Cambridge (UK) Open-air Art

In Cambridge there's been a recent increase of open-air art which when added to the art within University/College grounds provides a quite a collection. However, not all of the pieces are well-known or easy to find (hidden in foliage, for example) and details about the work and the artist aren't always well displayed. Several of the UK's best known artists are represented (one omission being Sir Anthony Caro, who read engineering at Christ's College, 1942-44).

This page aims to show a selection of what's available and how to visit it. See

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n.b. In March 2009 Cambridge Sculpture Trails was launched, which supercedes much of the information here.

Details of individual sites

Title Artist, Year Material Location Map
 John Wilcox, 2000MuralEast Road/Newmarket Road roundabout underpassmap
  MuralBarnwell Road subwaymap
  MuralNorthfield Ave subwaymap
 Gemma Crabtree, 2006MuralMill Road bridgemap
 Estheranna Stäuble, June 2002MuralPark Street Cycle Parkmap
  MuralBacchanalia, Mill Roadmap
  MuralKingston Street shopmap
  MuralKingston Street housemap
   1997MuralArbury Courtmap
   2002MosaicNorfolk/St.Matthews Stmap
   2004MosaicNorfolk/St.Matthews Stmap
MosaicParkside Swimming Poolmap
MosaicHobbs Pavillionmap
Genome stripesKaty Hallett, 2006MuralAddenbrooke's to Great Shelford cyclewaymap
You're in there SomewhereChris Dorley-Brown, 1995-8MosaicThe Junctionmap
Lady Baker Memorial FountainPeter Lyon, David Kindersley, 1981MetalEngineering Departmentmap
 Kenneth Martin, 1967AluminiumEngineering Departmentmap
  MetalChurchill collegemap
Warwick UrnEdward Thomason, c.1830, engraving by Eric GillBronzeSenate Housemap
Ascending Form (Gloria)Barbara Hepworth, 1958MetalNew Hallmap
Cavendish CrocodileEric Gill, 1933Engraving on brickMund Buildingmap
GenesisJohn RobinsonMetalNewton Institutemap
FlameHelaine Blumenfeld, 2004Patinated BronzeClare Hallmap
Bronze HorseBarry Flanagan, 1983BronzeJesus collegemap
Fallen WarriorHenry Moore, 1956-7MetalClare collegemap
Charles Jencks, 2005AluminiumClare collegemap
 MetalClare collegemap
PulseJohn Robinson, 2001MetalAstronomy Deptmap
PrometheusJames Atkinson, 2002Cut and painted aluminiumAstronomy Deptmap
 MS Watson? 1958Stone embedded in brickChemistry Departmentmap
LionsLandseer?StoneFitzwilliam Museummap
SpanPhilip King, 1976Painted SteelSedgwick sitemap
ChauvinistHelaine Blumenfeld, 1990Norwegian Blue GraniteBrookland's Av/Hills Roadmap
Oak TreeStone embedded in brickKett Housemap
Black horseTessa Pullan, 1977MetalHills Rd/Gonville Placemap
Shadow FiguresHelaine BlumenfeldVision Park, Histonmap
Ceres1930sStoneSpillar's, Station Roadmap
Hills Road War memorialRobert Tait McKenzie, 1922MetalHills Rd/Station Roadmap
Trumpington War memorialEric Gill, David Kindersley, 1921StoneTrumpington High Streetmap
Moonstone, Arrows and ObeliskPeter Logan, 1996MetalGrafton Centre bus stopmap
 MetalCambridge Retail Park, Newmarket Roadmap
 MetalBeehive Centremap
The DiverEsther JosephMetalParkside Swimming Poolmap
The SwimmersLady Betty Rea, John Mills, 1966MetalParkside Swimming Poolmap
TalosMichael Ayrton, 1950sMetalGuildhall Streetmap
 Michael Fairfax, 2001Bronze Magdalen Street /Chesterton Roadmap
Bronze flower pathMichael Fairfax, 2001BronzeBridge Streetmap
 Colin Rose, 2005MetalLaw court, East Roadmap
 2002MetalNewmarket Road Park and Ridemap
 1882StoneAll Saints Gardenmap
Baden-Powell1957StonePerne Roadmap
The Cambridge sculptureMichael Dan Archer, 2003Cast iron and graniteEastbrookmap
 1932StoneSussex Streetmap
 1861StoneNine Wellsmap
 MetalCambridge Regional Collegemap
Cambridge: historic coreVernon McElroy, 2002BronzeGt St Mary'smap
Cambridge: tourist centreVernon McElroy, 2002BronzeGt St Mary'smap
Cambridge: historic coreVernon McElroy, 2005BronzeQueens Rdmap
GrasshopperMatthew Lane Sanderson, 2006SteelThe Greshamsmap
St Faith's school gateMatthew Lane Sanderson, 2006SteelTrumpington Roadmap
Cows next to 29 Trumpington Roadmap
2006? Metal Madingley Rd/Bulstrode Gardensmap
2007 Metal DNA cycle pathmap
2007 Metal DNA cycle pathmap
2007 Metal the orangerymap
Between the LinesPeter Randall-Page, 2007Granite glacial boulderFisher Squaremap
Hobson's Conduit1614?StoneTrumpington Streetmap
 1855/6StoneMarket Squaremap
TumblersWoodCherry Hinton Parkmap
 MetalCherry Hinton Parkmap
The PicnicTina Carter and Peter Landbeater, 2000Wood and MetalCherry Hinton Parkmap
 WoodCherry Hinton Parkmap
Mother and ChildChristopher Marvell, 1987MetalAddenbrooke's (The Rosie)map
Family GroupDaphne Hardy Henrion, 1994MetalAddenbrooke'smap
FuturianMichael Kenny, 1989Painted MetalAddenbrooke'smap
The Taichi Arch - Gate of HealthJu MingBronzeAddenbrooke's (Cancer Research UK)map
YouthLady Kathleen Scott, 1920StoneSPRI, Lensfield Rdmap
Robert Falcon ScottLady Kathleen ScottStoneSPRI, Lensfield Rdmap
 SPRI, Lensfield Rdmap
InukshukBaffin Island InuitsStoneSPRI, Lensfield Rdmap



East Road/Newmarket Road roundabout subway. By John Wilcox 2000. 4 themed subways. More pictures are on a Cambridge Online page. The underpass under Barnwell Road The path under Northfield Ave near The Ship.
Mill Road Bridge, 2006. By Gemma Crabtree, painted by The Castle Project and Cambridge Youth Foyer. It replaced a mural by Gallacher, McPhee, and Pearson from 1997 Park Street Cycle Park, June 2002. By Estheranna Stäuble assisted by Simon Nuttall and Dana Burghelea Bacchanalia, Mill Road
Kingston Street: An ex-recordshop Kingston Street: A house Arbury Court, 1997
PACT millennium garden (corner of St Matthew's Street and Norfolk Street), 2002 PACT millennium garden (corner of St Matthew's Street and Norfolk Street), 2004 Parkside pool
Genome stripes. By Katy Hallett. 2006. Each of the 10,000+ stripes represent the different genetic letters that make up the human gene BRCA2. Addenbrooke's to Great Shelford cycleway You're in there Somewhere. By Chris Dorley-Brown. 1995-8. Made of 3567 ceramic tiles. On the side of The Junction at Cambridge Leisure Park Mosaic. On the side of Hobbs Pavillion, Parker's Piece. CamLets, sustainable city


You may find the University's Official Map useful when locating these.
The Engineering Department: The Lady Baker Memorial Fountain. By Peter Lyon, engraving by David Kindersley, 1981. You can see it from reception. At the entrance to the Engineering Department in Trumpington Street: By Kenneth Martin, 1967. Made in the Department's workshops!. Churchill college. They also have Flight by Peter Lyon and Spiral by Michael Gillespie
In front of the Senate House: Warwick Urn. By Edward Thomason with engraving by Eric Gill, c.1830. Bronze copy of a marble urn once owned by Hadrian. New Hall: Ascending Form (Gloria). By Dame Barbara Hepworth, 1958. Part of the New Hall Art Collection, whose main areas are available daily for viewing by the public from 10am to 6pm. See New Hall's visiting page for details. (photo) New Museums Site: Cavendish crocodile. By Eric Gill, 1933. Visible through the Old Cavendish arch on Free School Lane. "Crocodile" was colleague Kipitza's nickname for Rutherford.
Isaac Newton Institute: Genesis. By John Robinson. Nearby are Intuition and Creation. Details are on the Institute's art page - "For GENESIS I used three rhombuses. The rhombus is thought to be the Celtic symbil of fertility. Each rhombus is giving birth to another one, as it is being born itself. I think, of the three sculptures, it represents the most harmonious concept of Gestalt. It is also a three-dimensional Star of David." Clare Hall (Herschel Road): Flame. By Helene Blumenfeld. According to the college magazine: "In 'Flame', says Helene, 'I wanted to simplify the human form to its absolute essence and to create a sense of the merging of physical and spiritual presence. 'Flame' is about reaching upwards, about aspiration, about the existence of a higher realm of being." (quote found by Theo Markettos) Jesus college: Bronze Horse by Barry Flanagan, 1983. The courts of Jesus have several sculptures (by Paolozzi etc) in their permanent collection and yearly exhibitions
Clare college (memorial court, Queens Road): Fallen Warrior. By Henry Moore, 1956-1957 (photo) Clare college. By Charles Jencks, 2005. Aluminium. Clare college (visible from Queens Road)
Astronomy Department: Pulse. By John Robinson, 2001. On the site where the UK's biggest telescope once was Astronomy Department: Prometheus. By James Atkinson, 2002. Cut and painted aluminium Chemistry Department: By MS Watson, 1958
Outside the Fitzwilliam Museum: Large Reclining Figure. By Henry Moore, 1984. Fibreglass (since removed) Outside the Fitzwilliam Museum: Lions. Maybe designed by Landseer, of Trafalgar Square fame. Stone Sedgwick site: Span by Philip King, 1976. Painted Steel


On the corner of Hills Road and Brooklands Avenue, outside City House: Chauvinist. Norwegian Blue Granite. By Helaine Blumenfeld, 1990. Kett House (Station Road): Oak Tree in brick. Kett's Oak (Norfolk) is where Robert Kett met with his mob to capture Norwich castle in 1549 Lloyds/TSB bank (corner of Hills Rd and Gonville Place): The black horse. By Tessa Pullan, 1977
Vision Park in Histon: Shadow Figures. By Helaine Blumenfeld Spillars (Station Road): Ceres, 1930s. Currently obscured by hoardings, but you can see it on the Beacon Project page.


Hills Road War memorial. By Robert Tait McKenzie, 1922. A soldier returns home. Descendents of the model still live in Cambridge Trumpington War memorial. By Eric Gill, 1921, with 8 names added by David Kindersley


Grafton Centre bus stop: Moonstone, Arrows and Obelisk by Peter Logan, 1996 Cambridge Retail Park, Newmarket road Beehive centre: The iron honeycomb


Parkside swimming pool (inside): The Diver. By Esther Joseph Parkside swimming pool (outside): The Swimmers. Designed by Lady Betty Rea, made by John Mills. 1966 Fisher Hall: Talos. By Michael Ayrton. 1950s. Erected on the completion of Lion Yard and Fisher House
Magdalen Street /Chesterton Road junction. By Michael Fairfax, 2001. Bronze engraved column carving of archaeological layers Bridge Street: Bronze flower path. By Michael Fairfax, 2001. Embedded in pavement Law court, East Road. By Colin Rose, 2005.
Newmarket Road Park and Ride: Cambridge Jubilee Cycleway, 2002 All Saints Garden cross, 1882. The Church of All Saints was demolished in 1865 (rebuilt on Jesus Lane) Perne Road, Cambridge Districts Scout Headquarters: Baden Powell. The building was opened in 1957
Eastbrook: The Cambridge Sculpture. By Michael Dan Archer, 2003. "The cast iron represents the ancient Neolithic standing stones and legends such as Gog and Magog. The granite comes from Quanzhou in Fujian province, China. It is called Tiger skin because of its patterning." Sussex Street: A lamp standard added in 1932 when the street was widened. The inscription reads "Sidney Sussex college and Cambridge City Council Pedestrianisation 1992" Cambridge Regional College, Kings Hedges Road
Gt St Mary's: Cambridge: historic core. By Vernon McElroy, 2002. With braille. Gt St Mary's: Cambridge: tourist centre. By Vernon McElroy, 2002. With braille. Queens Road Cambridge: historic core. By Vernon McElroy, 2005.
The Greshams (Parkers Piece): Grasshopper. By Matthew Lane Sanderson, 2006. Thomas Gresham (1500s) adopted the grasshopper motif as a reminder of his humble beginnings. Steel. 10ft high. St Faith's school gate. By Matthew Lane Sanderson, 2006. Rainforest theme. Cows. Beside 29 Trumpington Rd.
Madingley Rd/Bulstrode Gardens DNA cycle path, 2007 DNA cycle path, 2007
the Orangery (Long Road), 2007 Between the Lines (Fisher Square). By Peter Randall-Page, 2007. Made from a granite glacial boulder.

Hobson's Conduit

Nine Wells: Hobson's Conduit monument, 1861. In 1614, Thomas Hobson and others provided the money to pay for a new water supply. The water came from Nine Wells Trumpington Road: Hobson's Conduit fountain. 1610. Named after Thomas Hobson of "Hobson's Choice" fame. The Market fountain, also known as Hobson's Conduit, was moved to the Lensfield Road conduit head in 1855/6 Market Square: Fountain. Installed in 1855/6. It weathered so badly much of it had to be pulled down in 1953 (see ref).

Cherry Hinton Park

Cherry Hinton Park is also used sometimes as a venue for open-air art shows
Tumblers A metal sculpture in foliage. The Picnic. By Tina Carter and Peter Landbeater, 2000. In the car park.
In the car park.


Addenbrooke's has an Art Corridor. The open air sculptures (of people punting, etc) are currently pushed to the edge of a paved area beside the Art Corridor. See Addenbrooke's Visual arts page for information.
Mother and Child. By Christopher Marvell, 1987. Just inside Rosie Maternity department Family Group. By Daphne Hardy Henrion, 1994. Between A&E and the main entrance. Futurian. By Michael Kenny, 1989
The Taichi Arch - Gate of Health. By Ju Ming. Installed in 2007

Scott Polar Research Institute

Youth. By Lady Kathleen Scott (Captain Scott's widow) in 1920. The model was A.W. Lawrence, younger brother of Lawrence of Arabia and later Cambridge Professor of Classical Archaeology. (information from SPRI) Robert Falcon Scott. By Lady Scott. try-put. A relic of the Antarctic seal industry
Inukshuk meaning "Cairn in the shape of a man", built by Inuits to guide Caribou. From Baffin Island. Installed in 1979




I've left out the following unless there's a good story behind them

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For more information see In July 2002 the City Council approved a Public Art Plan, an associated Action Plan, and also adopted Supplementary Planning Guidance entitled 'The Provision of Public Art as Part of New Development Schemes'. The aim was to encourage more Public Art in Cambridge.

Selected Artists


Many of these sites were brought to my notice by readers of the cam.misc newsgroup, neighbours and work colleagues (in particular Patrick Gosling). The Cambridge 2000 project has many photos online with some useful presentation ideas.
Tim Love
March 2009