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Owestry & District KA


20th JULY 2008



6 – 11 years (8,3a)

Handlers in this class were all polite and made a good attempt to do what I asked of them.  Remember to start your patterns from the judge and also to show the judge your dog’s teeth (not look at them yourself!)

1. Rebecca Finnegan (10) handling a Golden Retriever.  This calm, gentle handler brought the best out of her dog.  She made the best use of the space available in the ring when performing her triangle and kept her hands and lead tidy when presenting her charge.

2.  Lauren Evans (8) handling a Sealyham Terrier.  This handler also made a good attempt at the triangle and set an appropriate pace for her dog.  Her work on the table was clean and neat.

3. Ellis Minshall (10) handling a Beagle. 

12-16 years (9,2a)

My first 3 handlers did everything I asked of them to a high standard and my decisions were made on finer details.  I found some handlers broke the golden rule and blocked my view of their dog with their body; a shame as some of their other work had been nice.

1. Jennifer Tobijanski (13) handling a Sealyham Terrier.  This handler produced a beautiful straight and balanced ‘T’ with slick changes of hand.  Her table work was also of a high standard and her shadowing quick and neat.  Best Junior Handler

2. Katie Bradley (16) handling a Whippet.  Similar comments to above; pushed the winner all the way.  An immaculately schooled dog, at one with her handler. 

3. Claire Stephens (16) handling a Shetland Sheepdog. 

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