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Coventry Ladies Adult Handling final 2005

The Coventry Ladies Adult Handling finals 2005 were held at Bagington Village Hall, Coventry on Saturday March 18th 2006.

Competitors were required to qualify at certain open or championship shows throughout the previous year.

The results were as follows:

17 - 30 years class, judge - Jacqui Hurley

1. Stephanie Lansdell

2. Kirsty Miller

3. Sam Etches (Moore)

4. Claire Cooper

VHC. Laura Stuart - Cook

31 - 45 years, judge - Dawn Gray

1. Ray MacDonald

2. Tracey Harris

3. Louise Patterson

4. Marie Law

VHC. Neil Partridge

No results as yet have been provided for the age classes 46-60 years and 60+ years, if you can help please e-mail me.

Webmaster - thanks to Sam Etches for providing these results.