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East of England

East of England Ladies Kennel Society
YKC Handling Classes
Sunday 31st July 2011

JUDGE Fiona Mycroft

I would just like to thank the committee of this well organised show for giving me the chance to judge such a talented group of handlers.

YKC Handling Classes: 6-11 years
7 entries – no abs
1. Robyn Arnall: This Young lady came into the ring with wonderful ring presence, dressed to impress with her dog in top condition. She kept her eye on me at all times, answered all my questions correctly and promptly. Her patterns were well executed and she always had a smile on her face. Promising young handler, good luck in the future!
2. Abagail Levene: Again another very good handler, who answered my questions correct and promptly with a happy attitude, performed patterns neatly and kept smiling even when her dog was being difficult.
3. Lauren Brown

12-16 years 19 entries – 4 abs

What a difficult class to judge, full of brilliant handlers!
1. Laura Grant: Well what an excellent handler! This young lady really took my eye when she entered the ring, dressed to impress in a beautiful skirt suit which complimented her Whippet well! Had excellent rapport with her dog getting the best out of her at all times. She always kept her eye on me, table work was neat and she answered my questions correctly and promptly. Laura performed her patterns neat and precise talking to her dog all the time. Kept a smile on her face and was very polite. Pleased to give her 1st Place, well done!
2. Antonia Leech: Again what a brilliant handler and was very close to 1st, dressed to impress to compliment her Portuguese Podengo. She kept a wonderful rapport between herself and the dog getting the best out of him at all times, kept her eye on me and was very neat on the table and answered my questions correct and promptly. She performed her patterns neat and precise but let herself down when it came to perform her last pattern by stepping between myself and the dog.
3. Samantha Reeve

17-24 years 5 entries – 2 abs

1. Charlotte Page: Wow! The ring presence from this talented young handler is amazing, and she took my eye as soon as she came into the ring, Dressed very smartly although her white trousers were not the best choice to wear behind her Dalmatian. Charlotte and her dog owned the ring showing the best rapport between them, answering my questions prompt and politely, executed her patterns neat and precise and her corners were perfect to say she was handling a larger dog. She finished well by shadowing all my movements perfectly. Didn’t put a foot wrong and I was delighted to place her 1st, well done!
2. Nathan Hardy: Another wonderful handler, dressed very smartly to compliment his dog. Answered my questions correctly and performed his patterns well although it could have been slightly tidier. Encouraged his dog throughout the class and was very polite.
3. Emma Jolly