London Royal Festival Hall 6th March 2004

Under Construction

Set List

1. Above The Great Dry Land

2. Chasing The Bad Seed

3. Slave To The Gods

4. Hope And Glory

5. Sun Son's Seal (part one)

6. Beyond All Suns

7. Sisyphus

8. All The Steps To Heaven

9. Mountain Of Destiny

10. The Glowing Zodiac Wheel

11. Modern Cave Men

12. Death Of Medusa

13. Blinded By The World's Desire

14. Sun Son's Seal (part two)

15. Soulgate

16. Till The End Of Silence

17. Prison And Paradise

18. Spirit Spiral

Notes (incomplete)

To follow.

All timings rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song (if any).

Show personnel: Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Iris Camaa, Jayney Klimek, Barbara Kindermann, Bianca Acquaye, Tatjana Kouchev, Saskia Klumpp.


To follow.

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