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SAY Contact

It's all fair and good listening to our music and enjoying it but how do we know when you like it? Or even dislike it?
This is why we want to connect with you- even if it's just a simple 'hello' because it means a lot to us! xxx

We want to show our gratitude for you taking the time to listen to our songs and for having a look at our website.
Any feedback is always greatly appreciated and we always respond to everything we receive (unless it's viagra) xxx

We prefer being contacted through our SAY SPACE page as this is where we do a lot of our communication... it's also lovely to look at too!

...however if you prefer (or if you don't have a myspace account) then you can contact us via email, phone or post!

EMAIL: ocarinarecords///@///hotmail///.///co///.///uk (please remove all the krayzee dashes!)

TEL: 01282 715527

POST: SAY c/o Ocarina Records
40 Albert Road

"Our emotions shape our realities and our realities are what we call life... make it happy and loving!!!"


All our songs are copyright controlled. J.Stansfield, R.Ashworth, M.Stansfield. Copyright © 2007. All Rights Reserved.
The music on this website is hosted on the free radio station