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5.6 Recommended symbols

5.6.2 Discipline-specific symbols

The following symbols are introduced for ski orienteering maps.

Track overprint

The track network is indicated by green symbols for track width. When a track follows a path, the green is superimposed on the path. The symbols are drawn with a compact and clearly visible shade of green (PMS 354 is recommended). Opened skiable dirt roads are shown only with black. (Roads that are cleared from snow but still skiable are only shown with black.)

Note: dimensions are specified in mm at the scale of 1:15 000.
All drawings are at 1:7 500 for clarity only.

If a road printed in black is not open, but has tracks on it, a track must be printed in green beside the road.

A route or road which is out-of-bounds is shown by the general symbol 711 Forbidden route, printed in purple.

All junctions and crossings must be drawn solid in order to clarify the exact position of the junction or crossing. This is valid also for dotted tracks.

801 Track >2 m

Track wider than 2.0m
Colour: green.
The thinner line can be used in areas with very dense track network.

802 Track 1-2 m

Track 1-2 m wide.
Colour: green.
The thinner line can be used in areas with very dense track network.

803 Track 0.8-1 m

Narrow, soft, winding track with 0.8-1m width. The symbols is also used for difficult slopes.
Colour: green.
The smaller dots can be used in areas with very dense track network.

804 Road covered with snow

A road on the map covered with snow during the competition. The symbol is a cross line across the road. The symbol can also be used on green track symbols to show that the track is not opened.
Colour: green.

805 Sanded or snowless road

A road on the map which is sanded or snowless during the competition is shown by a chain of V-symbols across the road.
Colour: green.

806 Prepared areas

Prepared slalom slopes and similar areas.
Colour: green.


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