QBall is a simple open source breakout style game for Symbian (Nokia S60 5th edition phones), Android, BlackBerry PlayBook, Windows, Linux and others.

For Symbian, download free from the Nokia Store!

For Android, download free from Google Play!

For BlackBerry PlayBook, download free from BlackBerry App World!

The installer file for Windows is here (n.b., Windows version is v1.3, but the latest version 1.4 only really has improvements for smartphone versions).

For Linux, you should compile from the source (see below). The source has also been tested on Qt Embedded platforms (e.g., the Ben Nanonote), and should work on any platform that has Qt available.

It should also compile fine on Maemo/Meego devices (e.g., Nokia N900, Nokia N9), but I am unable to test this.


System requirements

For Symbian, this should work on any device running Symbian S60 5th edition or better - the Nokia Store will show if your device is compatible.

For Android, this requires Android 2.1, and has been tested on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. This also requires installing the app Ministro, which you should be prompted to do when you first run Gigalomania (if it's not already installed). Ministro manages the required Qt libraries on Android. These will be downloaded if required when you first run Gigalomania. If you get an error message such as "Ministro can not satisfy your application dependencies", please ensure you have enough storage space (the libraries can take up to around 25MB).

For Windows, this should work on anything. I've tested it on Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit). Older versions ran fine on Windows XP.

For Linux, I've tested this on Ubuntu.


Move the bat by touching the screen (near the bottom) of where you want to move to. On Windows/Linux, click the mouse for where you want to move to. You can also use the left and right arrow keys on Windows/Linux, and phones with a keyboard (though the latter is untested).

When the ball bounces off the bat, the angle of the bounce is affected by where the ball hits the bat. Destroy all the blocks to move onto the next level. There are several types of blocks:

In addition, brown blocks act as walls, and cannot be destroyed.

Controls along the top left of the screen allow you to quit the game, or pause. The game will also be paused if the screen is blanked or you switch to another app (so using the phone lock for example will pause the game).


Version 1.4 (2012/04/17)

ADDED   Ported to Android.
UPDATED Symbian version now available on the Nokia Store.
UPDATED Symbian version now pauses when idle, and disables timers to save on
        battery life.
UPDATED Updated source to use newer Qt SDK.
UPDATED For phones, always runs in landscape mode.
UPDATED Desktop versions now run in windowed rather than fullscreen mode.
UPDATED Can now click anywhere to move bat.

Version 1.3 (2011/07/09)

FIXED   Now using properly allocated UIDs on Symbian, not development ones.
UPDATED "Enter" now activates selected button on main menu (thanks to Mikhail
        Peselnik; for Qt Embedded).
UPDATED Use larger font for Qt Embedded (thanks to Mikhail Peselnik).

Version 1.2 (2011/01/09)

FIXED   Don't ask for name if player doesn't score any points.
FIXED   Shouldn't respond to mouse clicks when paused.
UPDATED Only display "Last Ball!" text after losing life, not when new level
UPDATED Can now be paused also by pressing "P".
UPDATED Source code ported to work with Qt Embedded (thanks to
        Mikhail Peselnik).

Version 1.1 (2010/11/13)

ADDED   Keyboard controls: left/right/escape.
UPDATED Bounce of ball no longer random, instead depends on where it hits the
UPDATED Moved level 4 to level 7.

Version 1.0 (2010/08/11)

First release.


QBall is released under GPL v3 or later. The source code is available. There is also a Git repository on the Sourceforge page.

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