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Port Talbot & Neath CS

28th August 2005

port talbot & neath cs

Judge  - Fran Bowman

6-11 years (6)

1. Libby Jones. A star in the making. This young lady never put a foot wrong. Her manner was impeccable and all her ring patterns were correct with neat, straight lines. Very smartly dressed to compliment her dog. Just lost out in the final challenge for best handler for one slight, mistake. Would let her handle my dogs anytime.

2. Bryony Pritchard. Another very able young handler. Just lost out to 1st because her ring patterns were not as accurate.

3. Lauren Campbell.

12-16 years (7)

In this class I needed one first prize. It was down to splitting hairs. I couldn’t catch anyone out. All handlers showed incredible skill and I’m sure they will all change places in the future.

1. Bethan Williams. Excellent, sympathetic handler who never put a foot wrong and always got the best out of her dog. All patterns were performed correctly with neat straight lines. Hand-swapping was smooth and everything flowed nicely. Excellent rapport with her dog. Best Junior Handler.

2. Rebecca Williams. Another excellent handler who showed great skill. Much of the same comments apply as for 1st place. Iım sure these two will change place in the future.

3. Zina Saunders.