The Race Gallery

Chapter 11 of The Race Gallery: The Seacoast of Macedonia

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'This book's primary subject is a particular way of thinking and talking about race: the scientific way. But The Race Gallery 's broader theme is that of how we think and talk about race in general. We do so at inordinate length, yet with extreme anxiety: we feel that the subject is covered by a taboo, but we don't know exactly what the rules of the taboo are. It seems important, if not obligatory, to discuss cultural differences, but dangerous even to mention physical differences. At the same time that we feel compelled to do it, we are profoundly uncertain about how to think about race.' - The Race Gallery


The Race Gallery: The Return of Racial Science was published in hardback by Jonathan Cape in 1995, and in paperback by Vintage in 1996. Copyright Marek Kohn; artwork copyright Random House.

"Masterly ... elegant, timely and devastating ... A book that is unafraid of looking hard at tough questions ... and succeeds brilliantly" - Nicholas Lezard, Guardian, Paperback Pick of the Week

"Learned, well-written and fresh" - Matt Ridley, Sunday Telegraph

"Fair-minded, compact and luminous ... Cool, clear and extremely timely" - Eric Korn, The Guardian

"Invaluable" - Tom Nairn, London Review of Books


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 Artwork copyright Random House