London Shepherd's Bush Empire 12th May 2001

Under Construction

Main Set

1. Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore

2. Cat Scan

3. Comet's Figure Head

4. Cool At Heart

5. Force Majeure

6. Going West

7. Livemiles Part Two (1) (Caspian Sea)

8. The Comfort Zone

9. Warsaw In The Sun

10. The Midnight Trail

11. Longing For Cashba

12. 0101

13. Prime Time

14. 0102

15. Towards The Evening Star (Blue Gravity Mix)

16. Outland (The Colony)

17. 0103

18. TimeSquare (The Legendary NY Brix Mix) 8'00"

19. Astrophobia (Red Supernova Mix)

20. 0104

21. Beauty Of The Blast

22. Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score (5)

23. Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score (2)

24. Sony Center Topping Out Ceremony Score (6)


25. Stereolight/Diamonds And Dust

26. Purple Haze

Notes (incomplete)

A return to London for the band's third concert in the city in less than five years (and all at the Shepherd's Bush Empire). A sizeable chunk of the tracks were available either on Dream Mixes 3 (two days before its official release) or the i-box, both available in the foyer beforehand. The second "half" of the main set followed the Klangart 1999 tracklist (which was their previous live date, of course).

1. Starts in a similar way to the studio version, but soon the bongos that will be everpresent tonight join in. Indeed, there is more percussion as a whole on this track. The guitar part is slightly different.

2. The first of five renditions that evening of tracks from the i-box. Remarkably, they were all taken from Disc 4! (For those without i-box, some tracks, including this one, were remixed for this release.) The segue in is somewhat reminiscent of Mars Polaris type chord padding, particularly a choir patch which overlays the early part of the piece.

3. Basically the same as the album version, though with some new guitar work from the middle onwards.

4. Played as on the i-box, the second such track here.

5. A welcome return for this former live favourite, after an absence of almost 20 years. The excerpt was that part played live in the early '80s, this time overlaid with bongos.

11. The fifth and final rendition as on the i-box, embellished a little with bongos (as were most tracks that night). Cuts off slightly early compared to the alubm version, though, not getting into the saxophone ending.

12. (0101) Iris Kulterer was temporarily left alone on stage for a percussion solo, while the others took a short break. There was no interruption in the music. Poor Iris herself got no break until the end of the main set!

18. Identical to the What A Blast version.

22. This track, and the next two, appear as on the (rare) studio version, and this suite also ended the Klangart 1999 show.

23. As the studio version.

24. As the studio version.

All timings rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song (if any).

Show personnel: Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Gerald Gradwool, Iris Kulterer.


To follow.

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© 2001 John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer