Published prose


"The Builder"1986Momentum 3, 1986
"Killing Time"1986Clam 5, 1986
"The Writer"1987Momentum 5, 1987
"Cast list"1987Ink, Sweat & Tears, 2014
"Autumn and After"1987Summit 2, 1987
"New Life"1987Dream 13, 1987dream
It came 4th in the 1987 charts. Stephen Baxter was 14th!
"The Last Man"1987Momentum 11, 1989
"Night and Day"1987 Nerve Gardens 2, 1987SF
"Prague '86"1987 Transmission 11, 2008Also in By all means
"Jenny"1988 Staple 55/56, 2003
"Mr Smith"1988 New Moon 5, 1988SF/humour
"The Birds"1988 Dream 22, 1989SF
"Evolution"1988 short fiction 1, 20071st prize in their inaugural competition. "'Evolution' is what so many stories aspire to be: familiar for its realism and yet new for its imaginative sphere. Raising the stakes, there's a level of objective empathy here - difficult territory for a writer, where a sensitive subject might slip into the sentimental, or alternatively be kept at too great a distance. But the story manages it with confident control, doling out the exposition in just the right amounts, moving between characters with wit and verve. A story where the narrator sits static in his Portobello armchair requires, perhaps, a more energetic mind than most, and this narrator has one. Always, there's something curious being mulled over, something whimsical in a whirligig of referents. Reagan's polyps as surprising a play as the assailing of Lord Hailsham with psychic bolts. To borrow an image, the story sways between a muted and a clashing adagio; images and emotions nicely in tune. The reader evolves with it at every unexpected turn" - Anthony Caleshu
"Dowsers"1991Varsity 3rd May, 19912nd prize - "an alternate future meets the present at the Bee Keepers Society slide show"
"Fair Cop"1991Panurge 20, 1994"clever and original and funny" - John Murray
"Correspondence"1992 Necessary Fiction, 2015
"Movie Making"1993 Southfields 3, 1996Creative non-fiction
"Gold"1994Acumen 27, 1997Creative non-fiction
"The Big Climb"1997 Staple 44, 1999Also in By all means
"Russian Doll"2000Aesthetica 5, 2004A recursive acrostic using the "Russian Doll" form.
"Their Little Secret"2001Dream Catcher 14,2004"reveals the depths of faith or illusion love can generate" - Paul Sutherland
"The Perfect Cover"2001 Bottom of the World, 2009
"Out of the blue"2004 Cambridge Writers competition e-anthology, 2015
"Doors and Windows"2006 By all means, 2012
"Late"2006 By all means, 2012
"Method of Loci"2007 Horizon Review, 2009Also in By all means
"The Economics of Despair"2007 Everyday Fiction, 2009
"Muses"2008 Staple 71, 2009
"Together"2008 Toasted Cheese, 2014
"Definitions"2009 Under the Radar 8, 2011Also in By all means
"Olga"2009 By all means, 2012
"The Word Limit"2009 Stand, 2014
"Death and deception"2009 Honest Ulsterman, 2015Creative non-fiction
"Fractals"2010 By all means, 2012
"Out"2010 Ink, Sweat & Tears, 2011
"Metastasise"2010 Journal of Microliterature, 2012A pun
"Nobody's Perfect"2011 Ink, Sweat & Tears, 2012
"Dreams"2011 By all means, 2012
"Inside"2013 Giant Pygmy, 2014
"A New Start"2014 Cortland Review, 2015


Acumen 21, 29, 49, 58, 66, 73; Envoi 121; Jennings 7; Link 69, 75; Miscellanea 3; Poetry Nottingham 52.3, 53.4; Sol 30, Threshold 2014, Hinterland 2014, Lighthouse


Staple 58; Poetry Nottingham 62.2


Acumen 18, 22, 24, 26, 30, 36, 45, 65; Dreams 29; Envoi 113, 127; Panurge 9; Poetry Nottingham 49.3; PN Review 98; Rialto 46


By all means.

Tim Love