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Gigalomania is an open source 2D Real Time Strategy god game, available for all popular desktop and mobile platforms, on PCs, tablets and phones. The gameplay consists of researching and developing new technology with which to conquer your enemies, from rocks and sticks to nuclear weapons and spaceships. You can advance through ten different ages, from the stone age to the future. There are 28 different maps to play through.

This game is a work in progress. The gameplay is more or less complete, but the graphics need improving :) Please see below if you want to help out.

Gigalomania is available for: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, AROS, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, Nokia Symbian, Maemo, Meego, Android, and Pandora.

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Gigalomania should work on any non-ancient Windows, Linux or OS X PC. Gigalomania is tested on Windows 7 and 8 (32 and 64 bit) and Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit, and with Intel Bay Trail, HD 4000 and NVIDIA GTX 675M graphics. Older versions ran okay on Windows XP, and with Intel GMA 3100, NVIDIA (6100, 8600GT) and ATI Radeon HD6570 graphics. Touchscreens/tablets are also supported, this is tested on Windows 8 (tested on the Asus Transformer Book T100). (See the Mac OS X homepage for details on that version.)

For Android, this requires Android 2.3.3, and has been tested on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Asus Nexus 7 (2013). A resolution of at least 480x320 is recommended.

For Nokia Symbian smartphones, this requires S60 5th edition (Symbian^1) or later (e.g., Nokia 5800) - the Ovi Store should let you know if it's compatible with your phone. For Maemo, this has been tested on the Nokia N900. For Meego, this has been tested on the Nokia N950.

If the game fails to run, or has problems, please try the following:

On PC platforms, Gigalomania also supports using the graphics from Mega Lo Mania (from the Amiga version - should be in hard disk format, e.g., Whdload version) if you have that game. The "data/" folder should be copied into the main gigalomania/ folder, and then rename the "gfx/" folder to something else (e.g., "xgfx/"). It's up to you to legally obtain the game if you want this feature!


You can also view some videos:


The game can be entirely controlled with the mouse or touchscreen, though additional keys are: P - [un]pause game; Escape - quit and return to start screen. There is also an option to enable a one mouse button interface, rather than requiring two mouse buttons - to enable, go to "Options" (from the screen where you select an Island to play), and click to change to "ONE MOUSE BUTTON UI". This may be preferable for some users (e.g., on touchpads). (Touchscreen-only platforms like Android don't have this option.)

Game types

When you first load the game, you can choose between two game types:

You then choose which colour player you wish to be. Each player has their own special skill:

Main menu

Next you will be shown the main menu. To the top left will be shown an island to play, identified by the text to the left (e.g., "Alpha of the First Age").

There are ten ages in total: 10000BC, 2000BC, 1AD, 900AD, 1400AD, 1850AD, 1914AD, 1944AD, 1980AD, 2100AD. For each island you start in a particular age, and can advance up to three ages in the future (eg, if you start in 10000BC then you can advance until 900AD). Note that different sectors can be in different ages - the age is a measure of the current level of technology, rather than how much time has passed.

The main menu options are as follows:

Main game

See Quickstart, above, for a basic introduction for the game. This section now explains the game and interface in more depth.

The map of the island is shown in the top left. Click on a square to view that sector. You can also move armies by right clicking on a square with one of your armies, and then left clicking on the destination square (not available on touchscreen platforms).

When there are more than two players (including you), you can try forming an alliance by clicking on their player shield (sometimes you may be asked to join an alliance, too). There must always be at least two opposing sides (so an alliance with three players is only possible when there are four sides; if a player is wiped out, this may cause an alliance to break up).

To the left, below the map, is the main control panel which is displayed when viewing one of your sectors. The following icons are available. Many of these icons take you to a sub-menu when you click - to return to the main menu, click the icon that appears at the top of the sub-menu (just below the island map):


Once you have deployed your army (see above), you can move them to another sector by right clicking on the main sector view (not on a building) (for touchscreen platforms, just tap normally) (the mouse icon will change to a shield - for touchscreen platforms, a shield will appear in the top right corner), then click on the square on the map view in the top left, where you want the army to move to. You can also move armies using only the map, by right clicking on a square to select an army in that square (non-touchscreen platforms only).

To return an army to a tower in one of your sectors, first move the army to that sector (if not there already). Then select the army by right clicking on the main sector view (or normal tap for touchscreen platforms), then left click on your tower (the main building with four turrets).

In later ages, you will find maps that have squares not connected (i.e., separated by sea) - in these cases, only air units can move between them. Air units are available in ages 1914AD, 1944AD and 2100AD.

The offensive weapon corresponding to 1980AD is a nuclear missile, which can be used to destroy any sector completely! This is deployed like a normal army, but such an army can only contain 1 nuclear missile, and nothing else.

The defensive weapon corresponding to 1980AD is a nuclear defence. This does not defend your sector, but if the sector is nuked, one of these will launch and nuke the sector from where the nuclear missile came from.

The defensive weapon corresponding to 2100AD is a laser. This defends both against conventional and nuclear attack.

As well as attacking your enemies, an army can build new towers in unclaimed sectors. When your army is in a sector with no other players, a clock will appear as they build a new tower. Once the tower is built, you have control of the sector just like your first sector. Note that sectors you control behave fairly independently - e.g., each sector has its own set of designs, elements and so on. Only people and offensive weapons can be transferred between sectors, by deploying armies.

Suspended animation

When a sector reaches 2100AD (possible in Age 7 onwards), it is possible to place some of your people in suspended animation, to "save" them. This has no real effect when playing in "Single Island" mode, but in "All Islands" mode, it contributes to your final score if you complete the game (finish all the islands).

Choosing windowed or fullscreen mode

Gigalomania runs in fullscreen mode by default on most platforms, but you can in windowed mode by running from the command line with the argument "windowed". E.g., on Windows, run with:

gigalomania.exe windowed

On Windows you can also doubleclick on gigalomania_windowed.bat to run in windowed mode.

On platforms where Gigalomania runs in windowed mode by default, use the command line option "fullscreen" to force fullscreen mode.

Credits etc

Also see Licences for contributions we've taken from 3rd parties.

Contacting me (bugs etc)

Please contact me at mark dot harman at ntlworld dot com .

If you are reporting a bug, if possible please send me:

Help wanted!

If you would like to contribute to Gigalomania, there are various ways you can help:

Please note that for me to use any graphics/sounds etc, it must be supplied under a "Free"/Open Source compatible licence, e.g., CC BY-SA 3.0.


Version 0.27 (2014/07/14)

FIXED   Crash when trying to shutdown the sector, if not all buildings have
        been built.
FIXED   If moving army in another sector directly to the player's tower, if
        retreating, some soldiers should be killed.
FIXED   If moving army in another sector directly to the player's tower, land
        soldiers should not be able to cross sea.
FIXED   Layout of shield and defences meant that the 4th shield or defence
        couldn't easily be selected to deploy if you also had men in the
FIXED   Problem with accuracy of game time, could vary slightly depending on
        frame rate due to rounding problem.
FIXED   Animation of soldiers walking wasn't quite right.
FIXED   Animation now speeds up when on faster time rate.
FIXED   User account paths with unicode characters now supported on Windows.
FIXED   Crash on Linux if unable to create data folder in user space.
FIXED   If game is already paused, the game going to background shouldn't
        unpause it.
FIXED   Quitting game now works when screen is fading in.
FIXED   Don't display "nuke sector" popup text for sectors already nuked.
ADDED   Each player now has a special skill.
ADDED   In-game music.
ADDED   Speech samples! (Thanks to Rob Hunter.)
ADDED   Sound effects for biplanes, bombers and spaceships.
ADDED   Explosion animations for bombs from biplanes, bombers and spaceships.
ADDED   Full support for Windows 8 touchscreens/tablets.
ADDED   New option "Disallow Nukes" - play without nukes or nuclear defences if
        you prefer!
ADDED   New button to return to choosing island screen, after clicking to play
        an island.
ADDED   Online help link for Windows (links to this webpage).
UPDATED Now using SDL 2: window can be resized in windowed mode; faster startup
        due to not having to prescale graphics; no longer have to change PC's
        resolution when running in fullscreen mode.
UPDATED Now using SDL 2 for Android instead of Qt: no longer requires Ministro
        app; now properly scales to fullscreen (and takes full advantage of
        devices with FullHD displays or higher); now supports using device's
        volume keys to change volume.
UPDATED Now runs fullscreen by default on most platforms (use "windowed"
        command line argument to run in windowed mode).
UPDATED Improved graphics: unarmed man, caveman, bombs, and minor changes to
        some of the defenders.
UPDATED Faster startup time.
UPDATED Max frame rate of 62.5fps now allowed (rather than 40fps).
UPDATED Options (sound/music and one mouse button mode) now saved.
UPDATED Message displayed when game paused; mouse pointer no longer frozen when
UPDATED Pressing quit (Escape or close button) on game win/lose/quit screen goes
        back to main menu.
UPDATED Pressing quit (Escape or close button) when choosing number of people
        now returns to the age/island selection mode.
UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Visual Studio Express 2012.

Version 0.26 (2013/03/30) (Only released for AROS, AmigaOS 4, Open Pandora and Source code.)

FIXED   Switched Windows to compile as a GUI rather than console application,
        to fix problem of crashing on exit when run from Visual Studio (doesn't
        seem to effect released binary).
FIXED   Stop game from pausing on AROS when mouse moves outside of window.
ADDED   Ports for MorphOS, AmigaOS 4 and Open Pandora.
UPDATED When using Mega Lo Mania graphics, they are now smoothed for better
UPDATED Reduced required stack size (log function no longer needs large static
        buffer, also eliminates risk of buffer overrun).

Version 0.25 (2013/02/08)

FIXED   Auto-slow sometimes activated when player wasn't being attacked.
FIXED   Clicking on Player Select screen, but not on one of the choices, caused
        the mouse cursor to disappear.
FIXED   One mouse button option got reset, if changed to a new island or age
        before playing.
FIXED   Minor issue with one mouse button UI (sometimes incorrectly registered
        a click when changing to a new panel).
FIXED   Back button on Android now works properly (i.e., to quit the game).
ADDED   Sound now supported on Android. Android version now requires at least
        Android 2.3.3.
ADDED   Display start date for each epoch when choosing island to play.
ADDED   Confirm when selecting new game.
ADDED   More help text.
ADDED   Popup text now displayed when clicking on some icons, for touchscreen
ADDED   Port for AROS (with binary for x86).
ADDED   Re-added support for Mega Lo Mania data.
UPDATED Improved graphics.
UPDATED Updated player select screen.
UPDATED Automatically pause game when window is deactivated (was already doing
        this for Symbian, but not other platforms; still not supported for
UPDATED Improved alignment/width of the health bars in the main viewing area.
UPDATED Sound enabled setting now saved on Symbian and Android versions.
UPDATED Now using high resolution graphics for Android.
UPDATED Improved startup performance.

Version 0.24 (2012/04/05)

FIXED   Possible crash when loading save games.
FIXED   Building health bars weren't reduced properly.
FIXED   In element stocks screen, positioning of number of elements was
        sometimes slightly obscured by the element icon.
ADDED   Ported to Android.
UPDATED Boosted tower strength by 50% (not so easy to destroy, and lasts longer
        on average than other buildings).
UPDATED Reduced effectiveness of shields (problem of taking ages to destroy
        sectors when AI can keep using shields).
UPDATED People no longer killed if a building destroyed.
UPDATED Your people and armies are automatically evacuated if the tower is
UPDATED Health bars shown for buildings in main screen view, including for enemy
UPDATED Improvements for touchscreen UI.
UPDATED Screenblanking disabled on Android/Symbian.

Version 0.23 (2012/02/19)

FIXED   Trash designs wasn't working in two mouse button mode (for Windows,
        OS X, Linux - Symbian, Maemo and Meego were unaffected).

Version 0.22 (2012/02/10)

FIXED   Fail rather than crashing if unable to find any maps for an age.
FIXED   Don't reset music/sound on/off choice when switching to next age or
FIXED   Wasn't updating control panel GUI properly when buildings were
FIXED   If a building is destroyed, people in that building are now lost.
ADDED   Ported to Nokia smartphones running Symbian.
ADDED   Ported to Nokia smartphones running Maemo (N900) and Meego (N950, N9).
ADDED   Auto-slow: slows to slowest timerate automatically when one of your
        sectors is attacked.
ADDED   Pause button on main screen, to allow pausing without pressing
        keyboard; click anywhere to unpause.
ADDED   Quit button on main screen, to allow quitting without pressing
ADDED   Option to enable UI that works with only one mouse button (can also be
        enabled by default with the command line option "onemousebutton").
ADDED   New command line option "mobile_ui", which enables the UI to work when
        no mouse pointer present; also enlarges the UI click regions, to make
        icons easier to click on a touchscreen.
ADDED   Progress bar shown on start up.
ADDED   In-game help text.
ADDED   Option to disable sound.
ADDED   Application icon for Windows, Linux, Maemo, Meego and Symbian.
ADDED   Online Help link for Symbian version.
UPDATED Improved documentation.
UPDATED Requests for confirmation before quitting a game.
UPDATED Significantly faster start up time.
UPDATED Improved input model - mouse clicks and presses now properly
UPDATED Better support for various widescreen and mobile resolutions.
UPDATED Expanded UI click region for text buttons.
UPDATED Various changes to UI to work better on small touchscreens.
UPDATED Improved lightbulb and lab icons.
UPDATED Made lightbulb icon easier to see against background.
UPDATED Reduced file sizes of some of the image files.
UPDATED Linux version now installs to /opt.
UPDATED Linux version now stores data in ~/.config/gigalomania instead of

Version 0.21 (2011/11/16)

FIXED   Game sometimes crashed when starting an island, when playing a second
        time or later.
FIXED   Fixed makefile for GCC 4.6 (Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric).
UPDATED Game window is now centred when run in windowed mode.

Version 0.20 (2011/10/31)

FIXED   Assertion failure on startup if resolution less than 640x512 (the game
        will now work at this low resolution, though note the graphics won't
        look that great).
UPDATED Changed height resolution from multiples of 256 to multiples of 240
        (more compatible with typical PC resolutions).
UPDATED Smoother scaling, to improve graphics quality when run at lower
        resolutions (320x240 or 640x480).
UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Visual Studio Express 2010 SP1.
UPDATED Windows version now uses the Visual C++ runtime DLLs, instead of
        including them in the exe (generally safer, when using 3rd party DLLs).

Version 0.19 (2011/07/30)

FIXED   make clean on makefile was failing if executable file wasn't present.
FIXED   Need gigalomania.vcxproj.filters for Visual Studio 2010.
ADDED   Linux Ubuntu/Debian binaries now available for i386, x64 and lpia.
UPDATED Linux version now stores save games and log file in user's home
        directory (in $HOME/.gigalomania/).
UPDATED Linux version now looks in /usr/share/ for game files, if not located
        in the program folder.
UPDATED Linux now supports make install, which installs the game properly,
        including adding a menu shortcut. Also supports make uninstall.
UPDATED Source archive now includes debian/ folder.
UPDATED Now using pre-compiled headers for Windows source.
UPDATED Don't print debug sector info to stdout (unless compiled in debug

Version 0.18 (2011/07/19)

FIXED   Problem with "building" GUI icon.
FIXED   Clipping with font images.
ADDED   Ported to OS X (by Andreas Herzig).
UPDATED Updated GUI-click and explosion sound effects (getting rid of
        Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 licensed files, due to being
UPDATED Factory smoke effect is now denser when something is being built.
UPDATED Improved element graphics.
UPDATED Improved graphic for open pit mine.
UPDATED Switched from using FMOD to SDL_mixer for sound.
UPDATED Fixes for OS X port.
UPDATED Windows version now compiled with Visual Studio Express 2010.
UPDATED Dropped support for original sound samples.

Version 0.17 (2011/06/24)

FIXED   Alt-tabbing out of full screen mode on Windows caused mouse cursor to
        be trapped in top left hand corner (this is an SDL bug when disabling
        SDL's cursor
        - fixed with a workaround by using a blank SDL cursor instead).
FIXED   Occasional missed mouse clicks (particularly on Linux).
FIXED   "Move Army Here" popup for current sector wasn't being shown - except
        for nukes, when it was being shown when it shouldn't have been shown.
ADDED   Rock scenery.
UPDATED Improved tree graphics, and now with animation.
UPDATED Improved building graphics.
UPDATED Improved "wood", "rock" element graphics.
UPDATED Minor improvements to other graphics.
UPDATED Smoke effect for factory chimney.
UPDATED Map square icon graphics now procedurally generated.
UPDATED Improved land shading - also fixes issue for potential OS X port, since
        OS X can't load 8 bit PNG images properly(!)
UPDATED Various other fixes/changes in preparation for OS X port.
UPDATED Tweaked GUI so mouse clicks aren't so sluggish.
UPDATED Improved CPU usage.
UPDATED Additional help on FMOD Linux compilation - some installs may need an
        additional command.
UPDATED Now including readme.html file in source archive.

Version 0.16 (2011/03/22)

FIXED   Linux source for FMOD include files, should look in fmodex/.
UPDATED Improved gigalomania_source.txt to give better instructions for
        compiling on Linux.
UPDATED Added "loading..." status to window title on startup.

Version 0.15 (2011/01/24)

FIXED   More fixes for repetitive mouse clicks.
UPDATED Log file and save game files on Windows are now stored in
UPDATED Change some graphics from PNG to JPEG format (reduce file size of
        archive, and possibly help with loading times).
UPDATED Windows version now distributed as MSI installer file.

Version 0.14 (2010/10/19)

FIXED   Help popup text when selecting a sector to nuke.
FIXED   AI was sometimes abandoning a sector, even when a lab or mine could
        still be built.
FIXED   Improved some mouse click behaviours so clicks don't immediately
FIXED   Choosing a starting sector should be done with only left mouse button,
        not right mouse button.
ADDED   New game mode, allows playing the islands an epoch at a time, keeping
        track of how many men you have, and giving a score if you complete all
        islands/epochs. Option to save/load games in this mode.
ADDED   Sound effects.
CHANGED Clicking on an element image now switches the GUI to showing the
        element stocks.
CHANGED Pressing Escape or clicking close window when playing the main game
        quits the island rather than exiting the game altogether.
CHANGED Warn that you can't nuke a sector with player you're allied to.
CHANDED Updated documentation.

Version 0.13 (2010/08/24)

FIXED   Bug/assertion failure when an AI you were allied with asked another AI
        for an alliance.
FIXED   Bug in placement of popup text windows.
FIXED   Problem where clicking to accept or decline an alliance could also
        change the currently viewed sector.
FIXED   Problem where AI would ask for an alliance, but then cancel request
        (in some cases, immediately).
FIXED   GUI no longer returns to the main sector control screen, when an AI
        asks for an alliance, or the player accepts or declines an alliance.
FIXED   Displaying "person" image twice, instead of image for item being
        manufactured, in Factory screen.
ADDED   New graphics - note that some of these are still "placeholder"
ADDED   Linux version now scales window size in windowed mode, choosing 2x or
        4x resolution depending on desktop resolution (previously only the
        Windows version did this).
ADDED   Source archive now contains, to run in
        fullscreen mode in Linux.
CHANGED Last island now plays as an ordinary island starting in epoch 2100AD.
CHANGED Made some changes to the user interface.
CHANGED Improved startup performance (avoid loading "slabs" image file multiple
CHANGED Now compiled using SDL 1.2.14 (now needs at least 1.2.10 for Linux).

Version 0.12 (2010/08/17)

FIXED   Source archive now also contains the "islands" folder (so that Linux
        users don't have to download the Windows binary archive anymore).
CHANGED Another fix to source code for 64 bit.
CHANGED Now compiled with Visual Studio Express 2008.

Version 0.11 (2010/01/17)

CHANGED Switched to using original set of islands.
CHANGED Don't quit if fail to initialise sound, instead carry on without sound.
CHANGED Warn if any sound samples fail to load.
CHANGED Now using FMOD version 4 (needed for 64 bit support).
CHANGED Fixes to source code for Linux and 64 bit.

Version 0.10 (2009/09/09)

ADDED   Display error message if failed to start up.
CHANGED Error logging for when failing to load images.

Version 0.9 (2009/08/16)

FIXED   Crash when Red team agrees to ally with you (problem with displayed
FIXED   Bug to do with alliances, sometimes not being cleared properly from
        previous game.
FIXED   Fixed problems with compiling on Linux (hopefully...).
ADDED   Computer players now ask you for an alliance.
ADDED   Help popup text on the numbers next to player shields, to indicate the
        user can click to show details of armies.
ADDED   "Quitter" sound samples now played.
CHANGED Grab larger sizes for some icons (no functional change, but needed in
        preparation for new graphics files).

Version 0.8 (2008/10/21)

FIXED   Shields couldn't be manufactured (via factory); if this was done by the
        player or AI player, the game would crash on exit.
FIXED   Game would crash if main music file was available, but sound samples
        weren't available.
FIXED   Prevent popups from going off the bottom of the screen.
FIXED   Sometimes included island .map files that were invalid.
FIXED   Fixed assertion check when checking if Island/icon images are
FIXED   Wasn't freeing sound samples upon exit.
ADDED   Speech sound effects are now printed as text on screen.
ADDED   Make assertion failures print filename/line number in log file.
ADDED   More checks for island .map files.
CHANGED Design/Lab icon now only appears if new inventions can be designed.
CHANGED Make AI keep alliances for longer.
CHANGED Improved debug logging.

Version 0.7 (2008/10/05)

FIXED   Assertion failure if trying to move an army whilst having an assembled
FIXED   Don't allow player to nuke their own sectors.
FIXED   Make island "0hm" come last in the island ordering.
FIXED   Bug with speeds of ammunition.
FIXED   Source wouldn't compile under Visual Studio.
FIXED   Possible problems with compiling source under Linux.
FIXED   Fail rather than crashing, if an image fails to load.
FIXED   Number of deaths and number of men remaining calculations didn't take
        into account army units that require more than one man each.
FIXED   Show correct mouse pointer colour if not playing Red.
FIXED   If a "shutdown" sector is nuked, the trees should be burnt.
ADDED   In windowed mode, attempt to run in 4x resolution (1280x1024) if there
        is enough desktop space to do so. If not, open in 2x resolution
        (640x512) as before.
ADDED   Alliances mostly done - you can make alliances, and the AIs will make
        alliances with each other, but they won't ask you for one.
ADDED   Can switch to showing details of armies in sector by clicking on the 
        numbers by player shields.
ADDED   Display "OK" when more shields/defences/weapons can be immediately built
        (without needing to be manufactured).
ADDED   Only change mouse pointer icon for deploying shields and defences if
        one can be deployed (i.e., there are some spare, or one can immediately
        be created without being manufactured).
ADDED   Plays introduction music.
CHANGED Maximum stored gatherable elements from 25 to 22 - avoids running out
        of elements straight away if there are only 25 of that element in the
CHANGED Air units fly over a wider area, so they don't suddenly appear out of
        nowhere on-screen.
CHANGED Now compiled with Visual Studio 2005 Express.
CHANGED Switched to using STL vectors.

Version 0.6 (2007/02/27)

ADDED   All islands now implemented.
CHANGED Island data now read in from external data files.

Version 0.5 (2006/09/30)

FIXED   Crash when clicking on newly built "tower" buildings.
FIXED   Prefer "ergonomically terrific" designs when designing an invention.
FIXED   Laser colours for Oberon and Caesar were wrong way round.
FIXED   "2001AD" year should be written in futuristic shiny blue font.
FIXED   Minor bug when AI was allocating number of men for various tasks.
FIXED   Bugs when determining if AI should move to a new sector.
ADDED   Source code ported to Linux by Fredrik Sörensson.
ADDED   A load more islands - some epochs now have all three islands
        implemented; the rest have two.
CHANGED AI makes more effort to look for new sectors.
CHANGED "Gatherable" elements are gathered at a faster rate.
CHANGED Now using SDL_image instead of FreeImage.

Version 0.4 (2006/03/12)

ADDED   You can now play islands in all Epochs, 1 to 10.
ADDED   Choose which player you want to be.
ADDED   More than one opponent (no alliances yet, though).
ADDED   Nuclear Missiles, Flying Saucers, Nuclear Defences and Lasers.
ADDED   Can now set factory to make things continually (ie, an "infinite"
        production run).
ADDED   Can control number of factory workers and builders from the main
ADDED   Win/Lose/Quit screen, complete with some game statistics.
CHANGED Improved AI.
CHANGED Improved combat algorithm.
CHANGED Attacker strength of individual units are no longer multiplied by the
        number of men per unit.
CHANGED Made defenders stronger.
CHANGED Towers no longer have a "maximum" population.
FIXED   User could move soldiers into enemy fortresses!
FIXED   Computer player would unnecessarily stop mining, when under attack from
        only unarmed men.
FIXED   Bloody sword icon (to indicate retreating an army) sometimes incorrectly
        shown or not shown.
FIXED   Corrected times to manufacture items.
FIXED   User could assign number of designers when nothing was being researched.
FIXED   Assertion failure if user tried to change number of units being
        manufactured, when nothing was being manufactured.
FIXED   Fixed a bug when determining tech level advances, and also improved the
FIXED   Island "Bazooka" should be green, not white.

Version 0.3 (2005/01/20)

ADDED   You can now play islands in Epochs 4 and 5.
ADDED   The Lab is now implemented.
ADDED   Biplanes and Jets.
CHANGED No population growth if spare population is 500 or more.
CHANGED Maximum population of 999 is based on the spare population, not the
        total population.
CHANGED Slowed mining rate.
FIXED   Bug in Version 0.2 where the computer player had 0 men in Epoch 1.
FIXED   Incorrect graphics shown for cannon ammo when shooting up or down.

Version 0.2 (2004/11/30)

ADDED   You can now play islands in Epochs 2 and 3 (The Lab is not yet
        implemented, but it doesn't really matter for Epoch 3).
ADDED   Different island colours, and drawing of coastlines.
FIXED   Sometimes the number of "spare" men would drop below 0.
FIXED   The number of "spare" men could always be reduced to 0; changed to a
        minimum of 1, as in the original.
FIXED   Assertion failure if more than 1,000 soldiers in a sector (for now you
        can have an unlimited number, but I realise the original had a limit of

Version 0.1 (2004/11/15)

First public release.


Gigalomania is released under the GPL v2 or later, except the following files:

In short, this means you are free to distribute the archive as a whole, including commercial redistribution. If distributing the binary archive on another website, you should make the source archive available for download too. If distributing the binary archive on a physical medium (CD etc), it's sufficient to distribute the source archive too on the same medium (see the GPL for other possible ways to satisfy the licence). If you wish to modify or create derivative works, please pay attention to the individual licences.

If you are viewing the readme that came with Gigalomania, see here for the online version.

Gigalomania on Launchpad.

Gigalomania on Sourceforge.

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