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Samantha Reeve



How did you start off junior handling?

Started handling at 7 years old with a friends Border Terrier.

Do you take part in any other field (i.e. obedience, agility, flyball etc)?

Interested in grooming, agility, flyball anything to do with working with dogs.

How many dogs do you live with, own and show?

We have six dogs at home. My mum shows and breeds Bernese Mountain Dogs, we have two of those.

I show two Australian Shepherd Dogs, we also have a Jack Russell and a Border Collie .

I also show Newfoundlands, Whippets,Schipperke's and Bernese.

Which ones do you use for junior handling and why?

I had a Australian Shepherd pup for my birthday in December and hope to train him to be my main show dog.

At present I show an Australian Shepherd called Turbo he is seven , I have been showing him about 18 months.

I love him to bits and he loves me , he is very responsive to me and we make a good team, I also show him in breed classes.

Tell us about how to handle (showing style) whichever breed you use most in junior handling classes.

I like to show the bigger breeds as I like the way they move around the ring, with the working breeds you have to move quickly to show them to their best. This is not always possible as we are not always give a large-enough ring for them move.

The bigger breed are more hands on than the little table dogs.

What do you normally wear in competition?

For Championship competitions I have a light mauve suit, open shows I wear black trousers and a black and white herringbone jacket. I depends what dog I am showing and which goes best on the day. I like to get dressed to look my best.

Tell us about some of your best achievements?

I qualified for Richmond last year for the first time as this was the first year of competing in open and Champ shows.

This year I have qualified Working. Terrier, Hound and Utility dogs for Richmond so will have to see nearer the time which one I will take.

I was lucky enough to go to the USA in 2008 and compete in the Australian Shepherd dog Nationals., held in Las Vegas. I got on so well that ended up Reserve Best junior handler in the finals. Also she qualified in the YKC Handling 6-11 year olds, at the final at Crufts 2009, I went onto win this in the 12-16 year old class Working/Pastoral

What has been your most memorable occasion so far?

My most memorable day was my first Championship show this year at Malvern I was placed 4th out of 11 entries , I was over the moon, not to mention my Mum!!

If you only had one 'top tip' to share, what would it be?

My tip is to always talk to your dog and always let them know what you want from them.

What disappoints you in the world of junior handling?

I enjoy handling and showing a lot , the only thing I don't like is when the class is judged on the dog and not the handling. Sometimes you think you have not made any mistakes and all is ok and other handlers are put up in-front of you when clearly they have make mistakes . The judges do not always make it clear to you if there has been an error. this is sometimes confusing .

I would like to know why the handling classes are not often shown in the show write ups in the papers. This is also dissapointing as you look forward to reading what the judge thought of your performance. I am looking forward to this year as I will be bring on my puppy and doing more Champ Shows.


I have met some very nice people this year in handling and made some good friends around the country,we email each other and keep in-touch letting each other know what shows we have been to and our results. It's also nice to compete against each other to see if we have got better.

I also managed to qualify the YKC handling competition for Crufts this year and will be taking Turbo. This is my best so far. I am really looking forward to going. I have never been before even to look round so to be showing is fantastic!



Samantha winning the yKC handling class at Crufts 2009

Samantha with Turbo the australian shepherd

At Richmond 2007 with Turbo

Sam handles many different breeds including the newfoundland

Sam and Turbo winning Reserve Best dog and best veteran at a breed club show