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The following are full adventures for Shadowrun 3rd Edition. These are based on the original FASA Shadowrun, not the current Fanpro line.

These are tournament adventures that i have written, intended originally for a 4 hour tournament game slot but quite playable in other circumstances. Each includes everything you need to play appart from the Third Edition rulebook and about 20 six sides dice to supply the GM and players and some pencils for when the lead starts to fly. These scenarios can probably be expected to take a group playing outside tournament conditions rather more than four hours to play and can be adapted for characters other than the ones provided. Feel free to use them to run games but do not modify them, or charge anyone for distibuting them (beyond printing costs) or playing them (excepting the table fee for tournament/charity games, that often goes to charity anyway). Note that they can also be obtained through UK tournament sources in which case the relevant rules for use from that source apply (not that this is likely to be any matter). If you do want to use the scenarios with the current Fanpro 4th Edition Shadowrun rules you will have to rebuild most of the game mechanics and NPC's yourself which i suspect would be quite some undertaking.

Useful Information

I include some notes on each adventure based on where and when they have been run. The adventures are Word6/95 documents presented in PDF format (PDF printer driver used for conversion). PDF format has been used to overcome pagination problems with distribution of Word files. If you would prefer files in native Word for Windows format i can supply these directly.

Music in the Shadows

Download : Music in the Shadows

Written for and first run at GenconUK 2001 where 2 tables ran. Since run twice at Conception 2003. Returned to GenconUK 2004.
Both groups at GenconUK completed the adventure successfully, and managed to do it within the four hour limit, just. The two roups at Conception failed to complete the mission but seemed to enjoy themselves, which is what i consider a real success for a roleplaying scenario, did the GM and players enjoy it. The team that tackled this on its return to GenconUK also failed, this has proven a tough scenario to complete.
I suspect that run as a private game that this adventure could well take a lot more than four hours to play, maybe more like eight to twelve depending on how much time the players spend investigating it. The adventure is investigative in nature and there is more than one way to complete it so a group of players that investiate everything included will take a long time. This adventure will run very easily with a different group of characters to the group of Shadowrunners provided. Generally i found this a pleasure to write, and it's fun if demanding to run under tournament conditions as there is a lot to do. Expect to need several hours to read it, and rely on the aids provided within the adventure to find the information you want when running the game.

Trouble In The Gang

Download : Trouble in the Gang

Written for and first run at GenconUK 2002 where 3 tables ran. Since run once at Conception 2003. At least one other person whom i supplied a copy to has also run it after playing at GenconUK.
The groups at GenconUK did well, while the group at Conception had a fairly severe case of lead poisoning. However everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves and done quite well.
This adventure is intended for the characters provided as there is some background and linkage between the characters. However it could be adapted quite easily for any group of gang level player characters and lower end Shadowrunners could be tasked with the mission by reading the advneture and picking a suitable 'Johnson'. I cannot provide direct advice here though without exessive spoilers. This adventure will probably not run too much over the four hours outside tournament play, my best guess being six to eight depending on how fast you get on with it.

Shadows at Sea

Download : Shadows at Sea

Written for and first run at GenconUK 2004. Since run once at Conception 2005.
The groups at GenconUK did well.
A mission away from base this makes less use of contacts that some of the scenarios where contacts are critical. Players seem to work out that they need to be sensivle and generally things have gone quite well. The ending can be a touch on the hazardous side but player characters have proven as resilient as ever to attempts to terminate them and have generally done ok.

A Simple Twist

Download : A Simple Twist

Written for and first run at GenconUK 2005 where at least 5 tables ran. Since run once at Conception 2006.
The groups at GenconUK did well, while the group at Conception did very well indeed completing the mission alive in under 3 hours. So far all the groups i have run this for have done a good job of working things out and one team had a go at the big bonus available despite the risks.
Although extra sourcebooks are not required if you run this away from a convention setting having the sourceooks mentioned is certainly beneficial so the players have the time to read up on one or two things if they don't know already. In a convention setting you won't have the time. No experience of Shadowrun is required but one or two players that have played a fair bit including some of FASA's campaign stuff form some years ago does help on the realising what certain things mean. If you have less experienced players make sure you explain just how important certain names are when they come up!

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