Munich Circuskrone 9th December 1981

Main Set

1. Kiew Mission 8'

2. Mojave Plan 20'


1. This track was played exactly as the Exit studio version, but it ends a bit prematurely - during the ominous synth part about 7'30" in, before the laid-back repeating sequencer motif that precedes it recurs. Here, the spoken Russian vocals were cited by a woman standing in a balcony situated above the band. She is possibly the person who spoke them on the official release - she sounds identical.

2. An orchestral version of the epic track from White Eagle, with the orchestra conducted by Eberhard Schoener. Uniquely to this occasion, the track was played by TD more or less faithfully to the album version (certainly in terms of timing), augmented at various times by string, horn, and percussion sections. A crashing kettledrum also embellishes things to great effect.

The traditional "random noises" opening and the following six-bar rhythm are accompanied by oboe and aggressive string backing, with some random oboe and string effects starting off the track before the usual clashes and screeches begin. The following brassier sequencer part (roughly 2'45" to 10'30" on the studio release, or the bulk of "Mojave Plan (Desert Part)" on Tangents, if you consider the piece apart from the fact that it's been worked over considerably) builds itself to an impressive crescendo of soaring strings and orchestra clashes. During the second sequencer part (roughly 11'00" to 14'30" on the studio release) the kettledrum kicks in aggressively. And during the final sequence (roughly 15'00" to the end) the orchestral accompaniment gets downright bombastic and majestic by turns. This final part is probably the most successful integration of the orchestra and the TD sound during the piece. The crescendo ending of the studio version is not present here, so this particular rendition is, in fact, fractionally short.

All timings rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song (if any).

Show personnel: Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling.

SHOW SUMMARY: Munich 1981
Date City and Venue Longest Known Tape Source Avg. Quality Rating
09.12.81 Munich Circuskrone 30 min. TV 7.0
# = multiple AU versions known to exist


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