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Changes in Specification

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This page contains content from ISOM2000   This page contains content from Ashby Mapping    revision 05/00

Changes from ISOM1990 (last) to ISOM2000 (current)


Changes by: -

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Colour changes


Green: -

Yellow: -

Grey: -

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ISOM2000 increased the combinations allowed to 116, 210, 309, 310, 401, 402, 403, & 404 by allowing broken ground 116, uncrossable marsh 309 and open land 401 to be combined with some other symbols. For a table showing all allowed combinations click on this link, for a view of the 1990 go to the 1990 combo page.

Deleted or amended sections


Deleted symbols

Two of the symbols defined in ISOM1990 are a combination of other symbols. A specific definition of these symbols is thus not required, both are deleted:

The new categories replace some symbols with new versions see: -

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Layout changes

(to be coded)

pdf's now available

web versions (point to)

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Changes in line sizes

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Name changes

  • 529 Paved area (was Parking area)
  • Trail-O redefines the following: -

    Trail-O title

    Footo title

    405 Forest: good visibility Forest: slow running
    408 Forest: reduced visibility Forest : difficult to run
    409 Undergrowth: reduced visibility Undergrowth: difficult to run
    410 Vegetation: severely reduced visibility Vegetation: very difficult to run, impassable
    201 Major cliff
    203 Minor rock face Passable rock face
    208 Distinct boulderfield Boulder field
    210 Distinct stony ground Stony ground
    212 Distinct bare rock Bare rock
    304 River Uncrossable river
    305 Watercourse Crossable watercourse
    306 Small watercourse Crossable small watercourse
    309 Prominent marsh Uncrossable marsh
    401 Distinct open land Open land
    402 Distinct open land with scattered trees footo
    403 Distinct rough open land footo
    404 Distinct rough open land with scattered trees footo
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    New symbols

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    Number changes

    The following are the symbol number changes from ISOM1990: -


    Old Number


    113 New symbol Elongated knoll  
    114 113 Depression  
    115 114 Small depression  
    116 115 Pit  
    117 116 Broken ground  
    118 117 Special land form feature  
    418 419 Special vegetation feature (cross)  
    419 418 Special vegetation feature (circle)  
    420 New symbol Special vegetation feature (dot)  
    511 514 Indistinct junction  
    512 511 Footbridge
    513 512 Crossing point with bridge  
    514 513 Crossing point without bridge  
    515 516 Railway  
    Deleted 515 Wide ride  
    516 517 Power line  
    517 518 Major power line  
    518 519 Tunnel  
    519 520 Stone wall  
    520 521 Ruined stone wall  
    521 522 High stone wall  
    522 523 Fence  
    523 524 Ruined fence  
    524 525 High fence  
    525 526 Crossing point  
    526 527 Building  
    527 528 Settlement  
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    528 529 Permanently out of bounds  
    529 530 Paved area (was Parking area)  
    530 531 Ruin  
    531 533 Firing range


    532 534 Grave  
    Deleted 532 Sports ground  
    533 535 Crossable pipeline  
    534 536 Uncrossable pipeline  
    535 537 High tower  
    536 538 Small tower  
    537 539 Cairn  
    538 540 Fodder rack  
    539 541 Special man-made feature (circle)  
    540 542 Special man-made feature (cross)  
    601 New symbol Magnetic north line  
    602 New symbol Registration marks  
    603 118 Spot height  
    701 601 Start  
    702 602 Control point  
    703 part of 602 Control number  
    704 part of 602 Line  
    705 603 Marked route  
    706 604 Finish  
    707 605 Uncrossable boundary  
    708 606 Crossing point  
    709 607 Out-of-bounds area  
    710 608 Dangerous area  
    711 609 Forbidden route  
    712 610 First aid post  
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    713 611 Refreshment point


    801 New symbol Track >2m Ski-O
    802 New symbol Track 1-2m Ski-O
    803 New symbol Track 0.8-1m Ski-O
    804 New symbol Road covered with snow Ski-O
    805 New symbol Sanded or snowless road Ski-O
    806 New symbol Prepared areas Ski-O


    New symbol Track: easy riding MBO
    812 New symbol Path: easy riding MBO
    813 New symbol Track: slow riding MBO
    814 New symbol Path: slow riding MBO
    815 New symbol Track: difficult to ride MBO
    816 New symbol Path: difficult to ride MBO


    New symbol Passable step Trail-O
    832 New symbol Impassable step Park-O
    851 New symbol Building Park-O
    852 New symbol Building pass-through Park-O
    853 New symbol Building outline Park-O


    New symbol Road without car traffic Park-O
    862 New symbol Stairways Park-O

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    Many of the suggestions received were to do with the definition and representation of runnability. There was particular criticism of the representation of undergrowth and the classification of runnability. In addition, a new symbol for "vegetation barrier" was requested.

    Unfortunately, no better alternatives were proposed for symbols 407 and 409 (undergrowth: slow running and difficult to run) so they were not changed. A new signature for vegetation barrier was not introduced. Instead, the definitions of the existing symbols were changed, as follows:

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    Symbol dimension changes

    In areas with large granite rocks and boulders it was thought necessary to permit the enlargement of the standard symbols so as to represent significant differences in the sizes of individual rocks and boulders in boulder fields. In these special cases the following enlargements are permitted in addition to the normal symbols:

    Screen changes

    The following screens were newly defined: -

    All percentage tone screens are now defined at 60 lines/cm (was 40 l/cm)

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    International Specification for Orienteering Maps produced by the International Orienteering Federation
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    This document has been written and coded by Peter Hornsby of Ashby Mapping
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