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5.6 Recommended symbols

5.6.1 Use of foot-O symbols

The following symbols from the foot-orienteering map specification are recommended for the ski orienteering map.

Land forms

The shape of land is shown by means of contours. In order to maintain legibility of the map when skiing at high speed the contour lines may be more generalised in comparison to foot-o maps. Form lines shall be omitted.

101 Contour 102 Index contour 104 Slope line 105 Contour value
106 Earth bank 109 Erosion gully 111 Knoll 114 Depression


Rock and boulders

Rocks and boulders are not likely to affect route choices, but in its prominent forms they can serve as valuable object for navigation and positioning. The map may show these features when they are visible to the competitor when the terrain is covered with snow.

201 Impassable cliff 202 Rock pillars/cliffs 206 Boulder
207 Large boulder 208 Boulder field 209 Boulder cluster


Water and marsh

Besides navigation and positioning, this group is important to the competitor as it facilitates the interpretation of height (what is up "and what is down") in maps with complex contouring.

301 Lake 304 Uncrossable river 305 Crossable watercourse
306 Crossable small watercourse 309 Uncrossable marsh 310 Marsh

Open land and vegetation

The representation of vegetation is of importance to the competitor mainly for navigational purposes, but could be used for route choices in cases where the competitor chooses to try shortcuts in free terrain. In order not to destroy legibility of the green tracks, all vegetation screens must be drawn with the symbol 406 Forest: Slow running.

401 Open land 402 Open land with scattered trees 403 Rough open land
404 Rough open land with scattered trees 405 Open forest 406 Forest: slow running
412 Orchard 413 Vineyard 414 Distinct cultivation boundary
416 Distinct vegetation boundary 418 Special vegetation feature 419 Special vegetation feature

Man-made features

501 Motorway 502 Major road 503 Minor road 504 Road
505 Vehicle track 506 Footpath 507 Small path (not to be seen when covered with snow)
509 Narrow ride 515 Railway 516 Power line 517 Major power line
518 Tunnel 519 Stone wall 521 High stone wall 522 Fence
524 High fence 525 Crossing point 526 Building 527 Settlement
529 Paved area 532 Firing range 534 Uncrossable pipeline 536 High tower
539 Special man- made features 540 Special man- made features

Discipline specific symbols

801 Track >2m 802 Track 1-2m 803 Track 0.8-1m
804 Road covered with snow 805 Sanded or snowless road 806 Prepared areas

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