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This is the homepage of Mark Michalowski from Leeds in the UK. Every Tom, Dick and Harry and his dog has a website nowadays, and - being at least one of the above - I don't see why I shouldn't have one too.

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16th March 2005 update

Well I can finally stop holding my breath: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Tree of Life has been announced and will be published, hopefully, in a couple of months. See the Novels section for more info..

And March saw the publication of The Complete Seventh Doctor magazine, with a piece by me about The Happiness Patrol. More details in the Writing/Other Writing section.

And if you take a look in the Writing section, you'll find an interview with me. Um, by me. Just thought it gave me chance to blather on about a few things for no very good reason.

22nd November 2004 update

Minor updates this month (ha! like there are updates every month! If only my life were so exciting....) include the cover to Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury - in the Short Stories section - and a tiny bit of news about my next novel, to be published in April 2005 - in the Novels section.

18th August 2004 update

Not a great deal happening at the moment, although this month sees the publication of Short Trips: Repercussions, with a short story - The Steward's Tale - by me.
And I can announce the inclusion of another short story - The Man Who (Nearly) Killed Christmas - in yet another Short Trips anthology, due out - I presume - roundabout Christmas: Short Trips: A Christmas Treasury. No cover for this as yet, but as soon as it's released, it'll be here.
And I've re-jigged the layout of the pages and the menus on the site, slightly, splitting the Writing section up into Short stories, Novels and Other writing.

14th April 2004 update

Well, Halflife seems to be going down reasonably well (which is a relief!) with some nice things being said about it on the Outpost Gallifrey forum. Click here to be whisked there as if by magic.

And, as a special treat (or punishment, depending on your point of view), there's a brand new piece of Doctor Who fiction from me, here on my site. Fearful Symmetry is a short story without a home, so what better place, I thought, than here on my website. Follow the Writing link at the left.

And in the Photos section are a couple of pics taken at the recent 10th Planet signing of the lovely Rob Shearman and Eric Saward. Thanks to everyone who turned up - it was a great afternoon!

11th March 2004 update

A couple of updates to the Writing section (follow the link on the left) - an article in the forthcoming Doctor Who Magazine First Doctor Special, and a short story in Big Finish Productions' Short Trips: Repercussions. Oooh, and I've just had confirmation of another short story commission that I can't tell you anything about, yet!

2nd March 2004 update

Six days away from my birthday I thought I'd post up the cover for Halflife. Follow the Writing links at the left.

14th February 2004 update

The Links page now has links to the websites of fellow Doctor Who authors Simon A Forward and Paul Dale Smith.

For those of you who are interested in how sad life becomes at 40, and who give a flying fig about how the building work in our attic's getting on, mosey over to the Photos page for some updates. Just don't try to drive or operate heavy machinery whilst you're looking at them.

Nothing I can talk about yet, but I've been commissioned for a short story and a small piece in a forthcoming Doctor Who Magazine special - a nice start to 2004!

Book signing at 10th Planet. 10th Planet, the sci-fi bookshop in Barking, Essex, have, in their infinite madness, asked me to go along and do a book-signing for Halflife on Saturday March 27. Check out their website for full details.

9th January 2004 update

New links to Steve Haywood's Infinite Regeneration website and The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence.

Barnsley kitten's decapitated head tumbling all over the place on the Family page.

17th December 2003 update

New links to Mags Halliday's website and weblog on the Links page.

Barnsley kitten's decapitated head tumbling all over the place on the Family page.