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Youth Speaks to Nations - Bath, May 2000

The District 1140 team, Thameside School Shepperton, were runners up in the National Youth Speaks Final held at Bath on Saturday, 6th May. Their subject was ‘It’s only words’. The team was Charlotte Larman( Speaker ), Rhian Emanuel (Chair ) and Rachel Jubb, who won the award for Best Proposer of the Vote of Thanks outside the winning team. The adjudicators made it clear that they had debated hard and long in reaching a decision between Thamesmead and the winners, and that the margin could not have been narrower. The winning team was from Ryde School, Isle of Wight with the subject; ‘Nothing I can say’.



Charlotte Larman, Rhian Emanual and Rachel Jubb - District 1140 Youth Speaks team



Looking back . . . South-East Regional Final
The South-east Regional Final was held in the Elmbridge Council Chamber in April in the presence of the Mayor of Elmbridge. Six participating schools came from Districts 1140, 1250 and 1090. Over one hundred and fifty schools had originally entered the competition. Winners were Thamesmead School, Shepperton (subject: “It’s only Words”) the runners up were Pipers Corner School, High Wycombe (subject: “I think therefore I am. I speak therefore….”).



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