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19th - 21st August 2005


Judge  - Jacqui Hurley

It was a pleasure to judge you all and I hope that the short debriefing afterwards. For those who could stay was of help. Training will always be of benefit whether by mum or at organised training sessions. The main problems I saw over the three days were: 1. Poor alignments with patterns not aligned to the judges line of vision (feet) but geared to the ring fencing. 2. Showing of the bite/teeth: All three sides should be shown smoothly from ‘right to left’ or ‘left to right’ with no fingers in the dog’s gums / eyes / nostrils. 3. Presentation: whether on the floor or table should be ‘four square’ head in right hand (unless a reason), true side view or slightly head in but never with the dog’s rear closer to the judge. 4. Golden Rule at all times. 5. Dangling leads.

Day 1

6 - 11 years

1. Charlotte Page

2. Kerry Maidwell

3. Beth Holmes

12 - 16 years

1 Annalise Jones

2. Charlotte Nickel

3. Rebecca Ellrich

Day 2

6 - 11 years

1. Hollie Kavanagh

2. Jayne Perks

3. Beth Holmes

12 - 16 years

1. Hannah Escott

2. Holly Barrington

3. Liam Thornton

Day 3

6 - 11 years

1. Lily Warren

2 Carrina Brown

3 India Jones

12 - 16 years

1. Alexandra McBain

2. Bethan Williams

3. Sarah Evans