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Christchurch and New Forest CS

Christchurch and New Forest Canine Society

12/13 June 2010

Judge - Jane Ferguson

Day 1

6-11 years

1st.Min Witheyman. This young lady had a very unco-operative SCWT but she never lost her temper and quietly repositioned the dog every time he sat down. She showed the teeth very well, and had the straightest lines in the class. Just lost out to Laura for BJH as she was not so smooth and polished, but she is only 9 and this will come with time and practise. I thought she showed great promise, well done.

2nd. Nathan Hartfield. Some nice patterns from Nathan today, working very well with his dog. Just made a mistake on one of his turns, otherwise a very good performance.

3rd. Abigail Goree.

12-16 years

Both these handlers gave an excellent performance and were neck and neck until I asked them to gait their dogs together, which Laura executed correctly.

1st Laura Grant BJH.

2nd Shannon Harris.

Day 2


1st Joshua Coupland. Joshua coped very well with a lively Boxer, and communicated well with his dog. Keep practising 'the golden rule' and remember to start your patterns from the judge's feet.

12-16 years

1st Bronte Byrne, alone in this class but a worthy winner. Bronte had a perfect arm position, creating a beautiful picture with her dog. Keep working on the show turn and your shadowing, a very promising handler BJH.