Senior Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1980-81 Whittlesey United Parson Drove
1981-82 Ramsey Town Wisbech United
1982-83 Ortonians Eye United
1983-84 Yaxley Kings Lynn Reserves
1984-85 Somersham Town Whittlesey United
1985-86 Ortonians Perkins Sports
1986-87 Downham Town Huntingdon United
1987-88 Perkins Sports Pinchbeck United
1988-89 LBC Ortonians Stamford Belvedere
1989-90 LBC Ortonians Stamford Belvedere
1990-91 Wisbech Town Reserves Leverington Sports
1991-92 Deeping Rangers Whittlesey United
1992-93 Molins Ortonians
1993-94 Perkins Sports Moulton Harrox
1994-95 Leverington Sports Hotpoint
1995-96 Ortonians Moulton Harrox
1996-97 Deeping Rangers Leverington Sports
1997-98 Wisbech Town Reserves Oundle Town
1998-99 Perkins Sports Deeping Rangers
1999-00 Oundle Town Long Sutton Athletic
2000-01 Eye United Hotpoint
2001-02 Eye United Long Sutton Athletic
2002-03 Eye United Hotpoint
2003-04 Ortonians Alconbury
2004-05 Ortonians Moulton Harrox
2005-06 Deeping Sports Crowland Town
2006-07 Alconbury Moulton Harrox
2007-08 Perkins Sports Parson Drove
2008-09 Rutland Rangers Moulton Harrox
2009-10 Rutland Rangers Ramsey Town
2010-11 Moulton Harrox Ramsey Town
2011-12 Pinchbeck United Netherton United
2012-13 Moulton Harrox Peterborough ICA Sports
2013-14 Peterborough ICA Sports Sawtry
2014-15 Coates Athletic Netherton United




Challenge Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1980-81 March Town Reserves Perkins Sports
1981-82 Holbeach United Reserves St Ives Town
1982-83 Perkins Sports Deeping Rangers
1983-84 Deeping Rangers Mitchells Sports
1984-85 Fletton Ex Servicemen Deeping Rangers
1985-86 Manea United Stamford Belvedere
1986-87 Baker Perkins Reserves Peterborough BRAD
1987-88 Molins Manea United
1988-89 Nene Belvedere Kings Cliffe
1989-90 Juventus Nene Belvedere
1990-91 Pinchbeck United Deeping Rangers Reserves
1991-92 Hotpoint Moulton Harrox
1992-93 Perkins Sports Reserves Outwell Swifts
1993-94 Kings Cliffe Outwell Swifts
1994-95 Long Sutton Athletic ICA/Juventus
1995-96 Ortonians Reserves Chatteris Town Reserves
1996-97 Outwell Swifts Manea United
1997-98 Kings Cliffe Stilton United
1998-99 Long Sutton Athletic ICA/Juventus
1999-00 Stilton United Gedney Hill
2000-01 Moulton Harrox Reserves Parson Drove 92
2001-02 Wimblington Old Boys Chatteris Town
2002-03 Deeping Rangers 'A' Stamford Belvedere
2003-04 Deeping Rangers 'A' Ortonians Reserves
2004-05 Woodlands Hotpoint Reserves
2005-06 Castor & Ailsworth Werrington Town
2006-07 Silver Jubilee Manea United
2007-08 Ramsey Town Sawtry
2008-09 Eye Sports and Social S.S.P.I.O
2009-10 Long Sutton Athletic Langtoft United
2010-11 Peterborough Sports & Parkway FC Internationale
2011-12 Riverside Rovers Castor & Ailsworth
2012-13 Sutton Bridge United Moulton Harrox Reserves
2013-14 AFC Stanground Ryhall United
2014-15 Baston Moulton Harrox Reserves

Junior Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1980-81 Peterborough BRAD Thorney
1981-82 Fletton Ex-Servicemen St Ives Town Reserves
1983-84 Fletton Ex-Servicemen Molins
1984-85 Leverington Sports Woodhouse & Sturnham
1985-86 Crowland Town Coates ASC
1986-87 Long Sutton Warboys Town
1987-88 Long Sutton Stanground United
1988-89 Hotpoint Deeping Rangers Reserves
1989-90 Outwell Swifts Alconbury Reserves
1990-91 Outwell Swifts Pearl Assurance
1991-92 Thomas Cook Sawtry
1992-93 Hotpoint Bell (Walsoken)
1993-94 Thomas Cook 'A' Hereward Old Boys
1994-95 Oakham Town 91 Parson Drove 92
1995-96 Parson Drove 92 Langtoft
1996-97 Whittlesey Blue Star Moulton Harrox
1997-98 Long Sutton Whittlesey Blue Star
1998-99 Wimblington Old Boys Peterborough Railway
1999-00 Wimblington Old Boys Thorney
2000-01 Silver Jubilee Reserves Thorney
2001-02 Sawtry Sutton Bridge United
2002-03 March St Marys AMP Pearl Reserves
2003-04 Eye Sports & Social Thorney
2004-05 Eye Sports & Social Kings Cliffe United Reserves
2005-06 Perkins Sports Reserves Leverington Sports Reserves
2006-07 Perkins Sports Reserves Netherton United Reserves
2007-08 Whittlesey United Reserves Deeping Sports Reserves
2008-09 Deeping Sports Reserves Whittlesey United Reserves
2009-10 Moulton Harrox Reserves Pinchbeck United Reserves
2010-11 Moulton Harrox Reserves Holbeach United Reserves
2011-12 Leverington Sports Reserves Langtoft United Reserves
2012-13 Peterborough ICA Sports A Uppingham Town Reserves
2013-14 Spalding Town Peterborough ICA Sports "A"
2014-15 Ryhall United Reserves Spalding Town

Minor Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1980-81 Huntingdon United Bourne Town Reserves
1981-82 Longthorpe Albion Molins
1982-83 Holme KB Rovers Somersham Town Reserves
1983-84 Murrow Bell Freemans
1984-85 Long Sutton Murrow Bell
1985-86 Long Sutton Juventus
1986-87 Eastfield Rovers Warboys Town 'A'
1987-88 Long Sutton Reserves Sawtry
1988-89 Outwell Swifts Ramsey St Marys
1989-90 Sawtry Reserves Wisbech Town 'A'
1990-91 Pearl Assurance Reserves Outwell Swifts Reserves
1991-92 Fairleede Outwell Swifts Reserves
1992-93 Fairleede Oakham Town 91
1993-94 Langtoft Ketton
1994-95 Childers Gedney Hill
1995-96 Ortonians 'A' Long Sutton
1996-97 Peterborough Railway Papa Luigi
1997-98 Wimblington Old Boys Cross Keys
1998-99 Long Sutton Athletic Reserves Emneth Seniors
1999-00 Silver Jubilee Reserves Park Rangers
2000-01 Long Sutton Athletic Reserves Castor & Ailsworth
2001-02 Netherton United Castor & Ailsworth
2002-03 Eye Sports & Social Crowland Town Reserves
2003-04 Chatteris Fen Tigers Sutton Bridge United Reserves
2004-05 Netherton United Reserves Farcet United
2005-06 Woodlands Reserves Crowland Town Reserves
2006-07 Wimblington Reserves Eye Sports & Social Reserves
2007-08 Doddington United Reserves Peterborough Sports Reserves
2008-09 Netherton United 'A' Wimblington 'A'
2009-10 Powerleague AFCReserves Hampton Sports Reserves
2010-11 Powerleague AFC Reserves Uppingham Town Reserves
2011-12 Wittering Harriers Farcet United Reserves
2012-13 Baston Reserves Holbeach United 'A'
2013-14 Oundle Town Reserves Eye United
2014-15 Rutland DR Peterborough ICA Sports "B"

Sunday Senior Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1990-91 Peter Pan Redring
1991-92 Woodhouse and Sturnham L.T Athletic
1992-93 L.T Athletic Peter Pan
1993-94 L. T Athletic McCains
1994-95 Broadgate Builders Belmore
1995-96 P.S.L Peter Pan
1996-97 Itter Park Rangers Peter Pan
1997-98 McCains Golden Lion
1998-99 Peter Pan McCains
1999-00 Johnny Byrnes AMP Royal Oak
2000-01 SJC Triangle AMP Royal Oak
2001-02 Nags Head AMP Royal Oak
2002-03 Nags Head S&D The Bell
2003-04 Nags Head Bretton North End
2004-05 Netherton United AMP Royal Oak
2005-06 Lord Westwood AMP Royal Oak
2006-07 Jubilee North End McCains
2007-08 Netherton United Lord Westwood
2008-09 Deeping Athletic Lord Westwood
2009-10 Deeping Athletic Coates Athletic
2010-11 Lord Westwood Lime Tree UTR
2011-12 CoCos Peterborough Town
2012-13 Deeping Athletic CoCos
2013-14 Ther Ploughman Parkway
2014-15 Parkway Bretton North End

Sunday Junior Cup Previous Winners
Year Winners Finalists
1993-94 Silver Jubilee L.T Athletic Reserves
1994-95 P.Y.A Leonardo's Pizza's
1995-96 Royal Oak Southfields
1996-97 Fayrespot AMP Royal Oak
1997-98 Northfields Fayrespot
1998-99 Rose Inn Finance and Cash
1999-00 Netherton United Direct Power
2000-01 Deeping Athletic Reserves Blue Boar Rangers
2001-02 Deeping Athletic Reserves Blue Boar Rangers
2002-03 REC Whittlesey New Town
2003-04 Perkins Engine Centre The Shoes
2004-05 The Shoes Sawtry
2005-06 Deeping Athletic Fratelli
2006-07 Lord Burghley EMAP
2007-08 Cherry Tree Thomas Cook
2008-09 Netherton United Reserves Hampton Sports
2009-10 Competition Declared Null & Void  
2010-11 Cresset West Town
2011-12 Parkside Coopers
2012-13 West Town Fenland Police
2013-14 Yaxley British Legion Brotherhood Works
2014-15 Allbright Premiair

Sunday PM Cup Previous Winners
Year Winners Finalists
1980-81 Danish Invader Agean
1981-82 BRJ Hunts Chatteris WMC
1982-83 BRJ Hunts Chatteris WMC
1983-84 Danish Invader Three Tuns
1984-85 Brotherhoods Sports Farcet WMC
1985-86 Baker Perkins ICA
1986-87 ICA Spartan Aztecs
1987-88 Eye United ICA
1988-89 Marcus Garvey Spartan Aztecs
1989-90 ICA Eastern Motors
1990-91 ICA Broadway Rangers
1991-92 Classic Cleaners ICA
1992-93 Langtoft Bretton Old Boys
1993-94 Classic Cleaners Headmasters
1994-95 Classic Cleaners Deeping Rangers
1995-96 Bourne Colts Ebeneezers
1996-97 Bourne Colts St Johns
1997-98 Pauleys Milton
1998-99 Masons Perkins 4 Litre
1999-00 St Johns Cherry Tree
2000-01 Competition Declared Null & Void  
2001-02 AK Eleven ICA/Juventus
2002-03 AK Eleven Perkins 4 Litre
2003-04 Top Notch Office AK Eleven
2004-05 Top Notch Office The Cherry Tree
2005-06 AK Eleven Bourne United
2006-07 Woodston Pub Cherry Tree
2007-08 Fletton United AK Eleven
2008-09 AK Eleven Fletton United
2009-10 Fletton United Coopers
2010-11 Bretton North End Halcyon
2011-12 Netherton United Bretton North End
2012-13 Fletton United NENS
2013-14 Not Played For
2014-15 Not Played For

Youth Cup (Under 18's) Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1980-81 Kings Lynn Focus
1981-82 Kings Lynn Holbeach United
1982-83 Holbeach United Kings Lynn
1983-84 Wisbech Town Kings Lynn
1984-85 Woodston Dynamo Bourne Town
1985-86 Stamford AFC Queens Youth
1986-87 Holbeach United Bourne Town
1987-88 Sawtry Bourne Town
1988-89 Baker Perkins Deeping Rangers
1989-90 Bourne Town Bretton Albion
1990-91 Bourne Town Holbeach United
1991-92 Ortonians Doddington
1992-93 Peterborough City Brackstones
1993-94 March Town Youth Grantham Town Youth
1994-95 Whittlesey Town ICA Juventus
1995-96 NOT PLAYED FOR  
1996-97 Deeping Rangers Bushfield Park
1997-98 Yaxley Spalding Athletic
1998-99 Peterborough City Wisbech St Marys
1999-00 NOT PLAYED FOR  
2000-01 Abbey Athletic Deeping Rangers
2001-02 Eye United Parkside
2002-03 Yaxley Focus
2003-04 Wisbech St Marys Pinchbeck United
2004-05 Yaxley Coates Crusaders
2005-06 PSV Netherton United 'B'
2006-07 Deeping Rangers Netherton United 'A'
2007-08 PSV Yaxley
2008-09 Netherton United 'B' Wisbech St Marys 'A'
2009-10 Glinton United Crowland Juniors
2010-11 Netherton United 'B' Netherton United 'A'
2011-12 Netherton United Kestrals Wisbech St Marys
2012-13 Peterborough Sports Parkway Wisbech St Marys
2013-14 Ketton Juniors Powerleague Colts
2014-15 Rippingale & Folkingham Youth Whittlesey Junior Red

Sunday Under 15's Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
2013-2014 Malbourne Deeping Rangers
2014-2015 Pinchbeck United Phoenix

Sunday Under 13's Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
1995-96 Newborough Juniors Peterborough City
1996-97 Woodston Dynamo Sawtry
1997-98 Bushfield Park Ajax Athletic
1998-99 Peterborough City March Town Reserves
1999-00 Wisbech St Marys Bushfield Park
2000-01 ICA Juventus Thomas Cook
2001-02 Yaxley Juniors Abbey Athletic
2002-03 Yaxley Juniors Abbey Athletic
2003-04 Crowland Town Juniors Newborough Bulls
2004-05 Deeping Rangers Crowland Town Juniors
2005-06 Yaxley Juniors PSV
2006-07 ICA Juventus Bourne Town
2007-08 Stanground Juniors Abbey Athletic Red
2008-09 Werrington Athletic Northborough Juniors
2009-10 Gunthorpe Harriers Glinton United
2010-11 Yaxley Whites Netherton United
2011-12 Hungate Rovers Yellow Peterborough Northern Star Red
2012-13 Eye United Blackstones
2013-14 Voyager Rippingale and Folkingham
2014-15 Hampton Peterborough Northern Star

Sunday Under 11's Cup Previous Winners

Year Winners Finalists
2011-12 Deeping Rangers Blue Glinton United Red
2012-13 Powerleague Colts Peterborough Northern Star White
2013-14 Arsenal Soccer School Yellow Feeder Soccer
2014-15 Arsenal Soccer School One Touch

Jack Hogg Charity Shield Previous Winners
Year Winners Finalists
1991 Pinchbeck United Wisbech Town
1992 Deeping Rangers Molins
1993 Perkins Sports Ortonians
1994 Ortonians Perkins Sports
1995 Perkins Sports Leverington Sports
1996* Ortonians Leverington Sports
1997 Deeping Rangers Ortonians
1998 Oundle Town Wisbech Town Reserves
1999 Deeping Sports Perkins Sports
2000 Eye United Oundle Town
2001 Eye United Hotpoint
2002 Eye United AMP Pearl
2003 Eye United Wimblington Old Boys
2004 Ortonians Moulton Harrox
2005 Ortonians Whittlesey United
2006 AFC Fletton Deeping Sports
2007 Peterborough Sports Alconbury
2008* Moulton Harrox Parson Drove
2009 Ramsey Town Rutland Rangers
2010 Whittlesey United Rutland Rangers
2011 Moulton Harrox Ramsey Town
2012 Kings Cliffe United Pinchbeck United
2013 Netherton United Moulton Harrox
2014 Netherton United Peterborough ICA Sports
2015* Whittlesey Athletic Moulton Harrox

(* Matches in 1996,2008 and 2015 drawn therefore clubs each held Shield for 6 months each)

Peter Waghorn Memorial Trophy Previous Winners
(Awarded to the Man of the match at The Senior Cup)
Year Players Name Club Representing
2010 Lea Jordan Ramsey Town
2011 Josh Ford Moulton Harrox
2012 Dan Woods Pinchbeck United
2013 Jonny Clay Moulton Harrox
2014 Davie Beeny Peterborough ICA Sports
2015 Joe Butterworth Coates Athletic