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Wifi Remote Play

Wifi Remote Play is a free Open Source remote control app for Android and Symbian smartphones/tablets, allowing you to control Media Player Classic (MPC) or VideoLan Client (VLC) over a wireless network. Please see Instructions below for details on setting it up to work.

This software is completely free - no ads, or having to pay for extra features, unlike many competing players!

Android: Download from Google Play!

Nokia X: Nokia X users can download from Nokia Store!

Nokia Symbian: Download from the Nokia Store! - Downloaded over 2.5 million times since 25 January 2012!

Wifi Remote Play is completely free, however if you wish you can show your appreciation and support future development by purchasing my donation app: for Android, my donation app from Google Play (note, not available for Nokia X); for Symbian Wifi Remote Play Donate from Nokia Store. You can also donate through Paypal (Paypal account not required, supports debit or credit card) or Bitcoin (Bitcoin address 1LKCFto9SQGqtcvqZxHkqDPqNjSnfMmsow). Thanks!


Wifi Remote Play Blog ~ Discussion Forums ~ Code Repository (Git)

System requirements

For Nokia/Symbian, this should work on any device running Symbian S60 5th edition (Symbian ^1) or better, and I've tested this on the Nokia 5800. For Android, this requires Android 2.3.3 or better. I've tested this successfully on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus runnng Android 4.3, and the Asus Nexus 7 (2013) running Android 4.4.

I've tested it with Media Player Classic version, and VLC version 2.1.2. Note that in old versions of Media Player Classic, the Previous/Next Track buttons won't work correctly - please upgrade to the latest version of MPC if you have this problem.

Note that the Symbian version will only work with VLC versions earlier than 2.1.0! This is because VLC broke compatibility with older versions (a password is now required), and I can't update the Symbian version as Nokia no longer allow updates to Nokia Store. Either use a version of VLC earlier than 2.1.0, or use MPC.


To set up Media Player Classic, go to menu View/Options, then under Player/Web Interface, tick "Listen on port". (Also explained in the instructions for the Android MPC app.)

To set up VLC, go to menu Tools/Preferences, then select "All" under "Show settings" (bottom left). Then go to Interface/Main interfaces, and tick "Web" (or "HTTP remote control interface" in versions prior to 2.0.0). If using VLC 2.1.0 or later, you must also set a password - go to Interface/ Main interfaces/Lua then under Lua Http enter a password. This must not be empty. Then restart VLC. (See for more info.)

Note that whilst Wifi Remote Play works with both Media Player Classic and VLC, there are more features available when used with Media Player Classic (browser to select new files, and DVD control).

When Media Player Classic or VLC is running, start Wifi Remote Play. The first time you run it, you'll be taken to the Settings page. On Symbian, you'll be asked to choose whether you are using it with Media Player Classic or VLC; then you'll be asked to enter the IP Address of the machine running Media Player Classic / VLC. On Android, you should click on "IP Address" to set it, and "Player" to choose the player (defaults to MPC). If using VLC 2.1.0 or later, you must also enter the password that you previously set in the VLC options.

On Windows PCs, you can find out the IP Address by doing the following on the PC running Media Player Classic / VLC:

  1. Go to Start/Run (on Windows XP, click Run from the start menu; on Windows 7, type "Run", or go to All Programs/Accessories/Run). Or simply press the Windows key + "R" together.
  2. Type cmd [and press enter].
  3. Type ipconfig [and press enter].
  4. You'll see a load of info - you're looking for "IPv4 Address" (usually listed under a category talking about LAN or Wireless adapter). It will be a string of 4 numbers separated by dots (e.g.,: You should type this into Wifi Remote Play for "IP Address" (including the dots).
  5. For more advice, see here or here.
  6. Note that web pages that show you your IP address may not show you the address that you actually need (if you access the Internet through a router, as is common for wireless modems these days).
  7. Note that although Wifi Remote Play saves the IP Address, if your PC's IP Address changes, you'll need to update it in Wifi Remote Play (press "Options", then "Settings"). Note that some routers/modems may mean the IP Address changes everytime your PC is rebooted, but there is usually an option to reserve an IP Address or keep them fixed - please consult your router or modem manual for information.
  8. If things aren't working, make sure that Media Player Classic or VLC isn't being blocked by any Firewall software. One thing to try is to (after closing the settings window) click "Options" then "Web interface". This opens up the player's web interface in the device's web browser. If this doesn't appear, or it doesn't work, then there's something wrong with getting a connection to your PC, and not with Wifi Remote Play :) To be sure, you can also try loading the page yourself in the phone/tablet's browser, going to the URL: http://[IP-Address]]:13579/ for MPC, or http://[IP-Address]]:8080/ for VLC (e.g., ).
  9. Also if you're using VLC, it may be required to edit the .hosts file:
Port should be left at the default, unless you've changed it in Media Player Classic / VLC. Click Okay (on Symbian) or the Back button (on Android), and you'll be presented with an interface:

At the top of the screen will be displayed the name of the current track, the current position, and total length. The slider shows the current position, and allows you to jump to any position in the track. The user interface should work in both portrait and landscape orientations, though on many devices tends to look better in landscape mode.

Note that the displayed current time is an estimate, updated every 5 seconds, so it won't always be exactly accurate (there also seems to be an issue in Media Player Classic which means the status of playing or paused isn't returned correctly in full screen mode, meaning the app has to estimate this). Similarly, when changing tracks it may take a few seconds for the status to update.

The following menu options are available (on Symbian press "Option"; on Android, they are available from the Action Bar at the top of the screen):

On Android, you can also change the volume of MPC/VLC by using your phone/tablet's volume keys.

Network activity is suspended when the application isn't active, or the screen is blanked, to save on battery life.

On Android, the screen display is kept on when Wifi Remote Play is running as the foreground app (if you want to switch off the display, do so on your device manually).


Version 1.12 (2013/12/18)

FIXED   Add password support for VLC 2.1.0 or later - if you are using VLC
        2.1.0 or later, you must set a password in VLC (under Tools/
        Preferences/All/Interfaces/Main Interfaces/Lua/Lua Http/Password);
        then set the same password in the Wifi Remote Play settings.
FIXED   Potential crashes on errors from network commands.
UPDATED Symbian port now officially dropped (Nokia Store no longer allow

Version 1.11 (2013/10/17) (Only released for Android)

FIXED   Crash (NumberFormatException) if port number couldn't be parsed (e.g.,
        doesn't fit into 32-bit integer).
FIXED   Crash with MPC when sending commands if IP address was invalid.
UPDATED Volume keys of device now change volume on MPC/VLC.
UPDATED Display message if port number can't be parsed.

Version 1.10 (2013/09/04) (Only released for Android)

FIXED   Crash on exit on Android.
FIXED   File browser was showing ".." instead of "Parent Directory" on newer
        versions of MPC.
UPDATED Now rewritten 100% for Android. No longer requires the Qt Ministro app.
        Now has native Android "look and feel" user interface. Please note that
        if you are upgrading from a previous version of Wifi Remote Play,
        you'll have to re-enter your settings (IP address etc). You will be
        taken to the Settings page when first running the app, or otherwise,
        select "Settings" from the Action Bar.
UPDATED Intel x86 Android devices now supported.
UPDATED Only scroll filename text if it's too long to fit.
UPDATED Name widget now states when IP Address needs to be set up, or when
        waiting for information from MPC/VLC.

Version 1.9 (2013/06/28) (Only released for Android)

FIXED   Menu wasn't available on "tablet" Android displays in v1.8.

Version 1.8 (2013/06/26) (Only released for Android)

FIXED   Screen on Android wasn't being kept awake (bug in v1.7).
FIXED   Problem on Android with user interface of DVD window when in portrait
UPDATED Android "back" button now works properly.
UPDATED More efficient battery usage when idle now implemented for Android as
        well as Symbian.
UPDATED Android version now supports large "tablet" displays in Google Play.

Version 1.7 (2012/10/26)

FIXED   Name string wasn't reported properly in latest versions of MPC (e.g.,
        version Now fixed to work with both new and old versions.
UPDATED Android version now has proper Android UI look-and-feel.
UPDATED Android version now compiled with Necessitas Alpha 4.

Version 1.6 (2012/04/01)

FIXED   Memory leak when switching between players.
ADDED   Ported to Android.
UPDATED Improved method to show/modify progress - using progress bar instead of
        slider. Also displays percentage of progress.
UPDATED File browser now scrolls with touch-swipe.
UPDATED Added zoom in/out buttons for file browser.
UPDATED Improved help text for settings window (gives an example of an IP

Version 1.5 (2012/02/24)

ADDED   Support for VLC (DVD interface and file browser not supported for
INFO    Version 1.5 has a new "UID" value, which means if upgrading from
        earlier versions, the old version will not be uninstalled - please
        uninstall the old version manually. Settings data should still be
        preserved, however. This is due to a fault by Nokia Store, and not

Version 1.4 (2012/02/04)

FIXED   Displayed track name now works properly with Unicode characters.
FIXED   Annoying flash of phone's home screen when opening/closing the
        sub-windows, in some circumstances.
UPDATED Updated Previous/Next Track to work with latest MPC (if they now
        don't work properly, please upgrade to latest MPC version).
ADDED   Slider to allow easy jumping to any part of the track.
ADDED   Option to mute/unmute volume.
ADDED   Controls for DVD interface.
ADDED   Option to open MPC Web Interface.

Version 1.3 (2012/01/31)

FIXED   Track name wasn't showing in latest version of Media Player Classic.
FIXED   \' characters now correctly converted to ' in track name.
FIXED   Online help didn't work if browser already open.
UPDATED Settings window now has help information, and link to this web page.

Version 1.2 (2012/01/17)

UPDATED More efficient battery usage when idle (timers disabled).

Version 1.1 (2011/12/21)

FIXED   Now using properly allocated UIDs on Symbian, not development ones.
FIXED   Don't show annoying "Bad file descriptor" error message.
UPDATED Error window now gives number of error code.

Version 1.0 (2010/07/23)

First release.

Source code

The source code is available from, released under the GPL v3 or later.

Contacting me (bugs etc)

Please contact me at mark dot harman at ntlworld dot com .

Additional credits

The application icon is derived from a public domain image,

Wifi Remote Play on Sourceforge.

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