.

4. (8106) A piece in the style of "Logos (1)", based around a revolving four-bar sequence. There is a break about half way through, then the main theme returns.

5. (8107) A piece notable for its mechanical sequencer work. Similar percussion to that appearing on Logos. Synth brass lead plays the melody.

6. Previously known on various bootlegs as "Outback Voices" and "Elrondo Quartino". This version contains a ‘false start’ - the percussion starts up, stops after a bar, then starts up again and the piece proper begins. See the Australia 1982 tour for a discussion of the differences between the Sohoman version and the version actually played live in Australia (the two are NOT the same).

7. The first appearance of this track, predating the release of the White Eagle album. The extra length merely comes from repetition of the sequencer parts in the so-called "Canyon" and "Desert" parts, with extended noodling over the top.

12. This time presented with no vocals, but otherwise quite a faithful rendition.

14. A track purporting to be the third encore from the UK 1981 tour appears on the fantape The Rarest Vol. 3 (track A3), duration 7:30. It seems to be a slowed down recording of 8013 as played during the 1980 tour. At present it is impossible to tell if this is simply a mislabelled 1980 encore, or if the track genuinely was played live in 1981.

All timings rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song (if any).

Tour personnel: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling.

ENCORE SUMMARY: 1981 British Isles Tour
Date City 12 13
15.10.81 Oxford 2 1
17.10.81 Brighton 1 --
18.10.81 Ipswich -- --
20.10.81 London 1 2
24.10.81 Manchester 1 2
25.10.81 Newcastle 1 2
26.10.81 Edinburgh 1 2
28.10.81 Preston 1 2
29.10.81 Liverpool 2 1
Tapes ignored: Portsmouth, Sheffield, Glasgow

SHOW SUMMARY: 1981 British Isles Tour
Date City and Venue Longest Known Tape Source Avg. Quality Rating
15.10.81 Oxford New Theatre 109 min. AU# 7.6
16.10.81 Portsmouth Guildhall 82 min. AU 7.2
17.10.81 Brighton Dome 90 min. AU 8.0*
18.10.81 Ipswich Gaumont Theatre § -- --
19.10.81 Cork James Connolly Hall [no known tape] -- --
20.10.81 London Hammersmith Odeon 111 min. AU 7.5
21.10.81 Birmingham Odeon Theatre [no known tape] -- --
22.10.81 Sheffield City Hall 88 min. AU 6.6
23.10.81 Derby Assembly Rooms [no known tape] -- --
24.10.81 Manchester Apollo Theatre 112 min. AU 7.9
25.10.81 Newcastle City Hall 110 min. AU 8.2
26.10.81 Edinburgh Usher Hall 112 min. AU 7.7
27.10.81 Glasgow Apollo City Hall 93 min. AU 6.8
28.10.81 Preston Guild Hall 119 min. AU# 5.2
29.10.81 Liverpool Royal Court 112 min. AU 7.7

# = multiple AU versions known to exist

* = average quality rating based on 3 or fewer results

§ = tape believed to exist


© 1998 John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer