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Conquests is an open source cross-platform turn based 3D strategy game for Windows and Linux. It's a 4X game, similar to the Civilization series of games. Features:

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Windows download

For Windows, download the installer.

Linux download

For Ubuntu/Debian, download the relevant binary installation from the packages page (for 32-bit Linux, pick one that ends "_i386.deb", for 64-bit Linux, pick one that ends "_amd64.deb). For other Linux distributions, you have to compile from the source (see below). For Ubuntu, you need to be running at least version 12.04 (Precise), though it should work on older versions if you compile from source.

Source code download

The source code is available, released under the GPL v2 or later. For Linux, you need the following libraries to compile: nvidia-cg-toolkit libfreeimage-dev libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2-dev liblua5.1-0-dev libfreetype6-dev. libqt4-dev is also required for the Preferences program. For more details, please see the file conquests_source.txt (in the source archive).

Full download list

A full list of download files, including older versions, is at

Conquests is completely free, however if you wish you can show your appreciation and support future development by donating! This can be done through Paypal below (Paypal account not required, supports debit or credit card). Thanks!

Also see my Sourceforge donation page.

You can also donate via Bitcoin. My Bitcoin address is: 1LKCFto9SQGqtcvqZxHkqDPqNjSnfMmsow.



Conquests should work on any Windows or Linux PC with any DirectX 9 or later graphics card. Conquests needs about 27MB of free space on Windows, and at least 7MB on Linux (as of version 1.0).

Conquests is tested on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit, and with Intel GMA 3100 and ATI Radeon HD 6570 graphics. Older versions ran okay on Windows XP, and with NVIDIA (6100, 8600GT) graphics.

If the game fails to run, or has graphical problems, please try the following:

Known issues


The game defaults to using Direct3D 9, running in windowed mode at 800x600 (although on Linux, OpenGL is always used). This can be changed by running the "Conquests Preferences" program:

Note that all the other options are not relevant for this game.


Select New Game. You will be asked for various choices:

You start with a "Settlers" unit, which can be used to build cities. Click "Build City", or press 'B', to build your first city at the current location. The City Window will then open, giving details on your first city. By default, the city will produce Peasants. You can change this by selecting in the "Change Build?" list, and then clicking "Change Build". Initially the only options are Peasants and Fort. You can obtain information about what can be build by clicking "Info." Click "Okay", or press Return, to return to the game.

Next you have a "Peasants" unit to use. You can choose between:

When all units have moved, the turn will automatically end. If you've built your first city, you'll be asked what Technology you want to start researching. Note that you can end the turn at any time with the "End Turn" button. If no units need to be moved in a given turn, you'll have to click this, or press Return, to move to the next year.

After a while, your city will grow in population (to 12,500). At this point, you are able to build new Settler units, which can be used to explore and build more cities. Note that cities can only be built if they are at least a certain distance from other cities, so if the option to build a city is not available, move the Settler unit further away.

Note that you can move around the world map either by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen (or outside the window, in windowed mode), or by clicking and dragging on the terrain.

Loading and saving games

You can save the current game, or load a previous one, by clicking on the appropriate buttons. The existing and previous turns are automatically saved, under "auto.sav" and "auto2.sav" respectively.

Keyboard shortcuts

Mouse shortcuts


The world is made up of different types of terrain:

Note that building a city on a Forest square will convert it to a Grassland square.

Some squares also contain a bonus resource, which will provide a bonus for a city if within the city's radius. This is identified by a coloured sphere in the square:

Note that building a city will remove any bonuses at that square - you should build on a nearby square to make use of the bonus.

Roads and railways, when built on grasslands, artic and desert, also increase the science output of a city.

Each civilization has territory, which surrounds the cities. The borders of a civilization's territory are drawn on the map in the civilization's colour. It is an act of war to enter another civilization's territory, unless you have a Right Of Passage Agreement. This can only be obtained when both of you have discovered Writing. This can be done from the Civilizations window (press F3).


Your civilization is made up of one or more cities, which can be built with Settler units. You can display and control details for one of your cities by clicking on it. This opens the city window:

Each unit or improvement has a basic "cost"; the city's production contributes to this cost each turn. E.g., a unit with cost 20, for a city with production output 2, will take 10 turns to build. However, many units and improvements also require a certain amount of elements in order to build. The following types of elements exist:

Each city can hold a maximum stock of 200 of each element. Once you have discovered Steam Power, the cities will automatically distribute excess stock to other cities with less stock.

For details on the cost and element requirements of each unit and improvement, either click "Info." from the city window, or use the Reference.


Units are grouped into land units, sea units and air units. Units can have the following statistics:

Units can also have the following special properties:

Until you discover Satellites, enemy units can only be seen if they are within your territory, or nearby your units. This is known as the fog of war.


Land units can attack enemy units by attempting to move into the square containing the enemy unit. As a result of the combat, either you or the enemy unit will be destroyed. To attack enemy cities, similarly attempt to move to the enemy city square. Once all enemy units there have been defeated, you will capture the city. For cities of population greater than 10,000, they will experience "resistance" for the first few turns after capture, which reduces their productivity (this does not apply if you are recapturing a city that was recently captured by an enemy). For cities of population less than 75,000, you are given the choice of using your troops to crush the resistance. If you do, this will reduce the city's population, but also reduce the resistance.

Travel, sea combat

Units may travel by sea from cities that have a Harbour or Port improvement. Press the Travel button, and then select one of the highlighted squares to move to.

Foot soldiers have the ability to "invade" - they may attack an enemy unit or city directly by sea.

Later on, sea units become available. Sea units can defend against enemies landing or invading within that civilization's territory, to squares within range of where the sea unit is located:

Therefore, it is risky in later stages of the game to invade by sea to enemy territory, without a sea unit to protect your unit.

Sea units can themselves travel, but only to other cities that also have a harbour or port.

Units may travel by air from cities that have an Airport improvement. Units can only travel by air to other cities within range, that also have an Airport.

Air units

Air units be used for bombing enemy cities, and/or to defend against incoming air attacks. Fighters located at a city will try to defend against any incoming air attack automatically.

Air units can also perform reconnaissance, to reveal the fog of war within a region.


Your Power is a measure of the size and success of your civilization. It is dependent on your total population, and grows over time; in addition some improvements also produce additional Power every turn. You will receive a random bonus everytime your Power increases beyond a power of 10. Power is also used to determine the winner of the game, after the specified number of turns (unless you wipe out all other civilizations - or are defeated yourself before that time).


There are 10 civilizations to choose from, each of which has a specific starting technology. Each civilization can also build a Great Project - this is an improvement which only that civilization can build, and which offers greater benefits than most other improvements:


For complete reference details on all Technologies, Units and City Improvements, see the reference.html file (on Windows, run Conquests Reference from the Start Menu; on Linux, this is installed to /usr/share/doc/conquests/ ). When playing the game, you can also access in-game help by pressing the "?" button.


You can create your own world maps, using Tiled Map Editor. See conquests/data/maps/creating_maps_readme.txt in the program folder for details.

For more advanced modding, Conquests uses scripts written in Lua for various parts of the game, which can be edited to modify the game. The scripts are located in the conquests/data/scripts/ folder. The following scripts are currently available:

See the script files themselves for more help. Note that any additions should be consistent between files - e.g., if a new improvement, unit or bonus resources requires a new technology, then you should make sure that new technology has been added.

Currently Conquests doesn't support loading in different "mods", but you are free to distribute your own modded version of Conquests (see Licences, below). (Also, I don't guarantee at the moment that future versions will maintain compatibility, so distributing as a separate archive is recommended for this reason also.) Or if you prefer, feel free to just distribute your scripts on their own, and let users manually copy the scripts in (but it's probably best to state which version(s) of Conquests you know the script to work with).

Please let me know if you are interested in modding - I'm unlikely to add functionality to this area if no one seems to want it...

Contacting me (bugs etc)

Please contact me at mark dot harman at ntlworld dot com .

If you are reporting a bug, please send me:

Help wanted!

If you would like to contribute to Conquests, there are various ways you can help:

Frequently Asked Questions


Version 1.3 (Work in progress)

UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Visual Studio Express 2012.

Version 1.2 (2012/09/22)

FIXED   Fixed makefile for Ubuntu 12.04.
FIXED   Slow time rate on some Linux installations.
FIXED   Mousewheel zoom wasn't working when mouse was over minimap.
FIXED   FPS now accurate on Linux.
ADDED   Application icon.
ADDED   Display history for military strength too, under F5 scores screens.
UPDATED Improved method of not displaying the movement buttons (wasn't working
        right for high resolutions).

Version 1.1 (2012/05/04)

FIXED   Fixed source code and makefile for GCC 4.6 (Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric).

Version 1.0 (2012/02/19)

FIXED   Crash when declaring war on a civilization not yet made contact with,
        by sea travel.
FIXED   Fixed some minor memory leaks.
FIXED   Sound wasn't being properly freed on exit; now fades out.
FIXED   Issues with drawing rectangles on OpenGL.
FIXED   Water animation was too fast on Linux.
AI      AI now prefers to stack units, and prefers to attack larger cities
        (particularly when invading by sea).
RULES   Rebellions can now occur - units that attack your own civilization!
RULES   Win conditions - conquering the entire world, or having the highest
        power after a set number of turns.
RULES   All cities now produce power depending on size; increased power output
        of city improvements.
RULES   New civilization: Mayans.
RULES   New Great Projects - improvements that are specific to a civilization.
RULES   Modern Tanks cost changed from 3000 to 2500.
RULES   Sam Launcher cost changed from 2000 to 1600.
ADDED   City window now has option to give advice on what to build next.
ADDED   New option for Units window "Activate All Automated Units Of This
ADDED   Support for touchscreens / one mouse button - right mouse button no
        longer required.
ADDED   Option to save world map of current game.
ADDED   Scores window now has buttons to display historical graphs showing
        Power, Population, Production, Science, Territory.
ADDED   Progress bar on game startup.
ADDED   Leader names for civilization races.
ADDED   Information about each civilization displayed when choosing a
        civilization to play.
UPDATED Linux version now installs to /opt.
UPDATED Linux version now stores data in ~/.config/conquests instead of
UPDATED Explains that entering enemy territory is an act of war, when player
        tries to do so (rather than simply asking whether to declare war).
UPDATED When a player city builds an improvement, a more intelligent choice is
        chosen for the default new buildable, instead of simply a defensive
UPDATED UI now supports click/drag to move map view around (useful for
UPDATED Save game files now sorted by creation date (most recent first); option
        to sort by filename.
UPDATED Horizontal scrolling for string gadgets (no longer has overdraw).
UPDATED Increased save filename limit to 255 characters.
UPDATED Horizontal scrollbars for listboxes (no longer has overdraw).
UPDATED Improved frame rate when viewing city windows.

Version 0.15 (2011/09/10)

FIXED   Terrain wasn't showing properly when using shaders / texture splatting
        on Direct3D, on some ATI cards (e.g., Radeon HD 6570).
FIXED   Windows version now compiled with CG Toolkit 3.0; this fixes problem on
        ATI cards (e.g., Radeon HD 6570) where the game would fail to load when
        using OpenGL.
FIXED   Linux version failed to run on some ATI cards (e.g., Radeon HD 6570).
FIXED   Crash if shaders failed to load; now the game carries on without those
AI      AI no longer builds a defender unit, if existing units will upgrade to
        that next turn anyway.
AI      Reduced problem of overproduction of Settlers in early stage, where the
        AI's Settlers can't find or get to places to build cities.
RULES   New gameplay concept: Elements. Cities can now obtain Wood, Stone,
        Bronze, Iron, Gunpowder, Oil, which are required to build some units
        and improvements.
RULES   Fission Bomb no longer replaced by Nuclear Missile.
RULES   Tanks no longer replaced by Modern Tanks.
RULES   Castles improvement now costs 40 instead of 60.
RULES   Swordsmen and Men-At-Arms can now upgrade (to Men-At-Arms and Riflemen,
RULES   New improvements: Cathedral, Quarry, Powder Mill.
RULES   Church and Temple now make city grow faster.
RULES   Market can only be built if the city has Gold bonus in the city's
ADDED   Linux Ubuntu/Debian binaries now available for i386 and x64.
ADDED   Animated water effect (when using shaders).
UPDATED Linux version now stores save games and log file in user's home
        directory (in $HOME/.conquests/).
UPDATED Linux version now looks in /usr/share/ for game files, if not located
        in the program folder.
UPDATED Linux makefile now supports compiling of the Qt Preferences program.
UPDATED Linux now supports make install, which installs the game properly,
        including adding menu shortcuts. Also supports make uninstall.
UPDATED Significant performance improvements for AI and rendering on Windows
        (thanks to Visual Studio Express 2010).
UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Visual Studio Express 2010 (SP1).
UPDATED Now using pre-compiled headers on some files, for Windows source.

Version 0.14 (2011/07/10)

NOTE    v0.14 save game files are not compatible with v0.13 and before.
FIXED   Crash when clicking on scrollbar area of listboxes and textboxes, when
        scrollbar not actually displayed.
FIXED   Units moving under Goto no longer attacking enemy units if at the
        target square; had risk of crash if unit was destroyed in combat.
FIXED   Assertion failure when running in 3D mode without texture splatting or
FIXED   Sheep bonus should be indicated by White, not Yellow.
FIXED   Sea units info text shouldn't list moves or visibility range on help
FIXED   Help text for units now lists what technology / improvements are
AI      For AI and automated units, settlers no longer enter an enemy's
        territory (when at war). (Stops settler invasion problem.)
AI      Worker units will now attack adjacent enemy units rather than working
        the current square, if odds are better to attack rather than defend.
RULES   Renamed Cavalry to Cuirassiers.
RULES   Can obtain technology by exchanging with other civilizations, even if
        don't have the required terrain within a city square (e.g., don't need
        Hills for Iron Working)
RULES   Units don't become veterans simply for defeating Settlers units.
ADDED   Ability to create custom maps (using Tiled Map Editor), see
        conquests/data/maps/creating_maps_readme.txt for details. Some custom
        maps have been supplied as examples.
UPDATED Improved input model: mouse clicks now properly detected as events.
UPDATED City sizes now shown only as populations, not discrete sizes.
UPDATED Populations now printed with commas.
UPDATED "New game" option now returns to main intro screen.
UPDATED Enlarged reference window.
UPDATED Removed debug window (though logging is still enabled).
UPDATED Documentation - Modding, Help Wanted, etc.
UPDATED Improved map: now displays in corner, and can be left open whilst
        playing the game; clicking on map changes the current position; no
        longer as blurry; softer colours.
UPDATED Scrollbar turns red when selected.
UPDATED Can now cancel during new game dialog windows.
UPDATED More busy pointers when the game is doing something.
UPDATED Don't quit if failing to load a game (e.g., corrupt or outdated save
        game fail), instead return to main menu.
UPDATED Don't load some of the Vision engine shaders that are not being used.

Version 0.13 (2011/06/13)

FIXED   Assertion failure that could happen in AI, when another civilization
        had just built a city near to the unit.
FIXED   Assertion failures when loading some invalid save game files.
FIXED   Linking problems with Linux makefile for some distributions (e.g.,
FIXED   Sea and air units at a city should be destroyed, if the city is
        destroyed by enemy.
FIXED   English city name should be "Canterbury", not "Cantebury".
AI      Fixed that AI was rarely building cities after year 100.
RULES   New civilizations: Russians, Japanese.
RULES   Cities now reveal map for all squares in and adjacent to their
ADDED   Intro music ("Before the Battle", by Mattias Westlund, used under
        CC BY 3.0).
ADDED   Music ("Battle March", by, used under CC BY 3.0).
ADDED   In-game help - reference for all technologies, units and improvements.
ADDED   reference.html file giving html reference for all technologies, units
        and improvements.
ADDED   New sound effect for completing a technology or a city improvement.
UPDATED Images for entering a new technological age.
UPDATED New "sword clashing" sound effect for earlier combat units, and new
        "gun shot" sound effect for later combat units.
UPDATED Updated GUI-click and explosion sound effects (getting rid of
        Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 licensed files, due to being
UPDATED Automated units now move to nearest friendly city, if nothing to do.
UPDATED Cursor for textfields, can be controlled by left/right arrow keys.
        Delete and backspace now work properly.
UPDATED Give civilizations' sea strength in Scores Advisor.
UPDATED Improved scrollbars.
UPDATED Added more documentation.
UPDATED More game info now initialised by Lua scripts: units, improvements,
        bonus resources.
UPDATED Improved input model: keypresses now detected properly on text input
        fields; all keyboard codes now interpreted correctly; avoid problem of
        missed keypresses.
UPDATED Pressing escape now closes city window.
UPDATED Now using for hosting binary and source archives.

Version 0.12 (2011/05/08)

FIXED   Crash when starting new game after playing an existing game, if the
        mouse moved to the edge of screen.
FIXED   Crash on exit if one of the 2D shaders failed to load.
FIXED   Fixed the documentation regarding location of save game files.
FIXED   AI shouldn't have been able to see units inside enemy cities.
FIXED   On city window, clicking Destroy City, then cancelling, incorrectly
        returned control to the main game loop.
FIXED   Load game window now shows file times in local time, not GMT.
AI      Variation in AI speech.
AI      Don't declare war if the AI has no cities.
AI      AI sometimes considers sneak attacks (declaring war) against cities
        that it thinks may be weak or likely to be undefended.
AI      Reduced weighting of building improvements that only contribute to a
        Civilization's Power.
AI      Tweaked some AI weights for Industrial era technologies.
AI      AI was missing an opportunity to build Settlers, as city size grew from
        1 to 2.
RULES   Fog of war: enemy units can now only be seen when near to your cities
        or units. Satellites technology eliminates fog of war.
RULES   Air units can now perform Reconnaissance, to reveal fog of war for that
RULES   New units: Galleons, Ironclads, Dreadnoughts, Battleships. These can
        accompany units attacking by sea, and defend against incoming invading
RULES   Entering enemy territory is now an act of war, unless you have a Right
        Of Passage agreement.
RULES   Contact is now made with enemy civilizations by moving adjacent to
        their territory.
RULES   Special bonus resources: Iron, Coal, Wine, Gold, Sheep, Fish.
RULES   Sailing requires Ocean near a city to research; Iron Working requires
        Hills near a city to research; The Wheel requires Forest near a city to
RULES   New technology: Trade.
RULES   New improvement: Market.
RULES   Captured cities of size 1 don't start resistance (unless already
        resisting). Give player the option of using troops to deal with
        resistance, for cities of size less than 10. This reduces the
        population, and reduces the resistance.
UPDATED Improved performance for automated units; avoid odd behaviour for
        automated units where they spend ages moving around railways in
        changing directions.
UPDATED Tweaked highlight colour to be more readable.
UPDATED Don't centre map on target when the player is the one bombing an enemy
UPDATED Page up/down, home and end for textfields.
UPDATED Pressing Escape now closes more windows.
ADDED   Units become veterans after a successful combat, giving them a 25%
        attack and defence bonus.
ADDED   Pressing control plus left mouse button on player cities now brings up
        shortcut menu to change production.
ADDED   Pressing shift plus left mouse button on player cities now brings up
        terrain info and units window.
ADDED   Scores Advisor window now gives Civilizations' territory size.
ADDED   Inform player when entering a new technological age.
ADDED   New City Stats button in city window, to display more detailed
        information on what affects city production, science and growth.
ADDED   City build list displays how many turns to build each item.

Version 0.11 (2011/03/24)

FIXED   Assertion failure on some maps, due to 3D view with terrain splatting.
FIXED   Fixed AI bug when deciding how long it would take to build defensive
FIXED   Close help windows when ending turn.
FIXED   Fixed AI bug, getting confused by ocean squares when deciding whether
        to build worker units.
FIXED   Fixed AI cheating - AI was reading information from squares it hadn't
        yet explored.
AI      Tweak to AI code when deciding whether to build growth improvements or
        defensive units.
AI      Give priority to building growth improvements over harbour/port
ADDED   Fade effects.
UPDATED AI code rewritten in Lua.
UPDATED Civilization races now read in from external Lua script.
UPDATED Technologies now read in from external Lua script.
UPDATED Improved performance for Dijkstra's algorithm (path finding).
UPDATED Updated documentation.
UPDATED Improved AI path finding behaviour, when dealing with moving around
        enemy units.
UPDATED Improved AI performance - avoid repeatedly calculating decisions for
        each unit.
UPDATED Page up/down, home and end for list boxes.

Version 0.10 (2011/02/10)

FIXED   Checks to avoid infinite loops in AI movement - now even if an AI bug
        causes this to happen, the unit gives up moving.
FIXED   Units didn't upgrade if the immediate upgrade unit was already
        obsolete. Now we upgrade to the latest unit.
FIXED   All air units can now travel between cities with airports.
FIXED   Don't show explosions if square not yet explored.
FIXED   "Press RETURN or click End Turn" text shouldn't display when automated
        units are moving.
FIXED   Crash to do with travelling.
FIXED   Potential crash in AI since v0.6 (rushbuilding nukes).
FIXED   Bug in path finding with travelling that led to potential infinite loop
        in AI movement.
FIXED   Progress of road/railway building wasn't being saved!
FIXED   Incorrect calculations in path finding regarding Travelling.
FIXED   Placement of buttons on city window.
FIXED   Logging enabled on Linux.
AI      Tweak to avoid weak units attacking stronger units more often.
AI      AI now uses nukes before attacking with other units.
RULES   New technology: Space Militarisation.
RULES   New improvement: SDI Lasers.
RULES   Increased power-per-turn of some improvements.
RULES   Coastal Defence can now only be built by coastal cities.
RULES   Harbours, ports, airports shouldn't allow making contact with other
RULES   Temporary bonuses are now awarded when a civilization's power reaches
        certain levels.
ADDED   Option to Fortify All units, when clicking on several units.
ADDED   Texture background rather than plain black, for unexplored map regions.
ADDED   Sound effect for GUI clicks.
ADDED   Makefile for Linux (no longer need Code::Blocks to compile).
ADDED   3D graphics view (can switch between new 3D and old 2D view).
ADDED   New game option for controlling level AI aggression (normal corresponds
        to the level of previous versions).
ADDED   Goto option.
ADDED   Square info window now shows x/y map coordinate, and road/railway
        building progress.
ADDED   Info window for improvements now shows "Replaced by"; and for
        improvements and units now shows "Made obsolete by".
UPDATED Mouse wheel now controls zoom level.
UPDATED Increased movement speed (actual, rather than game) when moving along
        railways; removed sound effect.
UPDATED Use "scientists" instead of "wise men" for industrial age onwards.
UPDATED New city icon for modern era.
UPDATED Save games list now gives date of files.
UPDATED Save game files on Windows are now stored in
        %APPDATA%\Conquests\savegames. On Linux, folder name changed to
UPDATED Preferences config file on Windows is now stored in
UPDATED Log file on Windows is now stored in %APPDATA%\Conquests.
UPDATED Ask for user confirmation before overwriting a save game file.
UPDATED Don't warn if we fail to save the autosave file (otherwise the warning
        may end up showing every turn).
UPDATED Further UI improvements for 640x480 resolution.

Version 0.9 (2011/01/06)

FIXED   Game still runs properly even if sound not available.
FIXED   Large font wasn't displaying as bold under Direct3D renderer.
ADDED   Ported to Linux (need to compile from the source).
ADDED   Player can now choose city names.
UPDATED Now uses SDL for windowing and input routines (graphics still done with
        Direct3D or OpenGL).
UPDATED Now uses SDL_Mixer for sound instead of DirectX.
UPDATED Load/save windows no longer rely on Windows GUI.
UPDATED Improved UI for 640x480 resolution.
UPDATED Mousewheel now works for scrolling listviews.
UPDATED Text entry boxes now display flashing cursors.
UPDATED Improved scrolling behaviour, now happens also when mouse is near edge
        of window.
UPDATED Stripped out some unnecessary logging.
UPDATED Preferences program for graphical settings now uses Qt instead of .NET.
UPDATED Preferences program source code now included in source release.
UPDATED Source archive now includes necessary data files (so Linux users don't
        have to download the Windows archive).

Version 0.8 (2010/11/28)

FIXED   Alt-tab behaviour in fullscreen mode caused graphics corruption on
        Direct3D 9 renderer (broken since v0.3!).
UPDATED No longer show "fps" messagebox when quitting.

Version 0.7 (2010/11/26)

FIXED   Assertion failure in some cases when loading some save game files.
FIXED   Assertion failure when cost of technology being researched was reduced
        due to other civilizations discovering it.
AI      Improved decision making when attacking enemy units.
RULES   New concept: Power.
RULES   New improvements: Church, Temple, Spaceport.
RULES   Land units can now only attack enemies by sea if they are foot units.
RULES   Cities have "resistance" when captured, which reduces their science and
        production output. Resistance falls with time, and it can be more
        quickly reduced by the presence of military units in the city.
RULES   If improvements are destroyed so that a city is larger than maximum
        allowed size, the city's population shrinks over time instead of
ADDED   Option for "flat" or "round" world maps ("round" means wrap-around is
ADDED   Indicator bar added to indicate multiple units at the same square (bar
        to the left of the unit).
UPDATED Map window now draws a box for the region currently shown on screen.
UPDATED When enemy planes attack and are shot down, window now displays name of
        the city that was attacked.
UPDATED Improved performance of drawing units.
UPDATED Technologies window (F4) now displays info on the selected Technology
        that you've discovered.

Version 0.6 (2010/10/18)

FIXED   Civilizations are now encountered if their cities are discovered (not
        just their cities).
FIXED   Don't enable "End Turn" button when automated units are moving.
AI      Don't move settler units to a square for building a city, if a settler
        unit is already in that square.
AI      AI gives higher preference to building nukes if its stockpile is too
AI      AI more likely to make peace, and less likely to declare war, against
        civilizations with nuclear weapons.
AI      Give preference to building cheaper improvements that allow city growth
        (Farmland, etc), compared with expensive defensive units that would
        take ages to build.
AI      Settlers prefer building cities near a forest.
RULES   Allow land units to attack enemies by sea (if they can travel there).
        Sea attacks have 25% bonus to defender (50% with Coastal Defence).
RULES   New civilization: Vikings.
RULES   New improvements: Anti-Air Guns, SAM Launcher, Bomb Shelter, Coastal
RULES   New technologies: Spaceflight, Satellites, Microprocessor, Stealth,
RULES   New units: Modern Infantry, Modern Tanks, Jet Fighters, Jet Bombers,
        Stealth Bombers.
RULES   Each civilization now has a free starting technology.
RULES   Airport also required for air units to bomb; Missile Launcher also
        required for missiles to be launched.
RULES   Missile Launchers are immune from bombing attacks.
RULES   Technology cost is reduced by up to 50% depending on number of other
        civilizations that have already discovered it.
RULES   Rocketry also increases the range of airports.
RULES   Changed stats of Infantry, Tanks.
RULES   Changed cost of Tanks, Fighters, Bombers, Cruise Missile, Fission Bomb,
        Nuclear Missile.
RULES   Bombers, Jet Bombers, Stealth Bombers, Cruise Missile can now causes
        population damage.
RULES   Missile Launcher now requires Factory.
RULES   Industrial Revolution adds 4 to city production.
ADDED   Ability to zoom view in and out.
ADDED   Player can now choose which civilization to play.
ADDED   Choice of how many opponent civilizations to play with.
ADDED   New difficulty level, Insane.
ADDED   Option to destroy player's own cities.
UPDATED New sound for nuclear missile explosion.
UPDATED Improved const-correctness in code, ensuring deep-const where relevant.
UPDATED Updated info displayed for units.
UPDATED Dark background for on screen text.

Version 0.5 (2010/09/20)

FIXED   Possible infinite loop when handling automated units.
FIXED   When loading game from intro screen, the year was incorrectly advancing
        by 1, and unit moves were incorrectly being reset.
FIXED   School should increase base science (so greater effect with Library,
FIXED   Only show "fire" effect on cities if the square has been explored by
        the player.
RULES   New technologies: Computer, Flight, Fission, Advanced Flight, Rocketry,
        Nuclear Missiles.
RULES   New units: Biplanes, Fighters, Bombers, Cruise Missile, Fission Bomb,
        Nuclear Missile.
RULES   New improvements: Airport, Lab, Missile Launcher.
RULES   Removed technology Electronics.
RULES   Factories now require a Mine improvement.
RULES   Agricultural Revolution adds 2 to city production.
ADDED   City advisor list centres on city when clicked.
UPDATED Map now scrolls when modal windows are open.
UPDATED When showing units at a square, preselect the first unit that still has
        moves left.
UPDATED Improvements list for City window is now a listbox.
UPDATED More information displayed for Units: what unit they are replaced by,
        and whether upgradable.

Version 0.4 (2010/08/23)

FIXED   Info text for Armourer was incorrectly saying it was required to build
FIXED   When Musketeers became available, Barracks reverted to producing
        Peasants instead of Musketeers.
FIXED   Fixed terrain texture generation so it didn't change each time due to
        different random seed.
AI      AI builds more defensive units in important cities, during war.
RULES   New technologies: Atomic Theory, Electronics, Explosives, Motorised
RULES   New units: Infantry, Tanks.
RULES   New improvements: Hospital, School.
RULES   Medicine now adds 20% to all units' attack and defence.
RULES   Armourer is now made obsolete by Firearms.
RULES   Some unit types now automatically upgrade at end of turn, if located at
        a city, and that city can build the newer unit type (e.g., Spearmen
        upgrade to Pikemen).
RULES   Increased cost of Pikemen, Cannon, Cavalry and Musketeers.
ADDED   Option to display world map (shortcut "M").
UPDATED Added more information in descriptions for technologies.
UPDATED Modified graphics for Militia and Riflemen.
UPDATED Removed dependency on InfoWindow::activeWindow.
UPDATED World maps are now random, complete with option for different sizes.
UPDATED Allow map scrolling when City window is open.
UPDATED Fire effect when cities are captured, destroyed, or lose population.
UPDATED Don't blink units when a modal window is open.
UPDATED Improved look of intro screen.
UPDATED Display "wait" mouse pointer when loading a game.

Version 0.3 (2010/05/06)

FIXED   Texture splatting (i.e., drawing the terrain graphics) failed to work
        properly under Direct3D9 on Windows Vista / 7 (NVIDIA 6100, 8600)
        (error: "ps_3_0 shader can only be used with vs_3_0+ shader (SWVP or
        HWVP), or transformed vertices").
FIXED   Roads weren't being drawn in squares when there were no roads in
        adjacent squares.
FIXED   Fixed bug where unit that was building a road would move, and still be
        marked as building a road.
FIXED   It was sometimes possible to build units even if they were "replaced"
        by units of newer technology.
FIXED   If user loaded or saved game from another directory, the default
        directory would get changed (causing the log file and autosave to be
        saved in that new directory).
AI      Reduced problem of settler overproduction in later stages of game.
AI      Various general tweaks to AI behaviour.
AI      Bug fixes to pathfinding.
AI      Improved performance of pathfinding (now using Dijkstra).
RULES   New unit: Militia.
RULES   Changed Legion to Swordsmen.
RULES   All technologies in one era must be obtained, before a civilization can
        start researching ones from future eras.
RULES   Walls, castle and fort have no effect if attacker has Gunpowder.
        Gunpowder also means you can no longer build these improvements.
RULES   New technologies: Feudalism, Gunpowder, Firearms, Magnetism, Physics,
        Medicine, Scientific Method, Electricity, Steam Power, Agricultural
        Revolution, Industrial Revolution, Nationalism, Combustion.
RULES   New improvement: Factory.
RULES   New units: Cannon, Cavalry, Musketeers, Riflemen.
RULES   Military Tactics now requires Iron Working, as well as Archery.
RULES   Barracks now produce unit every 25 turns, instead of 20.
ADDED   Introduction options screen.
ADDED   Difficulty levels (easy, medium or hard) - medium corresponds to the
        level of difficulty of previous versions.
ADDED   Railways.
ADDED   Warn before activating units that are building a road.
ADDED   Show potential city border for Settler units, if they can build a new
ADDED   Option to activate all units of the selected type, in the units
UPDATED Now compiling with Visual Studio Express 2008.
UPDATED If a better "replacement" unit becomes available, cities will
        automatically switch to building the better unit.

Version 0.2 (2010/01/21)

FIXED   Bug where mouse clicks would be registered after closing a city window,
        which could cause the city window to reopen.
FIXED   Shouldn't show "build roads" help text for Settlers (issue when loading
        saved games).
FIXED   Wasn't displaying Civilization graphical image in Contact screens, when
        using OpenGL.
FIXED   Wasn't freeing data properly if failed to start up.
RULES   New option to share world maps with the AI.
RULES   New technologies: Sailing, Maps, Castles, Education, Medieval Arms,
RULES   New improvements: Harbour and Port (allow sea exploration and travel),
        Armourer (allows building Men-At-Arms and Knights), Castle (increases
        city defence by 50%), University (increases research by 50%).
RULES   New units: Knights, Men-At-Arms, Pikemen.
RULES   Cities lose population when successfully attacked (not just when
        invaded), unless the city has Walls improvement.
ADDED   Units can be automated for road building.
ADDED   Can now move units by right clicking on adjacent square.
ADDED   Clicking on squares now shows terrain name.
ADDED   Play sound effect if user tries to move unit to an invalid square.
ADDED   Copy log file to "log_assertion_failure.txt" on assertion failure.
ADDED   Option to display map grid.
ADDED   Automated testing.
AI      Cities were building workers for unimproved squares, even when those
        squares couldn't be reached (i.e., they were across water, with no
AI      Sometimes builds city improvements before other possibilities, after
        Year 100.
AI      Don't build science bonus improvements (Library etc) if all techs have
        been discovered.
AI      Improved road building, build roads between (close) cities.
AI      Randomisation of AI exploration directions.
AI      Improved behaviour on choosing which units to defend cities (e.g.,
        avoid sending Spearmen out to attack, etc).
AI      Improved behaviour on choosing where to build cities, based on terrain.
AI      Settlers avoid building cities if adjacent to an enemy.
AI      More randomness in AI choice of technologies to research.
UPDATED Improved performance for drawing roads.
UPDATED Up/down key control for list and text boxes.
UPDATED Restricted map view scrolling at bottom and right.
UPDATED List total production for each civilization in Scores window.
UPDATED Units Advisor doesn't close window when activating fortified/etc units.
UPDATED Units Advisor centres on units as you select them from the list.
UPDATED City bonuses shown for combat, if relevant.
UPDATED User can now click on single units to show a window displaying their
UPDATED Centre on home city after loading a saved game.

Version 0.1 (2009/08/17)

First public release.


Conquests is released under the GPL v2 or later, except where noted below. Conquests makes use of: GLEW (see GLEW_LICENCE.txt in binary archive, or the relevant source code files in the source archive, for the licence), GLM (see GLM_LICENCE.txt in binary archive, for the licence), and TinyXML (released under the zlib licence, see relevant source code files in the source archive).

The following items are used under licence:

In short, this means you are free to distribute the archive as a whole, including commercial redistribution. If distributing the binary archive on another website, you should make the source archive available for download too. If distributing the binary archive on a physical medium (CD etc), it's sufficient to distribute the source archive too on the same medium (see the GPL for other possible ways to satisfy the licence). If you wish to modify or create derivative works, please pay attention to the individual licences.

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