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Dumfries & Calloway Canine Society

22 February 2011

Judge - Linzie Richardson

YKC Handling

I was pleased to see the improvement in showing the teeth which the majority of handlers managed very well. Two important things to remember is to bring the dog back to stand in front of the judge after the completion of the pattern remembering to leave a nice distance so you are not to close or far away from the judge and also make sure you know how old your dog is.

6-11 Years

1 Michaella Houston A confident handler who didn’t make any mistakes, moved her dog well at a nice pace, pattern work was neat with nice sharp corners and straight lines, A good rapport with her dog which helped show him off to his best.

2 Bethany Heather Green All the makings of a very good handler, presented her dog well and had the best final stand of the class, just lacked the confidence which could have made her dog stand out.

3. Merlin Maclean

12-16 Years

In this class there was some over handling, it is important to show the dog off to their best and not the handler.

1 Charley Donaldson, an excellent, unobtrusive handler who let the dog stand out. Very good standing the dog and moved round so that I had a clear view at all times. Moved the dog well with straight lines and at a good pace for the dog, talked quietly to her dog to get the best out of him. BJH.

2 Faye Armour A calm and sympathetic handler moved her dog well just remember to check the front legs when standing the dog on the table.

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