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Worthing & DCS

Worthing & DCS

5 February 2011

Judge - Jane Ferguson

I was a replacement judge.

Junior Handling 6 - 11

1. Brydee-Mae Mills handling a Bulldog. Brydee-Mae gave a very accomplished performance today. Sympathetic showing of the teeth., a well balanced triangle, and the straightest lines of the day which not only won her this class but also BJH.
2. Jessica Horler handling a Gordon Setter. Another talented young lady. Showed the teeth very well, always had her dog stood correctly and did a good triangle. Just lost out on 1st as her straight up and down was not as accurate.
3. Bethan Wescott. I understand Bethan has only just started handling competitions and she did very well today. Her pattern work was neat and correct. Tried very hard to show the teeth correctly, keep practising, and don’t forget to watch the judge when you enter the ring.

Junior Handling 12 - 16

I was spoilt for choice in this class, and would have been very pleased to have any of the top five as my winner. My position in the ring caused problems for the less experienced. Keep working on those straight lines, the dog should be in line with my feet not the handler, and remember on the final present the dog should be immediately in front of me, not off to the side.

1. Page Allen handling an Australian Shepherd. A slick polished performance by Page. Excellent showing of the teeth,  and quietly putting the dog back into position after I moved a leg which he didn’t like. Accurate pattern work won her this hotly contested class.
2. Jemima Worrall handling a Gordon Setter. Jemima caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. I like her quiet understated handling very much. Presented her dog beautifully at all times and did a very good triangle. A pity she was inaccurate on her initial up and down.
3. Corinna Swan. This young lady improves each time I see her. Very good table work, and nice straight lines. Although she had the right idea about the triangle it was not quite as good as the first two. However a very good performance.

Adult Handling 17 - 29

Three excellent handlers in this class who could easily change places on another day. All showed the teeth correctly and all patterns were balanced with straight lines. In the end I was nit picking.

!. Emily Thornton handling a Beagle. A close run thing between the three but Emily was the one who always had her dog standing correctly and made sure she was in line. BAH
2. Jodi Allen handling a Flatcoat. Jodi did well with a rather exuberant dog. Lost out to Emily as she was blocking my view from time to time when standing in line.
3. Shannon Roberts. Shannon was handling an enthusiastic husky, and I liked the quiet way she controlled him. Just watch that stand, the dog tended to be at an angle and out of line.

Adult Handling over 30

1. Jenny Thornton handling a Beagle. First class job from Jenny today with a less than enthusiastic dog. Excellent table work and good patterns.  She was the only one to present her dog correctly when I stood with my back to the ring rope after everyone had gone around the ring. Made my choice for BAH very easy when she did a beautiful reverse up and down after I had asked for a normal one!
2.Margaret Williams handling a Cocker Spaniel. A good performance from Margaret today. Nice table work and good patterns with a smooth transition.
3. Sheila Leighton. Just lost out on 2nd as her transition from triangle to reverse up and down required a stop and think! Never the less a very nice performance.