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SKC August 2005

27/28th August 2005


Judge  - Liz Stannard

2nd day

6 - 11 years (12,1a)

1. Mr C & Mrs E Alken. Lomondview Bagpipe At Slievecroob. Scottish terrier, the wind was very noisy in the tent and some dogs were getting unsettled but all the handlers coped well and the winners never stoppped talking to their charges. This handler kept cool on the table when the dog wanted to do its own thing, kept fairly firm eyes on me and the dog while moving, moved at the correct speed.

2. Mr D W & Mrs W Oxman. Kimmax Koast to Koast. GWP. Shown moving very well as the handler kept calm & spoke to the dog all the time while the wind howled in the tent. Moved at the correct speed and kept the dogs attention.

3. Mr E Logie Ghyllbeck Erynnis.

12 - 16 years (12)

1. Mr J & Mrs L Richardson. Cataluna Smart Alecat Mongreenan. Irish Setter. This was a very strong class, some handlers lost places because they did not listen properly to my instructions. This handler had lots of empathy with her dog but was not too obvious. I saw the dog more than the handler! Well handled on the move and the stand.

2. Miss L Lindsey. Afterglow Valentino’s Touch At Anjuli. English Setter. Very elegant dog with handler to match, well complimented each other on the move. Another in close contact with her dog.

3 Mrs K R Nickel. Rowangarth Witch Of The Wind To Blenheimgate.